We are currently booked on DCL for next year, however the Carnival Magic is coming to Galveston. Looks like a fun ship & is within driving distance - so we are thinking of switching.

There are two itineraries I'm looking at. One is for 7 days and includes Isla Roatan and Belize. The other is for 6 days and has Progreso. When I look at the timing of the cruise & the excursions, I was sold on the 6 day one (it leaves the day after Christmas, as it would make for a nice surprise for my DDs).

I came here to search the Jeep excursion at Progreso. I see several threads on this, and some have responses from people who had various forms of this excursion bookied for May - I was hoping maybe one of them is back and can share their perspective? My DH is a take charge driving guy - and the description of seeing flamingos is appealing for my DDs, so I liked this idea. But no reveiw came up in any of the searches I did here, or on google.

Anyone do it? Know someone that did? A cousin? Hairdresser?
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