We had a similar "sticky" thread up here in the Carnival forum for many years that appears to have gone unnoticed by some of you.

Essentially what we see happening is many people are posting silly responses to legitimate questions. This is also known as hijacking,
which is the act of trying to steer a web forum discussion thread off topic by discussing a subject entirely unrelated to the subject at hand. This would also include -- but is not limited to -- making references to the original poster, or even to OTHER posters, that have nothing to do with the original subject. This includes images meant to distract from the original discussion.

Also, calling new members "TROLLS" is not allowed.

There is far far too much of this going on in the CARNIVAL Forum.

We realize that in some instances, this happens naturally. However, it does appear to be intentional by certain members.
Please be considerate of your fellow members; posting off topic within a discussion -- 'hijacking' -- is boring and only wastes everyone's time. As you know, we do have an "off topic" venue in Floataway Lounge for those of you who just want to chat with one another. Please use it.

Think twice and, for some of you, even three times before posting off topic in an existing discussion:
not "thinking" may result in loss of your posting privileges on Cruise Critic. I've asked our hosts to pinpoint those members who habitually post nonsense in threads. As you may have noticed, we have instituted a tracking point system for violations of this nature.

So, to sum it up: If you have nothing of value to add to a discussion that is ON TOPIC, don't bother to add anything at all. If you were thinking of calling someone a troll, don't do it.

Questions/comments/concerns? Write me at: [email protected]
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