Cigar Bar on Oasis?

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I was watching the Cruise Critic report and they said "no" there was no formal cigar bar on Oasis. But they had heard that there was going to be a place on one of the open air decks that allowed Cigar Smoking and they would confirm later. Did anyone see if they had confirmed it?
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Have not seen sonfirmation yet, nor any answers as to which, if any, indoor bars allow smoking (just a question, please) thanks
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Wow, didn't even notice this. I figure with 5000 passenger on-board I would think there would be enough customers for a cigar bar. The Boardwalk Bar would make a logical choice as it is open air but still semi-protected and fairly convenient.
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Originally posted by Dardreamer
Is cigar smoking allowed on your outside balcony? Thanks for yur help.
Outside ocean facing balcony = yes
Inside CP or Broadwalk facing balcony = no
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if the oasis has a connoisseurs lounge, that is the cigar bar. they had it on the navigator of the seas. they sell cigars in there and its basically everything to do with cigars.
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Originally posted by Illmaxict
if the oasis has a connoisseurs lounge, that is the cigar bar. they had it on the navigator of the seas. they sell cigars in there and its basically everything to do with cigars.
They do not have one on the Oasis.
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Originally posted by gatour
Wow, didn't even notice this. I figure with 5000 passenger on-board I would think there would be enough customers for a cigar bar. The Boardwalk Bar would make a logical choice as it is open air but still semi-protected and fairly convenient.
Yes, I think that is a huge mistake on RCCL's part because with all those people there is going to be a good amount of smokers. Especially smokers that prefer smoking inside if they don't have a balcony cabin or if it's raining. Even if it was a little area, they should of still put it in and hopefully they correct that on the Allure.

As for putting it in the boardwalk area, I don't agree so much because that seems like a more family orientated area.
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I am so disappointed that they omitted the cigar lounge. With a ship this size, you think they would find space for it, even if they downsized the lounge in half. It is ridiculous. I enjoy the cigar lounges in the Voyager and Freedom class ships. They found room for additional dining venues charging additional fees. It isn't right. They probably felt that the profit margins from cigar and liquor sales in the Conoisseurs Club where minimal, so they replace the cigar lounge space with a dining venue to charge $20-$35 a person or a bar that would generate more revenue.
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Originally posted by atlaturne
The oasis does NOT have a cigar bar.
I really hope they have a bar or lounge inside that will allow cigar smoking. I enjoy taking in the aroma of my cigar and fellow smoker. Smoking on the pool deck in a 10-20 knot wind takes half of smoking a fine cigars pleasure away. But if that’s all they have, I’ll take. I just feel sorry for the non-smokers who have to go thru my smoke rings. I really injoyed the Cigar bars on the Voyager Class ships. I can go in there and not bother anyone. I guess the next thing is there won’t be any place to smoke cigarettes, than no places to drink, then no places to eat because you might get fat.
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Having just returned from Oasis, my husbands only complaint was no cigar bar. We heard this from many of the fellow passengers. The only problem with the pool deck is it is really high up and 2 of the 4 nights it was just too windy to sit out. To have such a large ship and no cigar bar seems kind of crazy. Don't flame me please but Vintages is a great place to put one. Part of it could be walled off and make a great cigar bar. Come on Royal, the guys need a place since there is no smoking in the sports bar. If you sail make sure to mention this flaw on your coment card. Also, they did provide a few cigarette smoking areas. I found the different bars where it was offered very fair and should make the smokers and non smokers happy, if that is possible.
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I did see a man smoking a cigar on a deck chair port side in a shaded area about eleven AM. This took me by surprise, but I don't know the cigar rules, so I don't know if he was allowed to do that or not.
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Vintages is NOT a place where ANY smoke should be allowed. Tasting wine with all its flavors,nose, etc is something to be enjoyed in a smoke free environment. You don't find any smoking at wineries in tasting rooms, and I've been all over the world in different wine areas. Is Boleros still smoky? It used to stink up half the ship...

Yes, I'd rather give the smokers a room which is totally sealed with separate ventilation then have them put smoking areas in places.
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the clubs on other ships are so awesome. i would have a cigar each night and give my wife the room to get ready for dinner.
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I was just on the Oasis in April and my husband is an avid cigar smoker. He asked someone about it finally. There is a small deck above the solarium that was almost always blocked off in fact even during cigar hours 6pm-2am it was still blocked off but we went around the gate.... The "lounge" was an outside sitting area with a small bar and some tables.... they had no wind coverage and since the Oasis is so large you feel the wind quiet a bit on some days. My husband had issues getting a cigar lit and then keeping it lit!!! If they put up windows or something it would be better. Again this deck was above the solarium on deck 17.
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Here is a picture of the Cigar Bar. I wish I had taken more, the chairs were cozy and it was never busy.

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Is that the Solarium Bar? I do remember that every night from about 11pm - 2am there is a scheduled "Cigars Under the Stars for Aficionados" above the Solarium at the Solarium Bar.

Hope this helps!
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