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I subscribed to a board but am a little confused as far as participation. Do I "post a reply" even though I am really not replying to anybody or do I post a "new post". I want to make sure I do it the right way
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Howdy Bahami!

Welcome to the Help Forum!

The NEW THREAD button is only used on a forum to start a new thread just as you did on this Help Forum as well as the other two threads you started earlier today on other forums. That is the only place you will see it.

The POST REPLY button is what you use when you are posting on an already established thread. That's what I used just now to post this repy to you. Or, I could have used the Quote button so your previous message would appear here in this post along with my reply.

Now the NEW POSTS showing in the blue bar above is a quick way of seeing a list of the latest threads in all the forums to have posts by any of the members. It shows a 250 max only.

MY Mod system shows you have chosen "Do not subscribe" as your Automatic Thread Subscription Mode. You might want to click on User CP above in the blue bar, scroll to Edit Options & click, scroll to Messaging & Notification, and change your Default Thread Subscription Mode. I find Instant Email works best for me. That way, I know right away when someone has posted a new post on a thread after I have posted.

So glad to have you aboard as a new member! You will see that many questions have already been asked and answered many times in the different forums. The Search feature is a wonderful tool using your key word or words on the forums to narrow down the threads you will want to research.

If you do not find all the information you seek after your research, please feel free to post an inquiry as a new thread in the correct forum where you think you will get the best response. But first, please read FAQ and Guidelines in the blue bar up above on this page and any Announcement or Sticky posts at the top of any forums. Be sure to word your title so that the other members scrolling through the threads will know exactly the information you seek and will reply to you. It is best to limit each inquiry to only one subject. You will get more replies that way. Also, be sure to mention the cruise line, ship & sail date in your inquiry if it will help the members with their answers to you.

For a list of all the Forums, click here:

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Originally posted by bahami
I subscribed to a board but am a little confused as far as participation. Do I "post a reply" even though I am really not replying to anybody or do I post a "new post". I want to make sure I do it the right way
Good question, and the terminology is a bit confusing. If you are logged into CC, you can reply to threads pretty much at will (assuming the thread isn't locked). What it means to be "subscribed" to a thread is that you'll receive some sort of notification when a new post is made to that thread. The way you get that notification is determined by two things:

1) how you've set up your profile (and Host Kat has given you good info on how to modify that). You can choose to be automatically subscribed to any thread where you make a post.

2) whether you've manually added a thread to your subcription list. On the screen when you're viewing a thread, there's a menu button called "thread tools" on the bar at the top of the thread's display. One of the choices under that button will let you add that thread to your subscription list (or delete the thread from your list if you're already subscribed.)

One of the neat features of the CC software is that on the top menu bar, there's an option ("Quick Links") to go directly to your list of subscribed threads. From there, you can see immediately which ones have new posts, and you can jump directly into them. You can also manage your list of subscriptions there -- you can change the way you receive notifications for each subscribed thread, delete a subscription, etc. The key here is to select the thread you want to modify by checking the box at the far right of the screen, using the pop-up menu at the bottom of the display to determine the action you want to take, and then use the "Go" button to execute your action.

Remember, subscribing to a thread just means that you'll get the notifications -- it has nothing to do with whether you're able to read or post to a thread. Not very intuitive terminology, but that's the way it is...

As for posting -- this is an electronic bulletin board system. Making a posting is just like tacking a notice on the board -- everyone can see it immediately. There's no way to send a response directly to just one poster (some software systems have that capability, but on CC it's disabled). You can certainly write your post as though it is targeted at a previous post or poster, but everyone will see it anyway. Functionally, "make a new post" and "post a reply" are pretty much the same inside an existing thread. You can certainly start new threads, but only at certain levels of the board -- for example, you can't start a thread at the board's top level, but you can start one inside the "Princess" forum. If you're unsure about what will happen, visit the Test forum, and try things out until you're comfortable with what things do what.

If that doesn't answer your question, just ask it here again -- I'm subscribed to this thread, so I'll see that you've responded!