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Finally got the phone app to work. Since it broke the phone app, I installed it first time on an Android tablet and it worked. Started playing with the phone a bit. I tried CCleaner to no avail. I finally uninstalled the app, shutdown and restarted the phone, went into Device Maintenance, Storage and cleared Cache, Memory, and had to bounce it again to get everything cleared. Only then would it accept a login.
Interestingly enough, the same thing happened with the Mobile Passport App - had to reenter all the passport info as the update killed the pin number I had assigned it. Fingerprint worked but the pin went bye bye.
Phone is now back with the automatic update turned OFF. I would rather have the old app as it was much quicker in loading. The new one takes about 10 seconds to load before it refreshes. This is on an Edge 7. I stream 9 cameras and that takes only 3 seconds to load all 9 at 1080p. Perhaps someone wrote the new app in COBOL???
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