Galley Lunch Day is Back!!!

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Atlanta, GA
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Just got home from the Quest Montreal/Boston. We have done 20+ of these and they have really put an “A team” on this ship. The HM Peppi Schuppler, one of our favorites, runs such a fun ship.
Great news for us, as we like to refer to ourselves, “seasoned Seabourn travelers”, Galley Lunch Day Is Back. We have not seen it for maybe a year or two, and we really enjoy this experience.
There are a few changes:
-They will make you wash your hands each time you enter the Galley
-No more big, beautiful dessert buffet in the MDR. They still have it, but it is in the Galley.
-now they have cocktails station in the MDR
All and all, same great experience. Glad to see it back.
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This is very good news! It shows that Seabourn recognizes that restoring what people enjoyed but was terminated can be restored when smart science and design are applied, in this case for health rules compliance.
This is how Seabourn restored the Observation Bar pre-dinner hors d’oeuvres bars, by the way.

Thanks Seabourn for getting the job done and removing those old moans, now showing as fatuous, that Carnival is cheapening the food and related hospitality options of Seabourn.

Happy and healthy sailing!
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Originally posted by toseaornottosea
Just off the Sojourn. For some reason no pre-dinner hors d'oeuvres in the OB and rarely passed hors d'oeuvres up there.

Did have OB hors d'oeuvres bars on Odyssey in May.

There’s no bar on sojourn but canapés are brought round at 6 30. Were you there then?

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Charlottesville, VA
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Originally posted by oaktreerb
Seabourn newbie here. What’s Galley Lunch Day?
It's an extremely elaborate buffet served in the galley and eaten in the dining room. It is visually stunning - bring your camera.

Apparently some health dept decided that the procession of hoi poloi through the galley wasn't proper so it was discontinued for the last 2 years or so.

Don't miss it.
San Francisco
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Great news, indeed, that the Market Galley Lunch has returned! Management on board had assured me earlier this year that they were working to bring it back, but I hadn't expected it to return so soon. Good job!

Good idea about washing hands before each entry into the galley - sounds like we're talking about the old-fashioned way, using soap and water, is that the case? Or was it just rubbing with hand sanitizer?

Also, has this been brought back fleet-wide? Any reports on the other ships?
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Delighted to hear this. Is the gentlemen twirling that delicious raclette
Still part of the lunch? It is such a nice opportunity to chat with some line cooks and tell them how much you have enjoyed their work.
Atlanta, GA
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Henry, I can assure you the Galley staff was probably more excited then we were, and that is saying a lot. We all know those great people work unbelievably hard in the background, so we can enjoy such great culinary experiences.
Just as an aside, my wife and I were on the Encore Athens/Dubai and you caught us have a pool side Lunch. We felt like “rock stars” being in one of your videos and showing it to the family. It is amazing how you grasp the experience, we love them. Cheer....

Oh, it is a soap and water, paper towel hand wash with each entrance.
Near London & South Coast Solent area
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What can I say, beautiful people look good on camera

I really enjoyed that cruise. Back on Sojourn this year. I will get ready to scrub up and disinfect the camera......

Look after yourselves.

Pacific Northwest
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The Galley Lunch was a highlight for us on our first Seabourn cruise in 2014. We certainly missed it on subsequent voyages. Loved the raclette station near the galley entrance and the croque en bouche in the dining room! I'm thrilled to learn it's back, hopefully across the entire fleet.
Atlanta, GA
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Originally posted by whystayhome
We're getting on the Quest on Sunday (Montreal/Miami and are so excited to hear the Galley lunch is back. Please tell me they had the croque en bouche.

Good news for you, they had two, and they were great!! They also had Baked Alaska, not sure I have ever seen it on SB before..
We actually wanted to be on that trip, but life got in the way. Tell the seater Regina in the MDR, the Pate’s said hi, she will take great care of you. There is a great team on that ship right now, I am so envious. Safe travels. Cheers.....
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This is only rolled out on the Quest for now. They are doing it as a test to make sure they can pass health inspection with it. If so, it will be available fleet wide.