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Hey Amerie,

Yes...with 8 cabins you get the TCC. It will really help us, as it will reduce the cost of our Cabin by $ 467!!

I wish it applied to all the rooms!

It is reflected in my budget...but since i haven't paid the balance yet...i haven't mentioned it...

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Originally posted by dcarter4
Hey Amerie,

Yes...with 8 cabins you get the TCC. It will really help us, as it will reduce the cost of our Cabin by $ 467!!

I wish it applied to all the rooms!

It is reflected in my budget...but since i haven't paid the balance yet...i haven't mentioned it...

Glad to hear that you are getting the TCC. Every little bit helps.

Are you signed up to one to the websites that will send you an email update for every price drop? I know that you are watching closely, but sometimes these price drops are only available for a couple of hours, as they are generated by a computer system.

Sometime before final payment, people may cancel their bookings, and it can be possible to save some $$$ if you can call in right away.

Also, are you maximizing the Giving Thanks loyalty rate? For instance, if you and your fiancée have both cruised with Celebrity before, book Kelly into the cabin with your daughter, and both cabins will get the 15% loyalty reduction. It doesn't matter who actually stays in which cabin. This type of thing is done all the time, and is okay with Celebrity. The Celebrity reps will sometimes suggest it themselves.
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Please tell me more about the Loyalty reduction? When the price dropped last week, we received a price reduction. Everyone got 10%...but we got 15%.

is this what you are talking about...or should we have received 15% off the cost of our matter what?


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Hey All!

Just a few quick updates…...

Wedding Planner Offer:

As you may know, we have selected WITB (Weddings in the Bahamas) as our local wedding planners. They have been nothing but professional and courteous (see earlier posts).

At this point, we are about 95% locked in on price and features. All that really remains is the final color of the flowers and tiny details like that. Our wedding time is set for 1pm..but we are considering moving the time back to 2:15pm.


Shore Excursions.

With the wedding at 1pm, it is doubtful that anyone will be able to do any of the cruise line shore excursions. I have to discuss this with Kel (in detail) and look over the posted shore excursions….but we’d like for people to enjoy the Bahamas as much as possible.

Sure…our invitations say 1pm…but everyone going on the cruise (20 at this posting) are easily reachable…and will know the correct time of the wedding.
Stay tuned.

As you know…I am (unfortunately) consumed with the budget. Coming up with about 85% of the total budget by Jan 12, 2014…is becoming a bit of a downer.

To that end….WITB requires a $ 750.00 NON-refundable deposit. That is NON-refundable…as in…throw the check in the garbage..and light it on fire (should anything happen)!!! My first thought is…HELL NO!!
My second thought is…HELL, HELL NO!!!

I work WAY too hard for my money for this kind of offer!!

Kel is worried about losing the beach. I am too…just not $ 750 worried!

With the average ceremony lasting 30min…and setup running, say…and hour…they could do 6 weddings on that beach while we are in port.

Nope…the deposit will have to wait until AFTER Jan 12, 2014. Once we know we are a “Go”, then I will gladly send the deposit.

Let me be fair, by saying that ALL the Destination Wedding Planners require some sort of large, non-refundable deposit…not just WITB.

So that $ 750 deposit I reported on a few days ago….was never dropped in the mail.

Instead…..I will put that $ 750 towards the balance of our stateroom.
There….at least THAT’s paid for!!

D & K
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Hey All!

Took a moment away from the wedding stress...and brought back the meaning of all this craziness...getting married.

Got a call yesterday from the jeweler. Kel's ring was finished! I checked the account...and ran over during lunchtime. I was just about ready to purchase one of (two) bands for her...(see below)...

...when i got the call.....guess fate stepped in. Engagement ring is ready!

I was going to make her wait til Christmas..or at least Thanksgiving...but she's waited long enough.

Admit it ladies....Part of the fun (for women) of being shoving your wedding ring in other women's faces!!!

Don't deny it?!!

So...I bought a nice bottle of champagne...and gave it to her as a dessert....right after dinner!

She's at work right now...shoving it into her co-workers faces.....

New York
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I'm glad to see everything is working well. I'm sure Kel loved her ring it's truly gorgeous and yes half the fun is showing it off I agree with your decision to wait to make the ceremony deposit that is a lot of money to play with. Waiting for updates.

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Hey All!

Keep it covered!

Well…now the ring is on the finger, our thoughts turn to damage and theft! I’m talking about insurance (although I may be reduced to thievery, in order to pay for all this)!

I find the subject about as exciting as watching some dumb “reality” TV show…but it is a necessity.

In Kel’s line of work, she must remove her ring daily, or it may be damaged. This makes me very nervous, as she mentions a lot of theft at her job.
Since leaving the ring at home is not an option….insurance is the only way to allow me some sleep.

Our jeweler provided us with an appraisal with 48 hours of picking up the ring.
A quick email to our long-time ‘Fear Broker” (i.e. insurance salesmen), and my mailbox was filled with quotes, just an hour later.

I scanned then emailed him a copy of appraisal (along with a picture of the ring) and we were set.

He will come by to actually view the ring tomorrow…then grab a check…and we are covered!

Gents…if you are reading this….DON’T FORGET TO BUY INSURANCE!!

Don’t assume your HO insurance will cover it! If you want “Full Replacement Value” coverage….spend the $ 100!!

Stateroom Upgrades:

Spent the better part of Sunday… researching and fantasizing about upgrading our Celebrity Aqua Class room to a Suite (yes…there was a football game on…no…I didn’t care…).

To your obvious query….no….we did not fall into a fist full of cash! We are still where we left off on Friday….Only deposits on the rooms…and about $ 7k needed before Jan12…or the whole deals off (or delayed until fall). No change….no sales…no deals…nada….

..Which is why I’m looking at Suites!

Folks, I’m the type of guy who needs motivation. I need something (a goal) to look forward to! Sure…just by paying all this off before the deadlines would be enough of a motivating factor…but for me…the looming deadlines…are becoming a bit of a bummer.

Depression is setting in.

To beat the funk…I need to add some WOW!!!

Which lead me to a Sunday discovery……Cruiseline websites SUCK!!

I used to think that Celebrity had a nice site..and on the surface, it does….but the Devil’s in the details.

I wanted a picture or (video) of the recently updated (“Solsticized”) suites on the M-class ships. What I soon discovered is that Celebrity’s website if filled with old info and pictures??!!!

You would think, that a website, dedicated to selling you on the luxury that they can offer you (for a price)..would take an hour or two, and update their pictures and text?!!

Long story short….I spent a few good hours pounding the internet, looking for the best pictures of the Celebrity Constellations suites.

So where did I find them? Right here!!! (

I have no idea why I looked anywhere else?!!!

If you think a picture doesn’t matter….

Here’s what Celebrity’s website shows you as a representation of their $ 3,500 Celebrity Suite:


Ummm….no thanks.

Here’s what it really looks like, now:

I had to dig for an hour…just to confirm, that the suite HAS a balcony...and thanks to a fellow does!!



Celebrity...why did you make that so hard?!

Seriously, Celebrity….if you need some Website exchange for some a Suite upgrade….give me a call?!!

Now…where do I come up with a spare, extra $ 2k to pay for it????!!!


D & K
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Hey All!

A little news...


112 days to go…and it doesn’t look good at the moment…...Let’s hope December will be little better?

No changes to the budget, since locking in the wedding ceremony. We are holding steady at around $ 12.5k total cost (excluding the Bling…more on that, below).
I will admit to having several cases of depression and panic attacks, lately…but (thanks to Xanax!)..I will survive.

I am still unable to generate any real revenue outside of my job. On the bright side…I will get 5 paychecks next month (i’m paid weekly), so theoretically….I should be able to put a chunk towards the “Bill”.

January 12, 2014 is the deadline to pay for the cruise. Once we pass that hurdle…it’s all fluff and décor.

If we have to cut something out…it will be the wedding décor. The basic wedding on the beach package is just $ 1,595.00…but that’s totally barebones.

On the other hand…a plastic archway (that will be used for just 30min) will add $ 700 on to that price!!

If you start to think about it (ladies…cover your eyes and ears) logically for a moment….

…it just doesn’t make sense….??

…but we’re talking about a wedding here, so……

Kelly is chipping away at the “Bill” via the casino. No…this is NOT recommended….but with $ 400 spent in the past 4 weeks (I give her $ 100 each Tuesday, to try her luck)…we are up about $ 2,100!!!

So…I’ll take that!

She needs to hit a $ 5k or $ 10k Jackpot, though…..

All Hail the Ring bearer!

Well…now that the engagement ring is on the finger, being female…she is (naturally) thinking about the wedding band(s)!

We took the advice of a friend, and started searching for wedding bands on Blue Nile’s website.

Apparently…they are the best kept secret in the industry!

She found one she liked…and I ordered it this past week. It arrived in two days! (It’s the band I pictured in earlier posts.)

Unfortunately for my wallet….both Kelly and I agreed…that it looked too small…next to the engagement ring. The band was just too thin (2.5mm).

She soon found one with a thicker band (4.0mm)…and $ 700 more expensive (naturally)!!

We are FAR from wealthy. The ring alone, took me a year so save for…..!!

I think Ms. Kelly will have to live with ONE band for a while....

If she’s VERY good (and after I get my new TV)…she might get the second one.(Ladies…if you think this is unfair….then you are just being (I’m sorry)..dumb….and you should prepare for yourself for the second marriage.... right now).

Never wag your finger, “No” the face of the man…who just put a $ 10k ring on it….Just. Don’t. Do It.

Trust me….it won’t end well for you.

Other stuff:

We are still waiting to hear from one of Kelly’s friends. If she can make it…then our issue with what to do with “The Child” will be solved…if not…

…things will get complicated.


D & K
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Well....Good News (Finally)!!!

Kelly's bestie was able to rearrange her work schedule...she's coming!!!

That means Brie (our 16yr old) now has an adult roommate!!!

That solves two problems!!

We still need to come up with the $$$....but at least we are set for Staterooms!

That was just the boost we needed!!

I will reserve the room, tomorrow!!

More later.....

D & K
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Thanks JAC1213!!

I was starting to think I was "typing" to myself!!??

I just booked Kel's friend's room!!!

It's so cool to hear how excited she is about the trip!!

FINALLY...somebody on Kelly's side is HAPPY to be going?!!

We now have 11 rooms booked!!

It's so odd...that I'm hoping to put a dent in the December....traditionally the WORST month for saving (only followed by January).

Baaa Humbug!!

Oh well.....Kel's on her way home from the Casino...wonder how she did!!???
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She brought home another $ 500 (putting $ 100 in).

I think she's up about $ 2,500, now...thank God!!

I finally got my first Catbitat sale in 2 months....and all that little profit went to the electric bill!!

Come on Kelly!!! Daddy needs a Jackpot!
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Hey All!!

Well it's Dec 1.....make it or break it time!!!

We have just 6 weeks to come up with about $ it's time to kick it into high gear!!

Deadline #1...past:

Well, yesterday was the deadline to put $ 200 down to reserve our group rate. We only had two rooms left (one for Kels mom...who isn't going...and a spare)
Before Thanksgiving....we were just going to let them go....

....but Friday I got the call!!

My sister has decided to try and make this a family her daughter is coming!! friend called and said, "Put us down for a 3 some"!! He and his wife and friend are going to share a room (that's how they are.....)!

Aqua Class is two to a room, we got them a Concierge Class room. I explained to them about Blu....but they didn't mind. His wife used to work with one more for Kels side!!

I was able to get two of them the free Classic Beverage package (they are BIG drinkers) and $ 100 OBC for my Niece.

I'll take that.....

The Dress:

Kel's dress arrived from China yesterday...and here it is!!!

For the price...we weren't expecting it to be wrapped in gold.....but at least a box???

She hasn't opened it yet....THIS could get interesting.......


D & K
New York
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Yeayyyy. I hope with the holidays hear you will be able to sell a bunch this season. Can't wait to see what Kel's dress looks like. I'm also secretly hoping your soon to be MIL will change her mind.
Nashville, TN
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Especially since my darling hubby planned our entire destination wedding in 1996! Go men!
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Originally posted by JAC1213
Yeayyyy. I hope with the holidays hear you will be able to sell a bunch this season. Can't wait to see what Kel's dress looks like. I'm also secretly hoping your soon to be MIL will change her mind.
Correction *here not hear
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LOL i understand i wrote a whole reivew and no one responded sometimes this happens....hopefully people still liked the review! I love your diary its fun idea!
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Hey Everyone!!!

Thanks so much for your responses!!! It's good to know you guys are out there!!!

JAC1213....sadly...Kel's a little relieved that the MIL isn't going. She really has never traveled....and would have been in "martyr mode" throughout the trip. We took her to Vegas once.....ONCE!!

Well tomorrows casino day....Come on, Kelly!!! Daddy needs a.....a wedding paid for!!!

Later D & K
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Hey All,

Tuesday Casino day didn't go well....Kel just text me that she's comin how with nothing...oh well...can't win 'em all.

She's always in a mood when she doesn't win. On top of that...she's unwrapping the ball...that is her wedding dress.

It arrived like this:


It's supposed to look like this!

If not...guys....I could be in for a LOOOOOnnnggggg night!!

Wish me luck!!

West Chester, PA
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Good luck with the unraveling! The dress will be gourgous! it reminds me of one dress I tried on with the designer fell in love with online (and bought my dress from )

I like your fiancée's dress much better!!!! all the rouche-ing (spelling??) is so pretty

Keep us posted on how it goes! anything from China is packed in a little tiny package, you should have seen how some of my real touch flowers arrived!
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