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Heart of America, USA
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I have a question for those who have sailed the Southbound, Alaskan, Summit Cruise from Seward.

My itinerary says that boarding starts at noon. The ship sails at 9PM.

On the other Celebrity Cruises that I've been on, the life board drill is about an hour before sailing. How does Celebrity handle this on the Seward departure? Dinner seatings are at 6PM and 8:30PM.

So when is the life boat drill?
Thousand Oaks, CA
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We were on the Summit last year Southbound. There was open seating the first night. They did not have two separate seatings that night. We did not sit at our assigned table until the 2nd night. Many people didn't even board until 6pm or so. We didn't get our luggage until after dinner. The life boat drill was the next morning at approximately 9:30 or so. The cruise was great-we had so much fun. It was our first cruise and loved it so much we booked the Baltic cruise on the Constellation.
Ruskin Fl
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Thank you sooo very much.I have been asking this question for the last 6 months.That makes a lot of sense as We will be coming in from Fairbanks after a day of touring,flying and motor coaching down to the port and I could not see us boarding before 6pm. Thanks again. Ann
Rancho Murieta, CA - Cyclist's Heaven
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Here's the USCG Reg. -

Emergency Drills. Coast Guard regulations and SOLAS require that the master of an ocean cruise ship periodically hold fire and lifeboat drills. They are intended not only to give the crew practice, but also to show the passengers how to act in the event of an emergency at sea. Passengers should participate fully in these drills. The timing and frequency of the drills depends in large part on the length of the voyage. On voyages that will last more than one week, the first drill will be held before the ship gets underway (passengers who embark at the last minute sometimes miss this drill), with additional drills at least once a week thereafter. On voyages of one week or less, the drills must be held within 24 hours after leaving port.

Here's a useful link -
Heart of America, USA
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Now, I'm really confused.

Celebrity just told me that the Life Boat drill on the Summit (out of Seward) takes place between 5 and 6 PM on the day we sail.

They also said that although departure isn't until 9 PM, the ship's debarkation process ends at 5 PM. This sounded strange.
Heart of America, USA
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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by DUCK33:

what the he**'s the difference!!! grab a drink and enjoy your on a cruise. no stress, no worries <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

The difference for me is booking spa appointments in between photo opts and food indulgences. I plan to do a package spa deal as relaxation; in addition to my quest to soak in Alaska.

That means getting on the ship, booking my spa appointments and then getting off again to walk around Seward for a while to do some photography.

When I get back on ship, I'm looking forward to a peaceful dinner, a glass of wine, some departure photos, and a relaxing Stone Massage before bed.

So hopefully, the Life Boat drill is a thing of the past before I settle into relaxing for the evening.

Or if The Drill is the next morning, it's over before my first spa appointment.
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When you see people walking somewhere hurridly and they are all wearing orange and are holding their heads at funny angles (some will be periodically blowing whistles), this will be your clue. Follow them.. it is muster. Until then, have a drink, relax, it's a vacation.

Until the Zenith! Second X Cruise In Two Months!

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i may be wrong but i seem to remember the spa not being open till the ship sets sail. does anyone know this for sure or not. since the spa is a seperate vendor form the cruiseline, customer service probably cant help you here
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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by DUCK33:
i may be wrong but i seem to remember the spa not being open till the ship sets sail. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

The one time I was in there before cruising time they didn't seem to be open for business but can't say for sure.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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From what I have been instructed the spa doesn't open until later in the evening on the first night. I looked into this because I am getting married before the ship leaves port and I was trying to have my hair and makeup done on-board the ship before the luck...had to find a spot in Vancouver!!!

Erin & Brent
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Keller, Texas USA
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Don't plan on the spa being open before the ship sails...infact, I don't think any facilities are open until after sailing.

Panama Canal on the Galaxy
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i thought that was the case. i vaguely remember tring to book a massage prior to sailing and was unsuccesful. it makes sense since due to fights arriving at different times an early arrival should not constitue ones being able to book spa treatments during the best times (sea days as opposed to port days) as well as booking unlimited treatments.
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If the ship is leaving late as yours is, you will have the lifeboat drill the next day, the same as the San Juan cruises. Perhaps whoever you spoke to thought the ship was leaving earlier. The lifeboat drill when the ship leaves Ft. Lauderdale at 4:30 or so is prior to leaving. They are NOT required to do the drill before you leave as is quoted above. This is a common practice among all cruise lines.

The spa won't be open but you can make your appointments.

Heart of America, USA
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Hum, I was hoping for a Stone Massage before bed. I'll be doing a land tour for the week before I get on the Southbound Summit; so I'm probably going to need a good massage ASAP. VBG. If the Spa is open between 9 and 11 PM, I might still have my chance for this relaxation. If not, it will have to wait until Sunday. I'll survive. I'll just visit the Champagne Bar rather than having a Spa Treatment that first day.

My "big" concern now is the life boat drill being the next morning. I hope it's by 9 AM because I would like to have my hair and nails done before we reach Hubbard. I have long hair; so that means starting my Spa Appointment early in the morning. Ah, the trials and tribulations of wanting to be pampered and to also look good. Well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see how everything goes when I get on board.

No matter what happens, I'm sure I'll be able to book enough spa treatments during the cruise to keep me very happy. The main problem will be finding the time - between all the other great things to see and do - to make time for the Spa.

It's kind of nice to have such piddling concerns as scheduling spa appointments around the Life Boat Drill. Ah, the good life of cruising. I'm now counting the days until I hop on that plane to Anchorage and the first leg of this year's Alaskan adventure.