I realize that this is a slightly different question than what is usually posted here, but I'm really interested in receiving replies.

For a course on tourism my son is taking in college he's doing a research paper on the adverse impacts as a result of the increased popularity of cruising. He has gathered a lot of information on the environmental impacts, but there doesn’t appear to be much available on the impact on the populations of the ports visited.

I’m hoping that any residents/former residents of Antigua, or even frequent visitors, can comment on whether they have seen adverse impacts (economic, social, and/or cultural) as a result of cruise tourism, and whether cruise tourism is worse than longer-stay tourism.

Please understand, it is not his intention to blast either tourism in general or cruising in particular. However, he can get all the positive information he needs from the cruise line associations, travel magazines, and local chambers of commerce. It is much more difficult to get information about negative impacts, which is my reason for raising the question here. Nonetheless, I would be interested in also hearing anyone's opinion about the beneficial impacts, and whether they make up for the adverse impacts.

Thank you for any comments you have.