I would like to brag a little about my husband, and how he made our cruise on Princess, one that I will cherish.096.jpg

We had been married 18 years and decided to take a romantic cruise, wanting this one to be extra special.
I had been wearing a simple gold wedding band for over ten years, my original wedding ring and diamond were stolen. Life got busy, we had three biological boys, and three adopted children from Haiti and Africa, including our newest son having Cerebral Palsy. After all these years, we decided to purchase an 'engagement ring', along with matching wedding bands. My wonderful husband surprised me two weeks before our cruise, with an official marriage proposal... down on one knee, all the kids in tow, dressed in suits and dresses, holding flowers and chocolates, while I was still in my pajamas!! He placed the ring on my finger as I said "yes!" He also had bought me a gorgeous evening gown for one of the formal evenings on the cruise. We finally were off on our, much needed, romantic cruise. The very first formal night, we got dressed up, me in my gown, him in his tux (which he had also bought special for this cruise). We walked out to our balcony and exchanged vows we had written, and placed our 'new' matching wedding bands on each other! It was so sweet and beautiful! When we were at dinner, we couldn't help but keep looking at our beautiful rings and feeling like we had just gotten married all over again! We were quite giddy!
I will never forget how much time and effort my husband put into making this such a romantic event. Life gets so busy with work and kids, but remembering that time on our cruise, always warms my heart and brings a smile to my face!