Ventura France and Spain, late October

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We're looking at fitting in a cruise later this year, but the only P&O cruise that fits our dates is Ventura, calling at La Coruna, Bilbao, La Rochelle and Cherbourg.

Has anyone done this cruise at this time of year and what was your experience, please?

Have to say am a bit concerned at reports of Ventura's technical problems, despite her recent refit, although one would hope they would be resolved in 5 months (hmm, P&O, maybe not!).
Whilst I like the sound of the ports, I was hoping for somewhere a little warmer and am worried at sailing around the BoB in late October. I don't suffer from seasickness, but DD does.
We've been on Azura, so know what to expect in terms of ship size and facilities.
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We went on Ventura October half term 2015, we went as far as Lisbon and this was the only day we could wear shorts and sit outside. The Bay of Biscay wasn't too bad. Was a great cruise though. I think the technical issues occured since the refit as they would have rectified this then. Been on Ventura twice and loved each cruise.
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We did this cruise in 2016, but went to Opporto rather than La Rochelle (have visited La Rochelle and it is a very interesting city). We had a good time on Ventura and the weather was ok, obviously the Bay of Biscay can be rough so no guarantees, but have been in the Med in summer and had rough weather.
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I have done a fair number of cruises late October because it is cheap. You take a gamble with the weather, not always great or bad but I am ok with that.
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We did that cruise in March last year. The ports are great ,although Cherbourg is pretty dull apart from the submarine museum.
Weather should be ok in Bilbao and La Coruna.
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Thank you all. I realise there are no guarantees with the weather, just wondered if cruises had been prevented from getting into port because of bad weather, but I suppose that can happen at any time of year.