Need suggestion on Cellphone SIM that will work inexpensively: Italy, France, Spain

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We will be spending a week in Italy, then joining a TA to the US. I would like to have phone coverage while in Italy...and, if possible, during the port days in the other countries. There are so many options....and no web site that's clear on which work where....and then when you find one, the cost is crazy. I thought I found a great one...GiffGaff which is UK based, but they require you to use your phone in the UK (or have a UK address) before they will turn on EU that doesn't work.

I use Verizon in the US but I have an unlocked worldphone...will work in the EU on GSM/ that's one obstacle I don't have to deal with

My minimal needs:

100 min or talk time- all calls within the EU
100 msgs (may be to/from US)
500MB data (don't need tethering)
must work in all the countries mentioned for at least 1 month.
SIM should not cost over 15 euros. The GiffGaff SIM would have cost 7.50 Euros and exceeded my requirements.

I do use skype, but I want standard GSM capability so a data only SIM won't meet my needs.

Looking for recommendations....

(sorry for the crosspost...this didn't belong on the celebrity forum
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We spent 5 months in UK last year and I researched mobile packages extensively before departure. Due numerous options & prices I found, we elected to wait until arrival UK.

Stopped into a mobile phone store, that deals with multiple brands and found an option that I wasn't aware of from my research and was cheaper than anything I found online.

Don't have the same experience with Italy, but suggest it may be worth waiting until arrival and pick up a local SIM card.
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Look into using Google's Project Fi - you will a compatiable Android smartphone to activate the voice/sms/data nano sim card (won't cost an arm and a leg, a pre-owned Nexus 5X or 6P, or newer Pixel/XL in VG to excellent condition for around $200 upfront, to activate and start the plan) Or, you can get a new Motorola Mot G6 smartphone for $200 or less (with a qualifying trade-on ... my old Nexus 5X with excel working condition got a $100 allowance)

You can cancel services at any time, keep the (unlocked) smartphone or sell it - the radio bands are compatible just about anywhere, coverage in 140 countries, calls for as little as 2 or 4 cents a minute, no more than 20 cents a minute, and $10 per 1GB of 4G/LTE data (home and roaming at the same rate)
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What about staying with Verizon and using their international plans? You can pay by the day or use their monthly plans...

It really depends on how much you need, or would like to use your own phone number vs fumbling with other SIMs... I'm a project Fi customer, and I'd recommend it but it may not be worth getting a SIM if you do not already have a Fi capable phone to activate the service... It all comes down to convenience and what tolerance you have to making SIM changes to your phone for a possible short trip...
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Switch to T-Mobile.

Unlimited text and data. 25 cents per minute calling. Over 210 countries

I switched a few years ago, and have not looked back.