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Originally posted by Maniacal Cruiser
We should not have to load extraneous software on our computers because CC is spamming us with massive amounts of audio/visual ads. The CC team ought to get rid of the obnoxious junk and stop abusing users.
I agree with you about not having to download programs to stop ads. I think cruise critic should stop these ads that play on their own. I cannot even type this without waiting for the cursor to

I do understand the need for making money, but there should be ads that don't mess up users computers.

Three ads that move/have audio are waaayy too many things competing with me trying to use this site.

There are times when I can't even log in!!!!!
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Okay, I'm having problems again . The ads along the right side of the screen are from gadgnews and says Ads by a red triangle on its side. Sometimes there are two of them one above the other and sometimes one of them disappears, sometimes they are just black squares with Ads by the red sideways triangle. Sometimes a moving ring with white lines will circle the center of the boxes then a picture appears.

I have tried to get an URL so I can report the ads for checking, but can't find it by right-clicking. I don't want to click on the ad/s. Is that the way to get the URL?

Thank you.
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Debbie, I hear you. It is getting tough around least for some of us.

I haven't had the problem you're having, at least yet.

Now I'm having an additional problem along with the ads I previously mentioned.

Glad my cruise is coming up soon so I can take a break from Cruise Critic. Maybe the bugs get worked out before I book my next cruise. Fingers crossed!
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Please, I implore you, do something (preferably get rid of) the gadgnews video (s) join now The latest gadget and technology news from our unique perspective... that appear on the right side of the page. It goes to black screen the loads for a long time then has a cover picture come up then goes to a different ad then comes back up again, black screen, loads for a long time, repeats.

I scanned the thing and over 200 problems with it. I think that is what is causing lag issues when trying to use the Cruise Critic website. I also think the thing is causing heating issues with my new computer too .

Thank you for any consideration of my problem.