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we are looking into cruising with Avalon 2010 and trying to decide a window room vs franch balcony.Can somebody help us decide.
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We have just arrived home from a cruise with Avalon and were more than happy with the french balcony room and pleased we didn't choose a 'port hole'. Sometimes the water level covers the window and of course you cannot open the window at any time whereas with the other floors you can. It is nice to lie on your bed and watch the world go by.
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We cruised on the Avalon Tranquility in 2007 from Budapest to Amsterdam. We loved our French Balcony.At night we would open the blinds while sleeping and watch the world float by. It was wonderful and decided when we cruise again we will definitely go with the French Balcony.We were on the 3rd deck and loved it but I think next time we would still do the French Balcony but save a little money and get a cabin on deck 2. Try to get a cabin in the middle of the ship not in the bow as the bow thrusters were pretty noisy at night going thru the locks.
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Ditto the above! We had a french balcony on the Rhine and while you can't sit on it, it's awfully nice to open it up and sit at the little table inside while you drink you morning coffee and just enjoy the view. We liked to sleep with it open too.
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It depends on the itinerary and time of year. We took a French balcony room on our Amadeus Tulip Time cruise in late April. It was pretty to look out of, but way too chilly to ever open the doors. Also, so much time was spent tied up to other river boats, that we had to keep our curtains closed much of the time. I would definately want a French balcony, however, on a summertime cruise.
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Originally posted by pasantia
we are looking into cruising with Avalon 2010 and trying to decide a window room vs franch balcony.Can somebody help us decide.
We just returned from a Budapest to Nuremberg with Lueftner/Gate 1 and the ship had french balconies on the upper level and sliding windows on the 2nd level, and porthole (non-opening) windows on the lowest level. Yes the french balcony window is bigger, but it only opens about a foot or so. Our 2nd level window opened about a foot as well, and it was very pleasant to leave it open at night as we cruised along, listening to the swish of the river going by was nice. Only the lowest level would have any issues of water coming up over the window
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Won't sail without one! We were on the MS Amadagio 3/4 way back middle deck. No problems with noise. It was wonderful to open the slider and hang on the railing and watch the world go by.
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The French Balcony is well worth the extra cost. The lower level is sometimes a fishbowl in reverse. Also try and get a cabin midship or further back, as the noise and vibrations from the bow thrusters can be a bother.

Happy sailing!
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I've never sailed on the Avalon with French Balconies, but I have been on GCT with those tiny balconies. I liked the idea of been able to get fresh air in the room so I was not always breathing recycled air from the forced air system. Remember if you go through locks, close the slider to keep out the smell and bugs.