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My wife and I are considering a Hong Kong to Singapore cruise in Oct 2015. We are interested in understanding the age demographic of Silversea's clientele. We are in our mid forties, active and looking to enjoy a high end vacation.
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On our first SS trip we were in your demographic and were the youngest on the trip. Now, 7 years later, we aren't the youngest any more, but then again, we are 7 years older!

Even with me aging, I seem to be seeing more people in their 40's on board and I take really long cruises so am only seeing those who can afford to be away from work for 25+ days at a time. On the shorter itineraries, I suspect there are lots in that age range.

The bigger issue is those in their 70s and 80s. Around home, I don't run into many extraordinarily vibrant, active, seniors (probably because they are off gallivanting and I'm a homebody.) I preach at a seniors' retirement building, but, by definition, they can't live on their own anymore despite being 'with it.' So I fall into the trap of thinking all seniors are like that.

On SS very few of the passengers are stereotypical for their physical age. So, on my first cruise we made friends with a couple in their late 70s who would bid us goodnight in the evening and we'd go to bed and they'd go to the casino or dancing! They did all the tours with us and we had a blast.

It seems to me that the 'young at heart' are those who take SS cruises and become one of the best things about the cruise line. They are interesting, articulate, vibrant, and most of all, fun. And a constant reminder that aging isn't something to be feared.
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It depends on the cruise. On the shorter cruises, you tend to see a younger crowd as most younger people can't take as much time off work. My husband is 60, and I am only a couple of years younger. We are usually about in the middle of the age range on shorter voyages, but the youngsters on longer ones. One of my favorite trivia buddies was in her late 80s and still very sharp and active.
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We (2 CC posters, 2 spouses and 2 officers) discussed this at lunch on the Shadow and we came up with late 60-something. Thanx, Gilbert, for the phenomenal repast!
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Originally posted by brownsc
My wife and I are considering a Hong Kong to Singapore cruise in Oct 2015. We are interested in understanding the age demographic of Silversea's clientele. We are in our mid forties, active and looking to enjoy a high end vacation.
The last sentence applies to us as well. We just finished SS Cruise #9 a few weeks ago and in fact, did enjoy our high-end vacation! We were in our early 40s when it all started...

We always have been among the youngest but have met some "kids" younger than we are, and plenty of folks close in age to us. In fact, we are part of a group of 8 from our Oct 2013 cruise in the same age demographic, who have kept in touch and are planning to meet up in East Africa next June for a safari vacation. So you should find people with similar interests to bond with. We think similar interests are more important than similar ages when it comes to enjoying a luxury vacation together.

Before we started cruising with SS, when we were still in our late 30s, we did a bunch of cruises with Oceania and the demographic was similar. Both lines were full of outgoing, well-traveled people who were fun to spend time with. We have always been quite comfortable with the arrangement.

We usually do our own thing in ports so we can be as active or as lazy as we wish. If you're comfortable with that, SS may be a perfect fit for you. If you want to rely on ship's tours, you may find some of them less active than you'd like. But in our experience, that's a common theme of many ship's tours.
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Originally posted by brownsc
My wife and I are considering a Hong Kong to Singapore cruise in Oct 2015. We are interested in understanding the age demographic of Silversea's clientele. We are in our mid forties, active and looking to enjoy a high end vacation.
At our last Venetian Cocktail Party a couple of weeks ago some demographics were mentioned, one of them being that the average age of a VENETIAN member is 55. For what that's worth...

I have found the travelers on SS to be exceedingly interesting, no matter the age. Even on our last cruise the 90 year old gentleman, who kept referring to me as a baby (I'll be a great-grandmother in Feb!) was a delight to talk to.

We once traveled with a couple from the UK that claimed to be spooks during WWII...

The older the teller, the better the tale!
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