Thank you Upgrade Fairy.

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Farnborough, Hants England
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I have just had an email from Cunard upgrading us from A1 deck 13 to Pl for our 29 night round trip on QM2 leaving on Thursday. She does exist. I thought the Upgrade Fairy was only a myth.
Punta Gorda
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Originally posted by Summergee
I have just had an email from Cunard upgrading us from A1 deck 13 to Pl for our 29 night round trip on QM2 leaving on Thursday. She does exist. I thought the Upgrade Fairy was only a myth.

Very happy for you. That is tremendous. I have an A1 Guarantee for the 2018 QE World trip, but do not have high hopes for the same fairy to visit me.
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Vale of Glamorgan
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Brilliant, have a wonderful time.
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Washington State
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Originally posted by Summergee
I have just had an email from Cunard upgrading us from A1 deck 13 to Pl for our 29 night round trip on QM2 leaving on Thursday. She does exist. I thought the Upgrade Fairy was only a myth.
That's fab. We always hope for an upgrade, but alas it never happens. I am always jolly happy just to be in any cain on QM2, so I can't complain, but an upgrade would be a nice gesture from the upgrade fairy
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Congrats. That should make it a very enjoyable trip indeed.
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West Midlands
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Good for you. That is a very good result.

We have been assigned today for 22 Sept - on an A1 Gty, we got exactly that, deck 12, immediately under the sports deck on the starboard side - let's hope there's no tennis/soccer/golf players are board who are using it up above us
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Icing on the cake

We are still holding a gty inside cabin for our trip in January. I think the ship will be full and so don't expect a call from the upgrade fairy; still DH and I are just happy to be on board.
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Farnborough, Hants England
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Bars 135, don't worry about the ship being full. Our voyage was full but we still got upgraded. Good luck.
Bergen County, Northern New Jersey, USA
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Awesome the Cruise Critic Wizard Wizzed yea!
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A very nice upgrade but only one will be spoiled! I've stayed in both BC and PG and the additional space and amenities put these two grades a world apart. Enjoy your voyage! Perhaps we will meet on the NY-QBC segment.