How much do you tip on excursions?

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Hampshire UK
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Same as in the US really, 10/15% if you know the cost, tour guides about $5. If the tour guide isn't good we don't, we had one that barely spoke once!
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ialso give 5 for a land tour- more sometiems on a snorkel boat- there are 2 or 3 people on each boat
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If they bring this the fact that they get tipped too often during excursion, zero. It just ruins the trip.
When you are paying 100 or more per person for these, I do not feel we have to tip. I suppose it depends on excursion, price paid.
Chicago area
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Gratuity depends on how much the guide made a difference and how many people were on the tour.

Anywhere from a couple dollars for a guide that is more just an escort for a large busload of people and doesn't talk a lot to 15%-20% or more for a guide that is great and makes a big difference in the quality of the trip for a small tour group or group on a small boat. I know that covers a wide range but the helpfulness and contribution to the excursion varies a lot. Also, I'm more inclined to tip larger for a great guide serving a smaller group (say 4 to 15 people) then I am for a large bus group of 50 to 80.
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Larry [email protected]
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Whether on a cruise or not we tip the dive master or scuba guide 10-15 percent of the cost of our dive. That is what most people who dive consider the "standard". I am not sure about other excursions.
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Sail on Sail on Sailor...
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Tip what you feel comfortable with. On a huge bus trip, where the "guide" is the bus driver, not sure I'd be tipping 15%. If anything. If on the other hand you had a private guide that took time with a small group and met more than your expectations, then go ahead. You'll see people offering everything from 0$ and up. Find a comfortable spot.

I agree with Lsimon. We had some private tour guides in the Med who were fantastic, (catering to the group's desires) and others who did only a mediocre impersonal job. We tipped accordingly. No "standard" in our book.
Fredericksburg, va. USA
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If the "excursion" is mainly transportation, we don't tip at all. If there's a guide who imparts info and entertainment, we tip if we feel we got more than we paid for....these are NOT "service" waged people....tip, if you want to....don't, if you don't want to.
There's no "rule" about excursion tipping!
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A few years ago we went on an excursion to Chichen Itza. Our guide gave us quite a bit of history before we got there. Once at the site he said if we wanted to go off by ourselves to be sure to be back at the bus at the appointed time. For tose who wanted a little more insight he would be providing that for about an hour and then we could see other areas time permitting. We stayed. He was so informative and knowledgeable about the Mayans and that particular site we had people sort of wandering over to listen to him. At the end of the excursion when we left to get back to the ship we tipped $20 for the two of us. The next day on the ship I commented on hoe good this guide was to the manager of the excursion desk who asked us to fill out a form so they could fax it to the office the guide worked out of. Not a problem.

If the guide is worth it, tip and compliment.
Southern Oregon Coast
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We tipped 15% for small tours in Italy and France. These were 5-7 person tours in a mini-van and quite good.
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We tip the same on vacation as we do at home. The amount is whatever we feel is appropriate at the time.

Restaurants are 15-25%.

I remember a Cozumel excursion to Isla de Pasion where our tour guide was fabulous and we tipped $20. There may have been 25 people on the bus.

Cabs...if the driver is fantastic, carries on a conversation, makes suggestions, gives you a mini-tour on the way to your destination, the tip will be more than appropriate.