Where to get a 12x12x12 cooler?

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Walmart, Target, where ever.

The Igloo Cube is about 12x12x12. (Although, according to the Igloo website, it's really 12.56"L x 12.25"W x 11.75"H.) But it would be easier to just get a soft sided one and put it in your luggage so you don't have to worry about it.
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Originally posted by airmanship
I'm trying to be within the CCL rules and find a 12x12x12 cooler to bring onboard. Has anyone had luck? Show me a picture. I leave in 12 days and am ready to start packing!! Thanks.
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I got a soft sided one at Academy. I would think Walmart would also have them. If you want to get it online, search for soft sided coolers. Lots of links will come up.
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It probably needs to fit into something that size. So find something a little smaller or a soft side so that it will fit to that size.
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If you just pack a soft sided collapsable type into your luggage do you have to worry about the size limitation?
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The size limit is for carrying onto the ship, not off going. So if you pack one in your bags, it doesn't matter.

Be sure to measure including handles and wheels. Some people have posted having to check the cooler because the wheels made it larger than 12 by 12.
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I have heard that the soft-side leak, do they
Worried about having it on the floor in the cabin if it leaks.
I think I read that people keep it in the shower or on the balcony.
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On ships without mini fridges we carry the Coleman Lil' Oscar cooler (don't know if they still make this model, we have had this one for a while). It is smaller than 12 x 12 x 12. It is about 12 x 10 x 8 and will hold about 8 12 oz. cans.
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Got ours at Wallyworld......
It's probably a little smaller than 12x12x12, but it was big enough to hold 11 cans (yeah, I know, why not 1 more to finish the 12-pack?) of Dr. Pepper in it. No ice yet, of course.
We taped it shut with duct tape, but not too much, so they could open it easily to check it. Even threw in the roll of duct tape in case it needed more taping.
We put a checked luggage tag on it and handed it to the porter at the ship terminal with our other checked luggage and it was delivered to our stateroom. It was nice not having to carry it on.
Our steward kept it full of ice all week.
Sorry I don't have a photo. It's being borrowed right now.
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Yes, they are that picky! I had check-in take out a tape measure and I was 1/2 inch over and we ended up taking it back to the car. Take a soft side and pack it in your luggage!
That is what we will be doing on 9/12 on the Inspiration!!
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Originally posted by Luke gs Daddy
Are they really that strict about the size ?

Yes, We had a soft sided cooler that we bought at Costco that was about 14"x14"x14" and we were stopped and had to remove all the sodas and put them in our luggage, collapse the bag, throw away the ice and fit the bag in our luggage or they (Security at the port) was going to "throw away" our new cooler. All that hassle for a bag that was a little bigger than the 12"x12". And to top it off they (security) were all a$*holes.
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Found an "expandable hardcore cooler" at WalMart for $12.88. Made by Arctic Zone and is approximately 12x12x6 with a padded shoulder strap. It is soft but has a plastic insert that pretty much guarantees no leaking. The label says it will hold 16 cans with ice. I plan on putting items such as extension cord, night light, snacks, etc., inside and checking it.
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Originally posted by reno3
I have heard that the soft-side leak, do they
Worried about having it on the floor in the cabin if it leaks.
I think I read that people keep it in the shower or on the balcony.
Our softsided started to leak a bit after 2 days due to condensation. We dumped the ice out a couple times so the RS didn't have to do it, and she just kept refilling it with more ice. We had it on the carpet with a towel underneath. Worked perfectly for our soda, water, pineapple juice and other goodies.
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Originally posted by airmanship
I'm trying to be within the CCL rules and find a 12x12x12 cooler to bring onboard. Has anyone had luck? Show me a picture. I leave in 12 days and am ready to start packing!! Thanks.
If you get a collapsible one and stick in a suit case it can be any size.
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I saw one of those folding soft sided coolers at our local supermarket. I think it was really a lunch box. It was the right size and about $8 on sale