Flights to/from port. Something I don't understand.

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Originally posted by rallydave
Sorry but, the above assertions are false. Airlines do not limit who they sell flights to and sell them to any and all customers. The problem with sites like Kayak, Expedia, Orbitz, etc. is they do not list all available flights. As others have said, is probably the most complete site to view flights although a few low cost airlines do not appear on that site either.

Another issue is looking for "direct" flights and expecting them to be non-stop. In fact, in airlineeze, direct flights have at least one stop before getting to your destination and sometimes more stops. Usually they are simply stops where you can stay on the aircraft however there are times where there are scheduled aircraft changes

Direct and non-stop are completely different and if you ask an airline employee for a direct flights, there is a good possibility your flight will have a stop and possibly an aircraft change.
Airlines that don’t have interline transfer agreement , like SouthWest , don’t show up in most search engines.
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Originally posted by Kamloops50
Airlines that don’t have interline transfer agreement , like SouthWest , don’t show up in most search engines.

While it might be the lack of interline agreements, since ITA Software also provides the software engine for most airlines in the world, could also be that Southwest and similar airlines have their own computer systems that are not compatible with itamatrix.

Since most people on CC are likely to use airlines that are on ITA Matrix, still makes it a great source of information and flights are actually broken down by non-stop, one-stop and two or more stop.
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There have been many helpful replies. The Matrix site will be a huge help to me.
As far as more info, Yohoho was right, end of November 2018

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When getting from A to B seems complicated, it can be worth checking rome2rio - it lists possible itineraries by elapsed time and price (all transport modes, not just air, and including different air routings).. It helped us figure out that combining Santorini and Malta in a single land trip was not so easy lol.
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