Century Cabin Question

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I am in a ss on deck 10 but am thinking about switching to deck 12. I would love anyones opinion with recent cruise experience on Century. I am currently in SS 1070 but was told deck 12 has open cabins including 1203, 1202, 1233, 1218. Thanks for your feedback
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The SS cabins on deck 12 have the 69 Sq.ft. or larger balconies where as the deck 10 SS cabins have the standard 42 sq.ft. balcony but are more private being they are completely covered. The higher SS balconies are exposed to viewing from the Sunrise deck (13) as shown in the port side shot below.

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I was on Century last month in SS 1203. The balcony in this room is very small due to the room's location on a "curve" of the ship...Also, if you are looking for privacy on the balcony, due to the small balcony and location, there is none on this particular balcony.
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etc1, etc - The sky suite balconies on deck 10 ARE NOT 42 sq ft., but rather 142 sq ft. After the refurbishment they were extended. They're very large. We're booked in 1071 and the balcony is huge. Check out the photos of the sky suites on deck 12, deck 10's are the same size - see excitedofharpenden's post http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showt...+suite+balcony
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I was in cabin 1225 and booked it again for next year. my baloncy was huge. .a small section is uner cover the rest in the sun.. very few people walked up above me for sail l away.. the balcony is huge- the bathroom is tiny.. i have bigger on other cruise lines.
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