Poll: Carnival's New Terminal-to-Beach Chair Lift?

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Poll: Carnival's New Terminal-to-Beach Chair Lift, Yea or Nay?
Poll Results
Carnival's New Terminal-to-Beach Chair Lift, Yea or Nay?

Looks sweet, I'd definitely do it!

No opinion on it yet, but I'd give it a shot for $5.

Looks OK, but I'd rather not shell out the five clams.

It's a new level in laziness -- I'll walk thank you!

No way, I'm afraid of heights!

Other -- please post.

Voters: 278.  You may not vote on this poll.

Boston, MA
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Next month Carnival will introduce a chair lift -- that will take passengers from terminal to beach -- at its new $62 million Mahogany Bay Cruise Center in Roatan, Honduras.

Debark the ship, hop on the four-person chair and it's a six-minute ride across about 1,200 feet of cables suspended 67 feet above ground. The lift, which the line has dubbed the "Magical Flying Beach Chair," drops you off right at the beach. The cost is $5 for unlimited rides (we're not sure how many people will do more than a couple rides, but who knows), and Carnival says it can accommodate 1,500 passengers per hour.

Passengers on Carnival Legend will get first crack at the attraction and the new Mahogany Bay Cruise Terminal on November 20.

We'd like to know: What do you think of the new attraction?

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Dan Askin
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Stone Mountain GA
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I think it's both neat, and scary. We are basically talking about a third world country, what happens if it breaks down and you are up there? Who will maintain it? But it will be so cool to skip town and just get to a beach....will it operate in wind? weather? rain, is there an alternative way to get to the beach? I read the article yesterday, and still have many questions...
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I'd ride it. I am up for anything that puts me in the air....I love heights!!!! Though nothing will compare to Dragon's Flight in Labadee!
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I think it looks neat. I mean, it's $5, not $25, so I don't think we're talking outrageous prices here. It'll be neat to get that kind of perspective on the Island without doing something that would be considered a "thrill." I'm not into zip cords, or anything like that, so this will give someone like me a different view while still keeping me in my safety net so to speak. I mean, yes, I could walk, but why not see it from a different view?
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We were just there last month....missed it....
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Originally posted by Traveler353
Just another gimic to seperate captive tourist from their money. No, thank you. I think that I will just walk, it's only a quater mile.

$5 a head for unlimited rides is simply going to drive the cruising community into bankruptcy ...
Chicago, IL
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I think this sounds really cool... and $5 for unlimited rides is not bad at all.
I could see other cruise lines trying to charge $5 each way LOL
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It appears like it would be much more eco friendly. I would have to try it at least once. Talk about a view for great pictures.
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I would try it because I really dislike taking taxis on the islands. I don't always feel safe, especially when I am alone. I usually book an excursion through the ship to take me to the beach. This would save me a lot of money.
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Originally posted by chachi
I would try it because I really dislike taking taxis on the islands. I don't always feel safe, especially when I am alone. I usually book an excursion through the ship to take me to the beach. This would save me a lot of money.
Isn't it like a quarter mile?
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Its a ski lift. Good for an additional form of transportation and for the lazy. We like to experience the islands we go to, but we might give it a shot. We're a family of 4, so we'd vote. I dont think my kids would care either way- its just transportation. Altho, the vantage point for amazing pictures would rank it up there to TRY.
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And with the Cruise lines adding all kind of fees and taxes...called tips..how much more of a ( so called ) Gratuity will be added?

Who is doing the underwriting of the Insurance Policies on it?

They do have earthquakes / hurricanes too in Honduras. Those are never covered unless a seperate rider is attached and is expensive..

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Originally posted by Traveler353
Just another gimic to seperate captive tourist from their money. No, thank you. I think that I will just walk, it's only a quater mile.
I'm with you.

It's not so much the money thingie....I've paid taxi fare to get me from "here" to "there", etc.

If it were a couple miles, I might consider it....but it is such a short and pleasant walk....

I dunno....to me, there seems something weird about this - in a lovely place in the Caribbean.

Sort of like the roller coaster RCCL has a Labadee.

I'm looking for a tropical island experience without all the "conveniences" I guess.
Norfolk Virginia
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I can't wait to try it. My sister has limited mobility due to a stroke, and that would simplify getting her to the beach!
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Does anyone know if you will buy your tickets online or at the pier?
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