Hello everyone, I made the final payment on the Bus transportation. Trip is getting really close. Is everyone getting excited?? Just a note, the bus is scheduled to be at my house for a 10:00 AM departure. That is the latest time that US Coachways will guarantee that they will get us to the port on time for embarkation which is no later than 2:00 PM. So we need to plan on being at my house by 9:30 AM. Please be prepared as to how you are getting your family and your luggage to my house that morning. I don’t want anyone to under estimate the space that they will need and have to make two trips that morning. If anyone thinks they will have a problem you can bring some of it to my house the day before. Remember, there will be lots of luggage since this is a 9 day trip and we have to pack so many different types of clothes.
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