Easter aboard-children expecting a basket

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Long Island
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Joined Jan 2005
I will be traveling on the NCL Dawn on Easter morning. My daughter will so be looking for a basket when she wakes up.
Any suggestions?? She's 10..... I know! I am pretty sure she is still playing me but I have to continue in this game.
I was thinking of having Easter Baskets arrive at home before we depart, with lots of things for cruising and mention I told The Fluffy guy he had to squeeze us in early.
I do not want to schlep and make baskets aboard. I'm on vacation too. :
Eastern PA
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Sounds like a great idea to me. Just make sure you have space reserved in your luggage .
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Moon Township, Pa
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You're lucky that at 10 she still believes. My sister teaches primary school and none of the 3rd graders believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny anymore.

That's a great idea about doing it early. You could also forgo the basket and bring wrapped candy in your suitcase and then hide that around your cabin on Easter morning. My friends bring chocolate bunnies, Peeps, jelly beans and all the rest in their luggage and then hide the candy the night before. It's not a basket, but the kids love the thought that the Bunny found them on the ship and it's really fun watching them find the candy in the drawers, on the balcony, in the closet and under their bed.
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Hey, I'm 59 and I still believe!!! (If I didn't, I'd never get an Easter Basket!)
I'm afraid I'd take the stuff..............but instead of a basket, you could take a beach bag, or a sun hat, and put it all in there................ My Mom used to make us "baskets" out of purses, etc, and besides a few pieces of candy, we'd get socks, barrettes, etc.............you could do sunscreen, chapstick, lanyard for cruise card, etc...........
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Gulfport, Mississippi
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Michael's and Hobby Lobby (and I'm sure other stores) have the fold-up boxes that can serve as cute little baskets. Just take something like that and a little Easter grass or raffia, and some candy eggs, etc. You could put it together quickly when she goes to sleep. You could go to the ship's gift shop and get a Beanie Carnival bear or mini-towel animal to put in the 'basket', as well.

I like the above idea of hiding wrapped candy eggs around the cabin. A fun idea!

Might be fun, too, to have a piece or two of Easter candy, and put it under the edge of her plate in the dining room that day. Voila - look where the 'fluffy one' left this!?

Edited to say: I forgot I'm not on the Carnival board...duh. Anyway, you could find some cute items in the gift shop.
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Richmond, KY
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Another idea would be to take (or buy on ship with logo) a beach or duffel bag. Fill it with a few little items -- sunglasses, a new beach towel, sunscreen -- and then add a few items from the ship's store -- a model of the ship, a cover up with the logo, etc. We are also cruising at Easter -- but on the Mariner.
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I imagine you can have a basket delivered for a price. but why not tell your daughter the cruise is her present from the Easter bunny.

We were on Carnival Miracle last Easter. They had a HUGE display of candy in the dinningroom for everyone to help themselves to-I am sure your cruise will be the same-so your daughter will not exactly miss out on all the choc. or anything.

Why not go over the NCL's board and ask how they do Easter on ship? If it is like our Miracle cruise was there will be no need to bring any candy with you. Heck do as the above said-do a beach basket with the beanie baby etc. and forget the candy. she will get plenty on ship somewhere I am sure.
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Queens, NY, USA
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Why not have the Easter Bunny send your daughter an onboard gift basket. I'll bet your line has a nice package for children, maybe with some cookies and candy and/or t-shirt & cap kind of thing.

Have fun.
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Long Island
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This is perfect I have some good ideas rollin' around. Love the idea about hiding the easter eggs around the room Duh. That is so not me to not think of that. Perfect. Also , I like the hiding it under the plate idea as well. Must include some cruise related items.Thanks everyone.
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I'd lean towards a gift-bag used as a basket -- it'll take no space in your suitcase. If you fill it with that horrible Easter grass, candies, etc., it'll work fine.
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instead of a basket ... why not pack a Gift bag with some of that basket grass inside....
this way you can pack it into luggage but its not so bulky!
lakewood, Ca USA
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Hi , just my opinion , but why not leave the easter grass/basket grass at home (have pity on your room steward and the messy clean up), and get some pretty colored celophane and put it in a pretty gift bag that folds flat for packing, then fill it with girly girl things, some cute jewelery she can ware to dinner, a pretty hair clip. a small little girl purse, just cute things and a some candy (I LOVE JELLY BEANS ) That way it will be easy to pack, won't melt or squish in your suit case (icky) and yet she will feel special. : ) Hope you have a great cruise.
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We will be embarking on the Disney Magic on Xmas Eve this year. I have already warned the children that I will be emailing Santa that we won't be home, but he can leave our things anyway. I will have my mom and dad come over and put out all of Santa's goodies before we arrive back so that it appears that Santa came as usual. I just worry that some of the other children on the ship could spoil this if Santa does "visit" them on the ship. DD will be 7, and I recall that was went DS began to question the reality of it all. I think I got him for one more year, but he figured it out in third grade. PLUS we are travelling w/ family, so I must broach this to see what in-laws will be doing. I recall our first Xmas morning w/ DH's whole family...funny, Santa wraps our gifts, but didn't wrap cousins, hmmmmmm...luckily children were young enough that we told them it was so you could tell whose was whose...as if different wrap wouldn't be enough!
I imagine your DD does know, but either isn't ready to give it up, or is testing you. Of course, Santa filled our stocking until we were in our 20s!!! (Mom tried to give that up when we were in high school, but we refused!!)
Happy cruising!
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Lol...I'm 20. My brother's 18. We still get stockings and so do Mom and Dad. Only diff. is I help Mom now. I think it's just for tradition, but I couldn't imagine stopping!
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