The Ultimate Carnival Cruise Packing List

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Charlotte, NC
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Hi, Everyone!

I am learning so much by reading these boards about what I need to pack (besides clothing of course). I don't know if someone already posted a comprehensive list, but I can't seem to find it. So, other than the obvious, what do you think people need to pack? I'll compile the suggestions.

So far, I've learned that I need to bring:

1) Large cups with lids (since the glasses on board are so small, you have to make a bunch of trips to the bars/drink machines to get the amount of soda/tea you want.)
2) Pepto/Immodium (since the gift shops no longer sell it and an immediate visit to the infirmary might be a bit of an over-reaction to an upset tummy)
3) An extension cord and power strip (since the cabin has minimal outlets)
4) Earplugs (various reasons)
5) A great attitude (since it IS a vacation, even if things do go wrong)

What else should I put on the list?
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I always pack:

Advil or Tylenol
Hand Sanitizer
Benedryl (or other allergy medication)
Post It Notes
Hi-Liter (for the Capers)

I am sure I am forgetting something... lol.
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We leave for Alaska on Wednesday, I am all packed but for a couple of things. The lists are always very helpful.

I had to laugh at my DH last night. He was packing and grumbling about his suit. He came running downstairs and said "We do not have two nights I have to wear this monkey suite, we are only on the ship for 7 days. Since the last two cruises we have been on were 12 days, he forgot about the 7 day cruise we took. He was not happy LOL. You would think he had to wear that suite every night the way he was grumbling.
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Memphis, TN area
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There are literally THOUSANDS of threads on what to pack, I'm surprised you couldn't fine more. But you have a decent start, and have included some of the items that many forget. Look in areas outside Carnival and you'll find much more.

These below you might want to add to your list and others you find here......some of these might seem obvious, but you have to understand I am an old fart and have no memory so I have to have a checklist!

Cell phone and charger (for the trip up and back)
MP3 player and powered speakers
Copies of passport main page, credit cards and DL
Stainless steel martini glass and shaker
Soft sided cooler that can be folded up in the suitcase
Night light (most work in the head using the outlet labeled "elec razors"
One to Many electrical plug/outlet
Various sized zip lock bags
Water resistant windbreaker or light jacket
Cruise file...this has all the info on tours, island info, ship info, etc I've researched or received on this's what I usually forget on my desk at home!
Cash: ones, fives and tens especially for tips and incidentals.
Galveston, TEXAS
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clothes pins - for hanging wet swim suits in the shower on the pull out line

travel size lint brush "sticky" kind

travel can of wrinkle release spray

small can of lysol spray - cause you just never know........

travel pack of toilet tissue or wipes
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Memphis, TN area
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Originally posted by chasinraynbowz
I always pack:

Post It Notes
Hi-Liter (for the Capers)
I am adding those to my packing list - you're right they are VERY useful and easily forgotten.
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OK, I'll say it...

Non-drowsy Dramamine. I love to cruise and been on about 6-8. I use to get sick on the 2nd or 3rd day of every cruise. It would last exactly 12 hours never fail. I was fine before and after. But I always lost that one day in the cabin.

So I started taking the Dramamine one day before departure and take it every day of the cruise regardless of how I feel. Last 3-4 cruises I never felt even an slight sickness. And one of those cruises were in rough seas (I ended up sharing my Dramamine with dinner table mates).

Regardless of where I'm traveling, I always pack one of those small backpacks. They are not big enough for text books, but perfect for port shopping, carry all your loose stuff (sun screen, phone, camera, etc). They are easy to pack and cheap (Wally World has them for like $10).

One case (usually 12) of energy/power bars.

Water shoes or extra pair of "old" tennis shoes. The kind you don't mind getting in mud, or just tossing once your done.
Sykesville, Maryland
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Just got back from my first cruise and 2 things that I did use were the Tide stain remover pen and the over the door shoe hanger to put all the little stuff that gets packed
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Sunscreen and a hat!
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Tulsa, Oklahoma
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We always do laundry on the ship so....

Travel size single wash of Laundry Detergent and Dryer sheets.

Battery powered or wind up alarm clock.
I-Pod and cell phone chargers
Wal-Mart Gift Card (empty) to lock and unlock safe
Laundry bag (mesh)
Aloe with Lidocaine

Okay, I'm forgetting a bunch but that's my contribution for now!!!!!!!!
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Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Originally posted by chasinraynbowz
Post It Notes
Hi-Liter (for the Capers)
We always put our Capers in a gallon baggie and use the post-it flags or a black sharpie to mark on the bag so the Capers stays clean and scrapbook ready.
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Three things we never go without.
Power strip
Thermo Mugs
Bungey Cord
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Originally posted by LorrieB
We always do laundry on the ship so....

Travel size single wash of Laundry Detergent and Dryer sheets.

Battery powered or wind up alarm clock.
I-Pod and cell phone chargers
Wal-Mart Gift Card (empty) to lock and unlock safe
Laundry bag (mesh)
Aloe with Lidocaine

Okay, I'm forgetting a bunch but that's my contribution for now!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by BlueJacketsFan1
Three things we never go without.
Power strip
Thermo Mugs
Bungey Cord

Hi, Please explain the Wal mart gift card & Bungey Cord
Ottawa, Canada
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Nightlight or small flashlight - for nightime bathroom visits....

Your own mask/snorkel if you have them - or prefer to use your own?


Beach safe/water wallet

Clips for towel or shower curtain

Hand sanitizer/lysol wipes

beach bag

Any prescriptions meds/ small 1st aid kit


P.S. The 'gift card' is for opening and closing your cabin safe - you need something with a 'magnetic strip' and use the same one for the duration of your cruise.

As for the bungee cord - those who have a balcony cabin sometimes like to prop the door open to hear the ocean and the waves....
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Originally posted by CalmCruiserNC
Hi, Everyone!

I am learning so much by reading these boards about what I need to pack (besides clothing of course). I don't know if someone already posted a comprehensive list, but I can't seem to find it. So, other than the obvious, what do you think people need to pack? I'll compile the suggestions.

So far, I've learned that I need to bring:

1) Large cups with lids (since the glasses on board are so small, you have to make a bunch of trips to the bars/drink machines to get the amount of soda/tea you want.)
2) Pepto/Immodium (since the gift shops no longer sell it and an immediate visit to the infirmary might be a bit of an over-reaction to an upset tummy)
3) An extension cord and power strip (since the cabin has minimal outlets)
4) Earplugs (various reasons)
5) A great attitude (since it IS a vacation, even if things do go wrong)

What else should I put on the list?
I always bring an few clear trash bags and a handful of ziplock baggies
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Calif. USA
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I found a great packing list.
Hope the link works.

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Great suggestions so far but we bring one of the plug in air fresheners.. just makes the room smell fresh & on the cabin crawl everyone also comments about how nice it smells.. Im a scent junkie so I have them everywhere
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Gotta say it... huge ziplock bags. Nothing more handy when coming home for any liquids or wet bathing suits, whatever.

Also, a bottle of great tequila and/or mix if you like 'ritas. Be sure to double zip lock them though so you don't hose down your own clothing and that of others.

Our suitcase showed up upon embarkation soaked in beer. We did not back any beer. Boo.
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flashlight (just in case, I have a tiny 1 on my lanyard)
night light (it is so dark with all the lights out)
gum (they do not sell in gift shop)
extra batteries (very expensive on the boat)
door decorations (makes it easy to find your door, they all look the same)
tape (for said decorations)
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Cruise Clothing Packing Tips:
i) What type of clothing should I pack?
Packing for a cruise is quite easy. What you regularly wear to the beach, around a pool, walking around town, dining out or going to a New Year's Eve party, are the same things you'll need for a cruise. Count out your outfits, especially for evening to make sure you have enough to wear. Mix & match your clothing; if you bring a skirt, you can wear it more than once with a different top. You should also pack some off-season clothing, as it may not always be sunny and warm, plus, the inside areas on the ship are "very" air conditioned. If you need to buy some clothes, make a list! If you're planning on buying t-shirts, hats, etc. on the ship or ports of call, why not wear them on your cruise? You'll cut down on the amount of clothing you'll bring, and you won't need to plan for extra space on your trip home.
Cruises are pretty casual, however, there are some dress codes for formal nights, and what to wear when you're walking around the ship.
ii) What do I wear on departure day?
If you're traveling from a colder to warmer climate, you'll still have to dress for the weather when leaving home. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, and dress in layers. Wear long pants, a t-shirt, sweatshirt or sweater and a lightweight waterproof coat (such as an Adidas or Nike spring/fall [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]wind [COLOR=blue! important]breaker[/color][/color][/color] jacket); socks and running shoes (or other comfortable, worn-in shoes). Some type of lightweight coat is needed, as you never know what weather you'll get on-board or on any of the shore excursions. You can wear minimal jewellery, and a watch, but keep excess and expensive jewellery at home. Please remember that your Checked Luggage may or may not arrive before dinner time on the cruise ship, so be sure to either wear or pack in your Carry-On Bag the clothes you will wear for dinner the first night. The dress code will be casual (see p. 6 for Dining Room dress codes)
ii) What do I wear on board in the daytime?
During the day, anything goes! You can wear shorts, t-shirts, capri pants, jeans, cargo or khaki pants, running shoes, flip flops and sandals. The only dress code during the day is when going swimming [walking from your cabin to the pool and vice versa], you always have to wear something over your swimsuit (like an oversized t-shirt), and you have to wear something on your feet.
iv) What should I wear when going ashore?
Depending on what type of activity you sign up for, dress appropriately for the activity. If you're going snorkeling, wear your bathing suit, with a t-shirt and shorts overtop and some sandals. Bring a waterproof beach bag to put your clothes in during your water time. Bring a towel (provided in your room), water bottle, suntan lotion, sunglasses, hat and perhaps an underwater camera. You'll also need your Sail & Sign card & Photo ID to get on and off the ship, and you may want to bring your wallet with some small bills if you wish to "tip" your snorkeling host once the excursion is over (optional). If you're going shopping or sightseeing, wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a small backpack to carry all your purchases. Check with the Shore Excursions Desk if unsure of what to wear to a certain port or shore excursion.
v) What do I wear on board in the evening?
Dining Room Dress Code:
You CAN'T wear shorts, t-shirts, cut-offs, tank tops, jeans or have bare feet. For most nights, the dress code will be casual. This is what you'd wear to your favorite "casual" restaurant, such as sun dresses, a casual dress, casual pants such as khakis or [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]cargo [COLOR=blue! important]pants[/color][/color][/color] (but not jeans), skirt and top, or a pants outfit. For guys, polo shirts, button-up shirts and casual pants (not jeans) are fine. Look in the cruise newsletter to find out what the dress code for dinner is each night.
There are normally two formal nights on 7 or 8-night cruises. For formal nights, especially the Gala Captain's Dinner, gals can wear a long dress and guys can wear a tuxedo or dark suit. Normally, the Captain's Dinner is dressier than the second formal night. If you're not wearing the appropriate dress for the dining room for formal night, you will not be admitted and you'll have to eat at the Lido deck. (Basically, guys have to wear a jacket and gals have to be in something dressy). However, gals, you don't need a long gown, anything dressy is suitable. For the second formal night you can wear something you'd wear to a fancy restaurant. Gals can wear another fancy dress or dress pants/skirt and nice top (not t-shirt); and guys can just wear a different shirt and tie with their suit. There are many photo opportunities on formal nights, so you'll want to look your best to get your picture taken. There is also a hairdressing salon on board.
Normally, if it's formal night, passengers stay dressed in their formal wear throughout the evening. Normally, what you wear for dinner is what you'll be wearing for the rest of the evening. If you're planning on heading to the disco later on, just wear your halter top, one-shouldered top or other "disco" top to dinner, with a jacket or sweater overtop. The jacket or sweater will ensure that you are appropriately dressed for the dining room. After dinner, just return your jacket or sweater to your cabin.
vi) Tips on packing & the Packing Lists:
The packing list is very important in case any bags are lost. Jot notes on the lists, such as black skirt g.b., meaning you packed your black skirt in the garment bag. Pack items between tissue paper to prevent creasing. Put shoes in grocery bags to keep clothes clean. Use the inside of shoes to pack socks; roll up underwear to pack in small spaces. Or, buy some mesh bags and put all the socks in one bag and all underwear in another. Items that may leak, such as suntan lotion, pack in a Ziploc.
When re-packing, try to pack items in the same bag it was packed in when you came on board. Instead of waiting until the last night to pack, try to pack your dirty clothes in your suitcase on a daily basis. Remember how hard it was to pack it all in? If you ball up dirty clothes, it may not all fit. Take out the dirty item and fold it as if it was clean. If you want to keep the dirty and clean clothes separate, put the dirty clothes in a laundry bag. Pack breakables (such as bottles) in your Carry-On Bag.
For gals, if you're taking the purse you normally use, go through your purse and wallet and remove items that you won't need. Do you really need to bring a copy of your phone bill with you? Leave these at home and discard any old receipts or ATM bank machine transactions.
Travel Pak:
The Travel Pak could be a large Ziploc, or anything else that can keep these items together

1. Passport (For Canadians & foreign guests, taken at cruise terminal)
2. Photo ID - required (can also keep in wallet)
3. Visas, if required
4. Travel Documents
  • Immunization Record (if required)
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Airline tickets
  • Cruise documents (filled out ahead of time)
  • Cancellation/baggage/medical insurance info
  • Hotel confirmations
  • Rental car or shuttle info
  • Emergency travel contact phone numbers

Other Essential Items:
  • [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]Prescription [COLOR=blue! important]glasses[/color][/color][/color]
  • Wallet
  • Credit cards; long-distance card; points cards, driver's license, etc. (in wallet)
  • Health card (in wallet) [Plus info on extended health coverage]
  • Cash - US currency in small $1 bills [For tipping at airports/terminal]
  • ATM Debit card (in wallet)
  • Traveler's cheques [Keep traveler's cheques' receipts in Carry-on Bag with copied Travel Pak info]
  • Lip balm
  • Candy and/or gum
  • Kleenex
  • Some band aids, mole skin
  • Sunglasses
  • Luggage and car keys (if required)
  • Anything else you want to have close on hand.

Required medical/dental items [knee supports; retainer; contact lens solution]
Water bottle filled with water [airports charge a premium for bottled water - you can bring bottled water from home & keep the plastic bottle for shore excursions, or just bring a water bottle & re-fill with free juice on board, etc.]
Change of clothes: underwear; socks; shorts & t-shirt [Ensure you're either wearing proper dinner attire or it is packed in Carry-on Bag; see. What do I wear on board in the evening? (p. 5) for more info]
Swimsuit cover-up [could be a large t-shirt]
Beach flip flops/sandals [for the pool area]
Jewellery [put jewellery in a Ziploc or other bag - don't bring expensive items]
Toiletries - see Toiletries Packing List (p. 8)
Chips, pretzels or other munchies
Pop [cans or plastic bottles]
Magazines or other reading material
Pens [bring 2; there's always a shortage & you need to fill out tons of forms]
Paper or small lined notepad
Pack of cards [there are many line-ups with nothing to do]
Address book; stamps; computer-generated business cards with name, address, e-mail address to hand-out to new friends on board
and Photocopied Travel Pak Set; plus copies of prescription medications, packing list, credit card #'s, and traveler's cheques receipts in Ziploc.
Could also put these items in a separate camera bag:

Camera, film & batteries - or large Ziploc to protect (exposed film on return trip)
Extra batteries [Ziploc]
Underwater camera [sold on ship for US$26 - $30; cheaper to buy before you leave home]

Walkman, headphones & batteries [limit yourself to 2-3 CD's & tapes] - put in large Ziploc or Walkman carry-case to protect
Game boy& batteries - limit yourself to 2-3 games -- put in Ziploc to protect
Shout individual wipes [handy for spills]
Breakables & gifts (on return trip) .....Anything else you want to have close on hand.
Place all toiletries in a cosmetic or shaving kit bag & attach a shower hook. It can then hang from the towel bar in your cabin bathroom. Bathrooms on board are small.

</SPAN></SPAN>Prescriptions in original containers (including birth control pills, if required)

</SPAN></SPAN>Tylenol; Advil (in original containers)
Gravol (if required for motion sickness)
</SPAN></SPAN>Sea bands for sea sickness (or ginger snaps, ginger ale; peppermint tea or candies) "sea sickness pills also available on-board at Purser's desk
Sinus/allergy medication (in original package)
Halls or other cough drops
Vitamins (buy a 7-day pill container - take only what you need)
Tums (or Rolaids - whatever works for you)
Imodium (anti-diaherra medication)
Small waterless hand sanitizer in a Ziploc (great for shore excursions)
Soap or facial cleanser
Hand & face lotion
[COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]Shampoo[/color][/color] & conditioner
Toothbrush; Toothpaste & dental floss
Small mouthwash
Sun screen; minimum SPF 15 - higher if possible (Ziploc)
Solarcaine or other sunburn relief
Small insect repellent (non-aerosol) (Ziploc)
Q-tips; cotton balls
Baby powder - small size (Ziploc)
Hair spray (non-aerosol) or Hair gel (Ziploc)
Shower cap (optional)
Razor, blades & [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]hair [COLOR=blue! important]remover[/color][/color][/color] products (non-aerosol) - must be in Checked Luggage
[COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]Electric [COLOR=blue! important]razor[/color][/color][/color] (pack adaptor, if required)
Nail file; nail clippers; tweezers; small scissors - must be in Checked Luggage
Guy's Extras:

</SPAN>Styptic pencil
Aftershave (Ziploc)
Gal's Extras:

</SPAN></SPAN>Sanitary pads or Tampax [if required -- cruise ships may not have your favorite brand and it could be awhile until the variety store opens on board ship]
Perfume/cologne (Ziploc)
Make-up (keep to a minimum) - ladies, you know what you need!
Nail polish (Ziploc)
Nail polish remover (Ziploc), or purchase nail polish remover packets
For Daytime:

</SPAN>Sunglasses (packed in waist pouch/Carry-on Bag)
Sweatshirt or polar-fleece top (you'll be wearing this -- bring an extra one if you wish)
Lightweight jacket or wind breaker (you'll be wearing this)
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