In your experience which is best price?

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We have our next cruise booked for October next year but I will want to book another for either April or May the following year in 2020. In your experience is it best to book as soon as they are advertised or book on board in October next year? I know this is a how long is a piece of string question but thought it worth asking as I've never booked on board before. Also am I correct in thinking the next brochure will out in September?

Thanks for any guidance
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Originally posted by Josy1953
We find that booking when they are first released is usually the best price.
Agree 100%

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Agree booking as soon as launched is the best price, depending on the cruise. If it's a good itinerary and reasonably unusual.
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I go by the rule of thumb that anything less than £75 pppn is a good price. Then I make an adjustment for the itinerary. Good ports or popular destination command higher prices.

So for me timing is less important than the actual price. I regularly do searches with online travel agents to keep an eye on prices. Easy to do if you pick the embarkation port and the month you want to travel. Good to see how the prices compare with other lines as well for similar itineraries.
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We are going with Cunard (same company) to Iceland in August and booked over a year ago at £2100 and it’s now at £4850. For us booking early has always worked well but I think that is partly because we are very specific about where, when, ship etc. Bargains to be had I’m sure if you don’t care where and when :-) Personally not a fan of booking onboard as focus is on current trip but I’m sure the two full time crew members handling bookings will be on commission and keen to get you a good deal :-)