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Originally posted by Tillylovesseabourn
And if all else fails you could always invest in a suite, complete with sunloungers on the balcony.Nobody ever removes the towels after 30mins there!
Indeed. We always enjoy sitting out on the veranda although I don't recommend the Owners Suites or Signature Suites on the front of the ship. Too much wind when the ship is moving and not enough shade.
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Bravo to Seabourn if they are truly enforcing their rule – evidently mistakes are made – but I would rather have an honest mistake made on me if it means they are enforcing the blasted deck chair controversy that is the bane of almost every cruise line/ship regardless of size or stars. We remove our towels when done to signal the loungers are free and, yes if we are not ordering lunch pool side we vacate for lunch. Yes, the deck steward made an honest mistake –but one - that if it happens to me – I would be applauding him for the effort.


I do have a question – OP said they “found a table at the Grill” – do you mean the area some people call the “Patio Grill” (which Seabourn calls just “The Patio”, which is in the same vicinity as the pool and the loungers? That one is a little bit of a quandary for me. If I was in the pool for 40 minutes I would not expect my chair to be taken as I am availing myself to the accouterments of that particular area – sun, food, drink, swim. I would not expect to have to get out of the pool and play tag with my chair to re-mark it with my DNA. The point of many people’s ire is about blatant chair hogs who stake a claim and are not to be found. My point is the Patio (if that

is the food area OP was talking about) is in the same area and part of the outside/pool area, steps away from many loungers? In my mind using the Patio is the same as swimming in the pool – I am there and actively using the area. If I went to the Colonnade or Restaurant different story. I could also make a mess of the area and have all my food from the Patio delivered to my lounging spot rather than walking 20 feet to a table at the Patio. I believe there are reasonable scenarios to the issue vs. outright absurd rude selfish chair hoginess. All this a minor point because I believe chair hogging is not a crisis on Seabourn as is it is on lesser lines – or is it? Never been on Seabourn - looking forward to two cruises coming up to find out.
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Originally posted by stamfordian
Is the right place to enquire what Seabourn do about checking people adhere to the dress code at dinner?
Seabourn can just issue a version of this and let guests patrol themselves. We can pilot it on the fall transatlantic. 😂
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Here's what I think happened: a crew member working around the pool all morning knew that you had the lounge for some hours---and saw your husband take a table on the Patio for lunch. At that point, since you had left the lounge chair as well, he assumed that you were going to join your husband for lunch--and that your lounge chair should be available for another passenger.
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I have seen many people that I would not consider “chair hogs”, get up from their deck chair and sit at the Patio for lunch...and then return to their chair. I have no real issue with this, since they have been using (and continue to intend to) use the chairs. This is much different than putting your book out on a chair early in the am and not showing up for hours later. In my view there is the hard 30 minute rule and the practical aspect where guests should be able to enjoy a luxury cruise without even thinking of about this kind of stuff. Unfortunately that is not the case.

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Perhaps it is time for cruise lines to install little meters, like for limited time street parking, that demarcate how long you have been sitting on a deck chair, pay as you go, if people cannot play fair. 🙄
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Originally posted by Catlover54
Perhaps it is time for cruise lines to install little meters, like for limited time street parking, that demarcate how long you have been sitting on a deck chair, pay as you go, if people cannot play fair. 🙄
Oh how I wish this wasn't the case but I've certainly been at resorts where usage meters would be a real upgrade vs the hat on one chair, last week's newspaper on another, sunscreen on number three, sunglasses on four, and on and on for the whole group.

On Seabourn I've had a few issues but typically have been able to find a spot whenever we wanted one - which for us is every day. We take summer Med cruises so we spend a lot of time by the pool. Hoping there will be plenty of space next week when we try Encore for our first time. I am a but nervous with the extra guests quite frankly...
Dallas, TX
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Scb71, I hope you have a great time on the Encore. We truly enjoyed that ship and hope you do as well.