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Columbia, MD USA
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Has anyone tried a Nikon P900. I saw it today. It is as large and weighs more than my DLSR but the thing has an 83X zoom. I can't imagine getting a sharp hand held image but would be interested in hearing from someone who has used the camera.
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I tested but did not purchase. I was looking at it as a potential option to not take the Tamron 150-600 on some trips.

As a multi-purpose camera it does ok, but also as a multi purpose camera it does few things very well. Shutter response was mediocre, low light performance was poor, zoom range was good but at the high end don't even consider it without a monopod (esp because you need longer exposure times to compensate for the lower light).

If you didn't have anything else I would consider it as an all purpose camera, but not as secondary gear.

ETA: And as far as I recall it doesn't shoot RAW (which was a total deal breaker)
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Just Land trips booked for now.... I KNOW!
Columbia, MD USA
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Joined Jun 2003
Thanks, I have a Canon SX40 and D80. The SX40 has a 30X zoom and does very well as my secondary camera. The P900 seems to weigh more than my DLSR with the Tamron 18 - 270.
Columbia, MD USA
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Joined Jun 2003
Originally posted by xlxo
Check out this test vid....

Great video. I wonder what a handheld still shot would look like?