"LIVE" From the Oasis of the Seas / March 6, 2010

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Hello everyone ! I am very happy to bring you another “LIVE” Report from the the Oasis of the Seas.

I arrived in Fort Lauderdale this afternoon, and will be staying 2 nights at the Hyatt Pier 66 before I board the Oasis of the Seas on Saturday morning. The weather was a little warmer today (68F), than it was when I left Maryland yesterday (29F).

For those of you who are new to Cruise Critic. . . This will be more than a Cruise Ship review. Many of you who are aware of my “LIVE” reports know that I will be posting daily comments and reports on the Oasis of the Seas, with daily photos of the public areas, lounges, and hopefully all of the Entertainment, Sports, and Dining areas of the ship.

There will also be comments and photos of the ports of call during the week. I am hoping that my Internet connection will be reliable, as I will require a stable connection to post photos throughout the week.

The ship appears to be nearly full, so I am hoping to find out the exact number of passengers that will be aboard.

Oasis of the Seas will sail the Eastern Caribbean itinerary, visiting the ports of Saint Thomas, Saint Maarten, and Nassau.

This should be a fun week on Oasis of the Seas. . .So sit back. . Have a cup of Coffee, and Thanks for tuning in.


Oasis of the Seas

© 2009 Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Our Itinerary this week

© 2009 Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

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YEA! I always look forward to cruising along with you Radio! Have a great time and ENJOY! We leave in 65 days but who's counting!
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oh YAY!!!!

for those who are not aware of "radios's" reviews.... prepare to be informed, entertained and wow'ed. his reviews are what the best reviews are compared to. he is the platinum standard and i for one... cannot wait
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This is so exciting!!!! We are going to be on the Explorer May 13...so get to read of your experience while waiting for ours! Can't wait to see what you think of the Oasis. We have the Allure booked for next year.
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I am so looking forward to this...I still have 164 days until our Freedom cruise. It's been to long since our last cruise, so I am going through withdraws.
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Can't wait to read your reports, Radio. We will be flying down next Friday and will be boarding when you get off. Can you just check one thing out for me? Do you have to double check that all your shows are on your seapass. My DH's cousin is on there now and I told her to check and she went to GR when she boarded and checked it out. The person that I spoke to at C&A said to check it out when I checked in at the port. Just curious if it is even necessary.

Thanks and have a GREAT time.

Helena, Alabama
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Woohoo! We've been waiting for this cruise and review since you came back from the Mercury. Thank you sooo much for all your time and effort put in so that we may enjoy the cruise with you!! Have a phenomenal week!
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YEA another Radio review, thanks soooo much for doing this for all of us!!!! We will be on Oasis in August and can't wait!!! Thanks again and enjoy your cruise.
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I too am an avid fan of Radio's reports. I have been waiting for him to sail on the Oasis!
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Radio - this is the first time I will miss your LIVE posts as I will actually be cruising too

Leaving Sunday on the Adventure of the Seas

Have a great time on the Oasis and I look forward to reading the entire thread when I return in 2 weeks (we are on a B2B)
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Hi Radio

We are sooooo looking forward to your review. We only have 443 more days to go until we're on the beautiful Oasis. Have a wonderful time.

Also,if you have the chance could you find out if and when the Oasis might dock at the Havensight pier in St Thomas.

Thank you

Bon Voyage

P.S. Could you also take a pic of cabin 9598
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Yippee! Love your reports Radio. Next week is a particulary busy and stress filled one at work...now I know where I can go to get to my happy place. Have a fantastic week.
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Love sailing along with Radio !!!
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Oooh, cannot wait to read this thread. Thanks ahead of time for all of your efforts.

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I can't wait to read the review Radio!

I will be getting a double dose of the Oasis review because my Mother-in-Law is getting off the Oasis tomorrow morning just as you will be boarding! I told her she has to tell me everything, she is an expert cruiser and is at the highest level on nearly every cruise line's loyalty club so she has plenty of experience on ships!
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