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Originally posted by AndrewK
The idea of having to tip regardless of the level of service doesn't go down well with Australians and to illustrate just how important this is to Australians, Princess and P&O are removing all automatic passenger tipping for cruises out of Australia. Of course, the shortfall will undoubdtedly be made up by an increase in ticket prices but Australians are much happier with an up-front price.
....the lines will undoubtedly add the service charge into the up front cost, making it in probably more expensive because you are no longer informed of the amounts given, and are they all really given, does this affect the staff?...not sure?

..anyway in our area as probably others, wait staff get minimum wage and rely on tips to make up a good portion of their earnings, on top of that the Government taxes these workers a % of their tips!!

.. in the cruise industry, the service charge (not tips) account for the majority of the earnings of the contracted staff on board, I know they really do not make much directly from the cruiseline.

...and we can get into a lively debate on the topic of cruiselines paying better wages and not relying on the service charge...not sure which way is better or more convenient for the customer, ..For me, I just want to ensure that the on board staff (seen and unseen) do not shortchanged because of witholding the charges because we may or may not be accustomed to them.
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Originally posted by MTL=CRUISEFAMILY
... the lines will undoubtedly add the service charge into the up front cost ...
Which is exactly what I said.
That is perfectly acceptable here.

Australians will still tip cabin stewards and waitstaff personally if they feel they have received good service ... unless they discover that (as apparently often happens) the line confiscates those personal tips and puts them into a distribution pool.

As per the extract from the Wikipedia article on tipping in Australia, "Implications that tipping is expected are considered very rude".
This is doubly so if the tip is expected before the service is delivered ... or in the case of a cruiseline, deducted from your account automatically regardless of the quality of the service.
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but, at the end of the cruise and because im canadian, i would leave the auto tip in place, i might be inclined to give extra to the cabin steward or waitstaff that ive had all week if they ahve done a good job.
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For MSC USA, the tip was $6/child/day; $12/adult/day. We were fine with it because we didn't have to figure out individual tips all day long. On vacation, we don't want to be bothered calculating. We do that enough with bills!