Horseshoe Beach Wheelchair Access, Bermuda

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Cruisers with physical limitations share their advice & experiences.
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Does anybody know if Horseshoe Beach in Bermuda has wheelchair access? I read in an article that they have wheelchair beach chairs (with the large tires) but can't find anything on the official Bermuda web site about it. I've already been to King's Wharf and Snorkel Park but heard that Horseshoe Bay was a must see.
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My husband and I live in Bermuda and my mother has MS and is in a wheelchair. Albeit we have never tried to bring her to Horseshoe beach my recommendation would be to rent a taxi driver guided tour ($35 per hour) and he can stop along the road (South Rd.) where you can have a clear view of Horseshoe beach and as well as the other beaches on South Shore. The taxi driver can also bring you down the lane to Horseshoe but once you get to the bottom you will have to go though 50-100 feet of relatively compact sand before you see the beach. Please let us know if you would like to get a taxi driver as there is one we use all the time that took my parents for a guided tour and helped us with our wedding guests and he is fantastic. He also drives a new van and is so polite and helpful. The last point is very important as not all taxi drivers in Bermuda are like this.
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Originally posted by durko58
Does anybody know if Horseshoe Beach in Bermuda has wheelchair access? I read in an article that they have wheelchair beach chairs (with the large tires) but can't find anything on the official Bermuda web site about it. I've already been to King's Wharf and Snorkel Park but heard that Horseshoe Bay was a must see.
We were there in 2006 and I don't remember seeing handicapped beach chair equipment but we were there a little late around 6pm when the park was closing.

Also you need to know that there is a very steep driveway to get to the beach. There was a 16 passenger shuttle to get back up but we did not see anyone brought down the hill. The cost was $1.00 (us) to ride back up. **The cost is now $2.00 (us) but still a bargain. And found out the bus will go down and back up.** As far as the beach is concerned its amazing.

Take the taxi and spend an hour or two there, you'll enjoy it very much.

Here are some links to check out:
This one says that there are special chairs.
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Thanks for the infro. I saw this fellow's web page with regard to wheelchair transport. He does (excursions) sight seeing tours. Would he do a drop off at Horseshoe then pick individuals up say after a couple of hours at the beach? Also, in response to the comment on the sand conditions being relatively compact, would a front wheel drive electric wheelchair be able to make it through that sand?
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We were able to get my wheelchair bound brother down to the water line in Horseshoe two years in a row. We had an accessible taxi take us to the small boardwalk that leads to the beach, and then use his regular wheelchair to get him right to the waterline. The trick is to go backwards. The sand is indeed well packed. We went off to the right when exiting the ramp and tucked into a small cove, no rough waves, less crowds, delightfully wamn water. The hill to get down to the parking is indeed steep so I would recommend you have transportation down there. Not sure about motorized chairs, but I would think if you can get it to go backwards you would have the same result.

Here is the name for the accessible cab if interested. Mr. Bean is a certified tour guide and extreemly knowledgeable on Bermuda history. He has had a facinating life and is an exceptionally kind man. Would use him again in a heartbeat if traveling to Bermuda again.

Mr. Renalda Bean
37 Dunscombe Road
Home: (441) 236-9601
Cell/Business: (441) 334-8835
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Hi....I just returned from Bermuda with my mom who is wheelchair bound. We toured the island and stopped in Horseshoe Bay Beach for several hours. The taxi driver dropped us at the bottom of the hill and subsequently picked us up later on. My mother was using her regular wheelchair which was difficult to manage in the sand. Fortunately, I was able to rent a wheelchair for the sand (with the large wheels)......their wre two you could wheel right into the water.......the all terrain wheelchairs cost $10 for the day with a $5. dollar was well worth it!

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Keith Simmons in Bermuda organizes tours and airport pickups for people with special needs. He has a custom built van with side entrance and an attachable ramp to make it easily wheelchair accessible. This purpose built vehicle also has auxiliary services for ventilators and recharging of electric wheelchairs.

Keith himself has disability challenges and has been a longtime advocate in Bermuda to help the physically handicapped with mobility options. You will need to contact him for rates and reservations. Here are his contacts:
Phone: 441/295-9106. Email: [email protected]

We just got back and we had booked a wheelchair accessible tour with him and despite a mixup on the first day - we docked at the Royal Dockyard and he starts his tours in Hamilton - the tour was fine. The ferry to Hamilton is accessible.

Also saw this "Three beaches in Bermuda are to be made accessible to wheelchairs. Disabled access ramps will be set up at Clearwater Beach in St George’s Parish, Somerset Long Bay in Sandys Parish, and a third, yet to be named beach."
The announcement was made by Derrick Burgess, Minister of Works and Engineering.
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We were in Bermuda last November and took a taxi van down to horseshoe beach. I use an electric scooter with fairly big wheels. The beach is well worth the trip. They have a little kiosk that rents a beach wheelchair for 10 dollars but they only had one and it was being used by someone else. I was able to go a ways to the beach in my scooter but then the sand got soft. It was frustrating to see the beach wheelchair just parked by itself on the beach (the renter had a broken leg and had transferred to a beach chair). We asked if we could pay them to just use it quickly but they said no. So, get there early and nab it before some one else does. If it is me getting it first, I promise I will lend it to you to get down to the water and back.

Although we had asked our driver to come back for us, he never did. It turned out to be ok because there were taxis lined up waiting for passengers when we were ready to leave.
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That is good to know that Bermuda is becoming more wheelchair friendly. I have not been back to Bermuda since 2000 because I did not find it very handicap friendly. With this new info, I think I am going to look into cruising back.
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Also, I think that was horrible that the people would not let you use the beach wheelchair for a few minutes. I would have no problem with "sharing" it.
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Just returned from the Breakaway, I am a wheelchair user myself. There was an accessible wheelchair toilet stall and shower stall. There is a ramp to get into bathroom. We used a phrase over and over on this trip: "Bermuda Standard," for facilities that had access but weren't up to the code I have grown to expect in the US. It was fine for me, in a small manual chair. I was actually impressed by how much I could see and do (Review forthcoming).

We took a $16 round trip minibus to Horseshoe Bay, the driver was more than willing to let us break down my rigid frame chair, and I could get myself on the bus. He took us all the way down the hill. I was able to push through the sand to the concession stand but then the sand got looser. There was a beach wheelchair there for rent, but the guy didn't know the price. I opted to walk down to the beach (100 yds, or so) with my crutches from that point, and the concession guy was happy to babysit my chair.
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Just another tip re: restrooms. I found the best accessible restrooms to be at the ferry terminals. We only did Dockyard, Hamilton, and St. George ferries, but all had great accessible restrooms. I ended up planning our days around visits to those toilets in lieu of rolling the dice elsewhere.
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Thanks for the updated information. I just booked on the Breakaway and my sister uses a scooter. She can walk short distances with her cane (she has MS) so we may attempt a taxi to Horseshoe Beach for the experience. Her scooter collapses to the size of a small suitcase that I can carry so that shouldn't be a problem.

Does anyone know if the beach at Royal Dockside is accessible?
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There is a short boardwalk once at the bottom of the hill at horseshoe....that is about as far as a scooter could go...still a few minutes walk on the sand to the water...I have not been to the snorkel beach but photos make it appear you could get further down to the water with a scooter....have fun!!
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Originally posted by memeward
Would love the taxi info that Alex had, if possible
Since this thread was started 8 years ago, I suggest you search out the Bermuda board under Ports of Call and see if any locals can helpyou out. EM
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