Carnival Cruise Passenger Rescued After Going Overboard

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I was on this ship, which just returned today. No one on board had any idea about this incident until the captain made an announcement just prior to debarkation, around 9 am.
This guy is lucky he "tumbled" off relatively close to Tampa, in an area where ships/boats frequent. The skeptic in me can't help but wonder how these "accidents" happen. You must really make an effort to "fall" off this ship...

A CCL employee told me right before I left the ship that he was going to the hospital for a psych eval.

The cruise was awesome other than that!!!!
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Why do i think that "alcohol" may have played a role in this guy "tumbling off" the ship? These incidents always seem to happen in the late night/early mornings hours, don't they?
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What a moron, and a very lucky one at that. If these incidents keep occuring, the lawyers will require all cruise ships to be made as 'idiot-proof' as possible by totally caging in all veranda's, promenades, etc. to prevent people from falling, jumping, or being pushed overboard.
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Originally posted by LauraS
Cruise Critic has just posted the following news:

Carnival Cruise Passenger Rescued After Going Overboard

Read the entire news article...

What is wrong with this person, that he would think it not dangerous or risky to actually stand on the railing. Did it not occur to him that he might fall???? Very thoughtless person.
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I know Carnival's service isn't that good, but it's not that bad that you want to jump off. Seriously, what a string of bad luck for them. Nobody needs that bad press. It's not that easy to "fall" off a ship unless you intentionaly want to or if you are foolishly hoarsing around.
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I have been on 6 cruises now...and I have no idea how you can fall off the has to be intentional or just plain idiocy. It's not like you're in a storm with 40 foot seas and get washed that is understandable...except you would have to be an idiot to be on deck in those really do hope this string of incidents slows down...It was heartbreaking to hear about that teenager last month...
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A person would have to be total idiot to go overboard on one of these ships! I have taken twon and am leavng on a third in a few weeks, and unless a person is being STUPID they are not going overboard!
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What an idiot !!!!
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He's real lucky. Could have been another stastic. Any why would climb a railing. You are asking for trouble. Seems like CCL is having alot of it's customers falling over lately. I was recently on Victory and we talked about falling over. You pretty much don't have a chance to make it. It would be scary.
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