Skipping a port and staying on board ... choices, choices

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Sounds like the Enchantment Itinerary We will be doing the same next month! I have been to Nassau 3 times and I could take it or leave it. We loved Key West and chose it specifically for that port. Honestly With Nassau I could take it or leave it. However, since this is your first time, I would get off the ship and explore every port.

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Nassau only has about 4 or 5 things to do and if you are not into water slides, don't want to go to a so-so beach or take a boat tour to go snorkeling or scuba diving (which is so-so in the area) or shopping in tons of jewelry and junk souvenir stores, it is an easy port to choose to miss.
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If this was my first cruise and the ports visited i have never been to i would not stay onboard, i use my sea days to explore the ship, i know others have said go to this one instead of that one but remember they have been to those port you haven't so go explore both.
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Originally posted by marjons
Going on our first cruise Sth pacific out of Sydney on explorer of the sets for 10 nights. Couple of questions - gratuities - i read on line that cruises booked from this year have gratuities included in the base price - does that include everything unless you want to tip exceptional service? Bathroom - we have a junior suite -what bathroom amenities are supplied? Has anyone purchased the speciality restaurant package - is this worth while? Dress code - do they still do formal nights? Thanks in advance

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You really should start a new topic for these questions. It doesn't relate to the subject of this thread so the people answering the OP will likely breeze right by this post. What cruise line are you on? This is a very line specific question so best bet would be to create a new thread on that lines board.

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If you want to gamble head to Atlantis in Nassau for a few hours, as the ship casino is closed while in port. Walk around the resort, it's beautiful. We love to get on the Key West trolley and learn about the history of the islands. The whole trip lasts maybe an hour. Cococay doesn't impress me, but Iike to at least take a quick walk around.

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Originally posted by teknoge3k
Definitely Nassau. My wife and I won't even pick cruises with Nassau in their iteneraries. So if I had to pick one, it'd definitely be Nassau.
I pick trips with Nassau simply to have a port day that I don't have to get off the ship LOL

Originally posted by FloriDan
Thanks everybody for the responses! I hadn't really considered making a quick trip to either of these places then getting back onboard. (We really are new to all this.) Maybe that will fit the bill.
We often times will get off the boat for a hour or two and then get back on - However, if I had to miss one over the other I would skip Key West and I don't say this because I think Nassau is better I say this because if you live in Florida then you can go to Key West by driving down there if you really want to see it
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Originally posted by FloriDan
Hey everybody!Long time lurker, first time poster. This community has already been such a big help and I'm hoping somebody can offer some advice.

We finally booked our first cruise -- Four night, Bahamas on RCL Enchantment in late April. As background, we're in our 40s and we're all about kicking back and relaxing during this trip. We love to snorkel and be at the beach. My wife loves to shop. I love to carry the wallet and open and close it on her behalf.

Our ports of call are Nassau, CocoCay and Key West. We're thinking of skipping either Key West or Nassau and staying on board one of those days, just to have more time to enjoy the ship. And my wife is thinking about maybe visiting the spa that day while I relax and write letters home to my elderly aunts and uncles (OK, that's code for ... "go shoot craps in the casino").

If you HAD to choose missing out on Nassau or Key West, which would you choose and why? We've never visited either place if that makes any difference in your mind.
Choosing between Nassau and Key West....not even close. Get off the ship and enjoy Key West. Stay on the boat in Nassau, you aren't missing anything. Keep in mind tho, if you stay on the ship in port, the casino is closed