The DEW Pledge starts Thursday the 9th!

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Lose Before You Cruise
A place for cruisers to share their stories of how to lose weight before a cruise. Virtual snacks allowed, but only in small quantities.
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It ends January the 6th. 17 weeks!

Since summer is over and I didn't do to well..going away tomorrow for a week and going away in October..will make it harder for me ......................(I know.NO excuses)
Since we cruise on January 16th week after pledge is over.......................
I Pledge to LOSE..15 to 20 lbs! So my clothes will look better on or better
still have to buy new ones.

Good Luck Everyone! Luck and the HARD work you have to do to LOSE!
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For me this is step one to losing before we cruise next June. I pledge to lose 20 to 25 pounds by the end of this pledge. I'm fortunate because I already started an excercise program about 2 weeks ago - with a couple of great work out buddies! For me it's eating right that is always the challenge.
Andover, New Jersey
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Since this pledge is for 17 weeks, I will pledge to be at goal. This means an 8 lb. loss. However, I will be going on Voyager of the Seas in October, so this will be a challenge!
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I'm only going to pledge to lose 5 lbs. My goal is to lose 15, but with this pledge being over the holidays, I'll never make, 5 lbs. here.
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McPherson, Kansas
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Okay, I am going out on a limb here. I am going to pledge 20 lbs. Thinking of the holidays, this is scary, but I am motivated and pumped for this. I know I can do it.

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Since I have not done so well with the other pledges, I am going to keep this fairly simple. I pledge to lose the 6 lbs I gained on my cruise and to keep it off over the holidays.

I will be going away in October and November to see my son in boot camp, so I will be eating out alot. I should also pledge that I will try not to keep making excuses for myself, such as the one I just made above.

Good luck to all of us with our pledges.

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Rose - LOL - Your funny!!

Once again I pledge to just keep the scale going down, so I'm not setting a goal for a certain number of lbs.

I am about 15-16 lbs. from goal, so who knows maybe I'll make that goal by the end of this pledge!! Hey, anything's possible!!

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I'm another one who doesn't do well with the pledges. Most of them were gains except the last one where I stayed the same. We have Christmas at the end of this pledge. That will make it a lot tougher. So, I'm going to keep it conservative and say 10 lbs.

Portland, Oregon
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Well, apparently I have been living like I used to because all the weight I lost over the last two years is creeping back on. I am up 10 pounds from my low last Spring, and that was not at goal. So, back to reality. I pledge to eat better, exercise more, and increase the water. Will go for a 10 pound loss by the end of this pledge. That will at least get me back into cruising clothes. We do not have one planned, but hope to do so soon. Thanks for letting me join you again. Suzy
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Well, I would love to actually be convinced that I could drop 34 in 17 weeks but I know me. I think I'll say 25. That would put me halfway to my goal.

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Tami.. I want to say 34 pounds too and I HOPE I can! But I think 25 is more realistic for me. I already lost 17 pounds in 5 weeks, but I know I can't keep that up. So... I'm going for 25!

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Count me in for 20 pounds too. End date is one month pre cruise, so i will be starting to look for new clothes.....hope that will keep me honest! Good luck ( actually it isn't luck at all is it?) to all!!!
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Count me in Too. I pledge to loose another 15 more pounds which is 5 pounds more to loose than my original goal. I am only 10.5 pounds away from that I really think by January I can loose another 15. The hard part will be maintaining thru the Holidays and keeping it off by my March 13th cruise.

My first goal is to get this other 10.5 pounds off by my November 13th cruise.
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D- I pledge 20lb. Big goal, but that is only less than half of my final goal
E- here's the big one for me: I pledge to do at least 20 min 3x a week (i hate exercising)
W- at least one glass a day. Another challenge! Some days I'm good, others I'm not.

How often do we check in to see how everyone is doing?
Allentown, PA
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I'd like to join this challenge as well I just started the 6 week body makeover today and so far so good.

I pledge the following:

D: I pledge to lose 30lbs and not gain over the holidays
E: 45 min 4x a week cardio and 2 days of body sculpting
W: I pledge to drink 100oz of water everyday
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Diet - I pledge to stick to my WOE. (I've been trying to stick to 1600-1800 calories per day for the past week and am seeing good results! I'm still applying Zone principles and eating only HEALTHY food. I've given up sugar, caffeine, fried foods, soda, etc.)

Exercise - I pledge to continue to walk 20 minutes up and downhill each day (at least 5-6 x's per week) and I have a goal to add weight training very soon.

Water - I've been getting in about 2+ liters of water per day (drinking water and flavored sparkling water), so I pledge to continue to drink at least that much.

I pledge to lose at least 20 pounds, with 30 pounds actually being my goal, by January 6th. If I continue to lose 2 pounds a week, I can do it!

I also pledge to donate all of my current size 30/32 clothing (and HOPEFULLY all of my 26/28's!) before December 31st. Out with the old, in with the new! Here's hoping the new is at least a 22/24 by then!