SD I Stockholm to Stockholm, June 29-July 9, 2011

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Wake Forest, NC
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Just a few days before we leave on Saturday for Stockholm. We'll spend three nights there prior to boarding SD I on June 29 for a 10 day cruise that visits Visby, Gotland (island) Sweden; Kuressaare, (island) Estonia; Tallinn, Estonia; St Petersburg, Russia (2 overnights); Helsinki, Finland; Mariehamn, Aland Islands, Finland and a day sailing through the Swedish Archipelago before returning to Stockholm.

This will be our first trip to the Baltic region and we have been looking forward to it for a LONG time. We booked the cruise the day it was announced in Nov 2009.

Started trying to get clothes together today. Currently the weather is in the upper 60's to low 70's in the daytime and lower 50's at night even with the White Nights! There also seem to be a lot of showers. Sounds like a lot of layering since you never know when the temps will shift to warmer weather.

Will try to report in a couple of times. I'm not as good as Vandrefalk, FT, and Disney Jen but I'll try! First of all I refuse to pay $35 a day for internet so I'll just have to use the Library computers once in a while. Must say I did like one thing Frequent Traveler said about Regent - if you had been on board 21 nights or something you got FREE internet. I think I'll mention that on my evaluation card. Think I'd rather have that than PJ's or a cookbook!
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Originally posted by whatnot
Just a few days before we leave on Saturday for Stockholm.
whatnot, have a WONDERFUL time on your trip!

We just returned after nearly a month away from home so are still trying to sort ourselves out.

Absolutely loved being on SD1's first trip to Norway.... but you're right - take layers, and a good waterproof/windproof jacket (w/ a hood) just in case. The weather can be somewhat unpredictable.

Have fun and take lots of pics!

South West England
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have a wonderful time - I guess SD is a little different as a ship when it's cold and no sunbathing - hope you see some wonderful sights and look forward to reading all about it
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CDreamer is right (as usual) and I'll add one other thing -- bring gloves! I didn't and would have like to have them some days.

Say hi to all the crew and tell them we still miss them -- I promise to finish my review and post my pictures this weekend (so Jim Avery will stop fussing at me ).

Joannas, you might be surprised at the number of people on deck -- even one who swam () as you'll see from my pics!

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Wake Forest, NC
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Thanks CDreamer and vandrefalk for all the advice! The weather forecast is improving and it looks like we could get some upper 70's before the end of next week and the shower chances have been reduced. We are prepared either way. We can only hope! We're packed except for a few last minute things. Our flight isn't until 2:00pm tomorrow, so we have a little time in the morning. Will try to post when I can!
Wake Forest, NC
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Arrived safely in Stockholm last evening after a VERY long day. Had a delay in London, but since we were flying business class on American and then on BA we got to spend that time in the wonderful BA business class lounger. It gas been a glorious day in S to knoll. Warm and quite sunny! The Hilton is nice and we have a great view of Old Town and the waterway by the looks. We went to the Vasa Museum and to Skansen , the outdoor Swedish museum of old homes, farm buildings etc that depicts the past. Really nice. We found where SD docks on Wed and it's quite close to our hotel . We will meet some friends we met on SD last year for dinner tomorrow night before we board on Wed. Will try to post again zoo!
Along the Hudson River in NY
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DJ's DH is just back this evening from a week on the West Coast of Sweden for business. He said this week's weather was the BEST he has ever experienced in nine years of making the trip to Sweden this time of year (same week every year).

I know you are having wonderful weather whatnot!

Every time we sail I mention on my comment card about the free internet after so many nights on board. Maybe one day they will hear us
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Every time we sail I mention on my comment card about the free internet after so many nights on board. Maybe one day they will hear us[/QUOTE]

in addition to leaving the Internet comment on the comment card I spoke directly with Bob LePisto on this very issue in 2009. At that point someone in SD sales had advised that a repeat guest program was being "considered." my guess is with the charter market having picked back up again lack of a program is not an economic deterrent to drive SD to implement one. I can't do a crossing again until Internet gets better but it's the service not the cost that's the issue. In Alaska on another line Internet worked all the time except for the hour right at the base of Hubbard glacier -through all the fjords. Nothing like what Vandrefalk described on her voyage.

Look forward to seeing pictures. Since everyone in Sweden went on 6 weeks of holiday yesterday. Should be fun - a lot of local boats out!

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Jacksonville, Florida USA
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I have a friend on this very cruise and have been enjoying the pictures she is posting on Facebook! It looks just fabulous! It is also fun to see my crew friends again...still aboard since we crossed. Continue the fun!! )
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Originally posted by vandrefalk
Ok, WhatNot. -- where are you??? We're suffering withdrawal!
Yeah, it's a bit too quiet re: this cruise, whatnot.... we thought we'd hear more from you by now - so what gives?! Anxious CCers want to know!!

Seriously, hope you've had a wonderful time - looks like you got some great weather!
Wake Forest, NC
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We arrived home yesterday evening after leaving SDI on Saturday morning. Flew from Stockholm to London on Sat., overnighted at the Hilton Heathrow, and then took the direct flight from London to Raleigh. What a wonderful flight! Didn't have to contend with any busy US airports and customs was a breeze!

Sorry I didn't report in any more. Just had TOO much going on. It was a VERY busy cruise.

The weather was fabulous! We only had one really cool, breezy, cloudy day and that was in St Petersburg. But that was OK, because some other days were almost HOT! And we never had rain. Most people took the WRONG clothes particularly for day time. The most you really needed was a light jacket for mornings and by midday short sleeves and shorts felt great. There was a lot of sunning at the pool on quite a few days. And on the last day just before we entered our afternoon sail through the Swedish Archipeligo, the yacht stopped and the marina platform went out. For 2 hours lots of guests used the jet skis, banana boat, swam, etc. Don't think we any had expected such a great experience. Of course the hot tub got a work out because the cold water took a toll on the water sports people.

We ate all breakfasts and lunches outside although the new plastic awnings were in place most of the time to keep the breeze away. Out of the 9 nights, we dined outside atleast 6 evenings. And that included the last evening when we were docked in Stockholm prior to disembarkation the next morning. That was the Menu Degustation and it was the first time they had ever served it topside! Quite a difficult thing to do but it was quite successful.

I've got lots to do to get back into reality so I'll try to report more about the trip as soon as possible.
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Just back from this Baltic cruise from June 29 to July 9. As noted above the weather was fantastic except for one day. Just proves that the best packing strategy is a little of this and some of that with the excellent laundry service always an option. I was one of the crazy ones going in the water last Friday AM and that was an unexpected treat. Things were busy in St. Petersburg as guests crammed in as much as possible. The private tours of key sights set SeaDream apart. The activities director, Michael, assisted by Daniel, knew the region well, spoke Russian, and had the contacts to make the best arrangements. The rest of the staff were put to the test given some early tour times and quick lunch turnarounds but they did it without too much trouble, always smiling. The arrival in Stockholm on Friday night instread of Saturday morning as advertised was a curve ball but doing the degustation menu top side for the first time on a beautiful evening made up for it. We even had Disco Dancing Under The Midnight Sun sailing out of port one night. I would tell more about it but we were all sworn to secrecy! Too bad they are not going back in 2012 but perhaps they will in 2013. About 80 percent of the passengers on this cruise were returning SeaDream regulars.