Onboard expenses, How long before they are charged to your Credit Card?

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How long does it usually take before you see a charge on your credit card account for onboard charges? Our cruise has been over for one month and we still don't see anything.

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Hi Lou...that might depend on your billing cycle.
If you are concerned, you might want to call your credit card company. If they show the charges are there, I bet they will be on your next statement!

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I can access my account information online. The charges show up within one or two days after I buy something, even if it gets paid on the next billing cycle. Celebrity hasn't posted the charges yet.

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The charges are posted the day you leave the ship. Depending upon your billing cycle closing date, they may not show up until your next statement, but will the following.
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this is freaky, but every time I read this thread my AOL wallet pops up. Go figure? why?

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Hey Lisa

My AOL wallet is staying firmly wherever it resides! Haven't seen it in ages.


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After 1 month, I would think Celebrity forgot about you. Even if it's in the middle of a billing cycle you should be able to see the charges on line. I can see them the day I charge.

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I havent done whatever you do to make it not pop up when you are going to a secure order form. But why this thread? Its just so strange!

Getting close to final payment time. Maybe my AOL wallet senses it! LOL
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I believe I read this about a year ago on the Carnival thread but this is what I heard THEY did (Celebrity may do the same thing): Each night the ship sends in a hold on your credit card for everything you charged that day. At the end of the trip they total up all the days and then actually charge the card. But, it takes a few days to clear those daily holds. So, in reality, your credit card thinks you need double what you've charged for a few days. Several posters reported that because of low credit card limits, their final charges were rejected and they had to have long talks with the purser on the final day.

I had a feeling this was the normal way of doing business. Moral to the story: have a lot of credit on your ship credit card.

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Celebrity also does that. I had used a bank card and knew I had more than enough in my account to cover all our charges but on the last day they said my card was rejected. I called the bank from the ship and they said Celebrity had put money on hold everyday and it would take 7 days to be put back in my account once Celebrity released it. I now only use a CC, no more bank card. What if I depended on that money to get home, I would have been screwed since it was all on hold.
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My charges showed up on my cc the same day I left the ship - including a charge which I did not make and which I protested on board. It took me six weeks (and six telephone calls) to get this charge credited back to my account.
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Our experience has been that the entire onboard amount was posted either on the day of or the day after disembarking. When it actually shows up on your bill depends on your billing cycle. ie: Charge is posted on the 15th, but your cycle closed the 14th, when you get the next months bill in the mail, the charge on the 15th won't be on it but will on the following month's bill.
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I think celebrity missed my charges. I called customer service and let them know. The representative said that the charges should have been posted within one day of disembarking and she would pass on the information that I had not been charged. I will probably get charged for it now. (Yes, I know about billing cycles. But I should see each of my charges on my banks webpage before the next billing cycle.)

I can understand that many people would choose to not say anything. I had a nice time on our cruise, and I would rather Celebrity gets what is due to them. Maybe this will bring some good karma my way. I could use it. However, I'm not going to tell them twice

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I think the AOL Wallet is triggered because when this website posts, it contains the words Credit Card. It thinks you are accessing a website that is asking you for a credit card number so AOL is being helpful and providing you - your wallet pop-up.
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In December we did a $1000 upgrade to a family veranda cabin and gave our credit card to the pursers desk the first day. When we got home, our normal sea pass charges were quickly charged to our credit card. (I check my charges/credits online, too.) But the $1000 upgrade charge never showed up. Everyday I would check for the upgrade charge online and began to think maybe I was going to "luck" out and somehow I wouldn't be charged after all (we had been very, very nice to the guest relations gal). But, around the 3rd week after arriving home, it finally showed up. I don't know why there had been such a long delay.

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On RCI, your shipboard account is closed around 4:00 a.m. (or after the last bar / casino closes on the last night). After that, it's about as fast as getting this reply posted on the thread. I imagine Celebrity is the same.

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Well it's been two months and Celebrity still hasn't posted my charges to my CC account. Even after I notified them. Like I said, I'm only going to tell them once.
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