Evaluating a beverage package? Here is a beverage list with prices, as of mid-2010.

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Hello, folks.

[Some of you have seen earlier versions of this message, but it has always been posted previously as a reply within a thread started by another person. I decided today to use this message to start a new thread for a couple of reasons, but especially because of "enhancements" that I have made here and there -- made in part because of suggestions by some of you. Various "no-extra-charge," non-alcoholic beverages have been added. Also the list of wines available by the glass now has notations showing which can be ordered in the main dining rooms. Thank you.]

In order to help you decide whether or not a Celebrity beverage package would be "worth it" to you, you need to know what will be available and at what price per glass.

Here is a series of lists of the various kinds of beverages found on 2010 menus aboard the Solstice. (I presume that the same/similar menus will be found aboard Equinox, etc. -- but I cannot guarantee it!) Photos of the Solstice menus are on the Internet and have been linked by other CC members in the recent past. I copied all this info from those dozens of photos. The numbers after the items' names are the prices in dollars.


===> Coffees and Teas (at Cafe al Bacio and/or the Lawn Club):

Ristretto or Espresso [half or single shot] 3.0
Espresso Doppio [double shot] 4.0
Espresso Macchiato [w. steamed milk] 3.0
Hot Chocolate 4.0

Cappuccino 4.0
Caffe Latte 4.0
Caffe Americano 4.0
Caffe Mocha 4.0
White Chocolate Mocha 4.0
Caramel Macchiato 4.0
La Crème 5.0
Caffe Viennese 6.0
Espresso Ai Frutti Di Bosco 6.0
Espresso Crocante 6.0
Espresso Caraibico 6.0
Espresso Melba 6.0
Caffe Shakerato [iced] 5.0
Ice Bianco Espresso 5.0
Affogato [w choc syr over gelato] 5.0
Caffe Frappe w. Chocolate. Iglu 5.0
Caffe Frappe w. Vanilla Iglu 5.0
[For 0.5 more, add splash of almond, amaretto, caramel, cherry,
cinnamon, coconut, hazelnut, Irish crème, raspberry, vanilla]

Earl Gray 4.0
English Breakfast 4.0
Estate Darjeeling 4.0
Bombay Chai 4.0
Formosa Oolong 4.0
Vienna Cinnamon 4.0
Raspberry Nectar [caff-free] 4.0
Ginger [caffeine-free] 4.0
Citrus Mint [caffeine-free] 4.0
Chamomile Tisane [caffeine-free] 4.0
Jasmine Green [low caff] 4.0
African Solstice [caffeine-free] 4.0
Ceylon Organic [iced] 5.0
Pomegranate Blackberry [iced] 5.0
White Ginger Pear [iced] 5.0
Republic of Tea Darjeeling [US] 6.0
Rep. of Tea Blackb. Sage [US] 6.0
Rep. of Tea Passion Fruit [US] 6.0
Rep. of Tea Ginger Peach [US] 6.0
Rep. of Tea Raspb. Quince [US] 6.0
Rep. of Tea Mango Ceylon [US] 6.0
Arizona Premium Ice Tea 3.0

===> Other Non-Alcoholic Beverages:

Water (tap)
Ice Tea
Tea (hot, self-made with a teabag)
Coffee (regular or decaffeinated)
Milk (whole or skim)
Fruit Punch
Passaguava (Passionfruit/Guava) Juice [at AquaSpa Cafe]
Juices (some available in MDR, but not in buffet): Orange, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Prune, Apple, Tomato, V-8

Orange Juice 2.5
Pineapple Juice 2.5
Tomato Juice 2.5
Apple Juice 2.5
Grapefruit 2.5
Cranberry 2.5

Coca Cola 2.0
Coke Zero 2.0
Diet Coke 2.0
Fanta Orange 2.0
Sprite 2.0
Diet Sprite 2.0
Barq's Root Beer 2.0
Ginger Ale 2.0 [brand unknown to me]
Tonic Water 2.0 [brand unknown to me]

San Pellegrino Premium Water 2.5
Evian Premium Water 2.5
Perrier Premium Water 2.5
Evian/San Pellegrino (large) 4.0
O'Doul's Non-Alcoholic Beer 5.0
Buckler Non-Alcoholic Beer 6.0
Red Bull Energy Drink 5.0
Red Bull Light Energy Drink 5.0
__ [Next 1 at least at Oceanview Bar:]
Jungle Man 7.5
__ [Next 2 at least at Pool Bar & Lawn Club:]
Metromint Chocolate Water 3.5
Metromint Spearmint Water 3.5
__ [Next 3 at least at Oceanview & Pool Bars:]
Glaceau Vitaminwaters:
Power-C (Dragonfruit) 3.5
Energy (Tropical Citrus) 3.5
Revive (Fruit Punch) 3.5
__ [Next 3 at least at Passport Bar:]
Winter Solstice 4.0
Rainbow Punch 4.0
Raspberry Lemonade 4.0
__ [Next 4 at least at Pool Bar & Lawn Club:]
Hint Strawberry Water 3.5
Hint Tropical Punch Water 3.5
Hint Mango Water 3.5
Hint Watermelon Water 3.5


===> Wines and Liqueurs served by the glass:
[NOTE: An "m" after the price indicates that the wine was listed on a menu as available by the glass in the Main Dining Rooms. A wine that has no "m" should be available at one or more of the bars.]

Paul Jaboulet, Viognier 5.5 m
Roux, Pouilly-Fuisse' 9.0 m
Michel Redde, Pouilly-Fume' 8.5 m
Barton, Sauternes 7.0 m
Selbach, Riesling 6.0 m
SA Prum, Riesling Essence 6.0
Pacific Rim, Riesling 9.0 m
Benziger, Chardonnay 9.0
St. Francis, Chardonnay 8.0 m
Celebrity, Chardonnay 9.0 m
Wente, Chardonnay 8.5
Il Borro, Chardonnay 9.5
Sothern Right, Sauvignon Blanc 6.5 m
Babich, Sauvignon Blanc 8.5
Southern Right, Sauvignon Blanc 6.5
Cakebread, Sauvignon Blanc 10
Fantinel, Pinot Grigio 7.0
Corte Giara, Pinot Grigio 7.0
Bollino, Pinot Grigio 7.5 m

Antinori, Chianti Classico Riserva 9.5
Tenuta di Nozzole, Chianti Classico Riserva 8.5
Nickel & Nickel, Pinot Noir 11.5 m
Kendall Jackson, Pinot Noir 8.0
Grove Mill, Pinot Noir 11.0
Wente, Cabernet Sauvignon 7.5
Celebrity, Cabernet Sauvignon 9.0 m
Heritage, Cabernet Sauvignon 7.5
Pian de Nova, Cabernet Sauvignon 10.5
Heron's Nest, Cabernet Sauvignon/Pinotage 5.5 m
Bodegas Renacer, Malbec 6.0
Antinori, Sangiovesse 12.0
Calina, Carmenere 8.5
Marques de Concordia, Tempranillo 6.5
Il Borro, Super Tuscan 9.0 m
Fantinel, Merlot 7.0 m
Rutherford, Merlot 8.0 m
Superieur, Chateau Castera 8.5 m
Peter Lehmann, Shiraz 8.0 m

Fonseca, Port 7.0 m
Warre's 1982, Port 11.0
Dry Sack, Sherry 6.0
Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry 6.0
Tio Pepe, Sherry 6.0
Courvoisier VS, Cognac 7.0
Courvoisier VSOP, Cognac 8.5
Carlos I, Brandy 7.0
Lepanto, Brandy 9.5
Armagnac Cles de Ducs VSOP 6
Armagnac Cles de Ducs XO 9.0

Hana Lychee Sake 7.0
Hana Fuji Apple Sake 7.0
Black and Gold 6.0

Colombo, Rose' de Provence 6.5 m
Beringer, White Zinfandel 5.5 m
Tenuta Guada al Tasso, Scalabrone 7.0

Domaine Chandon, Brut 8.5
Celebrity, Brut 8.0
Domaine Carneros, Brut 9.0
Fantinel Prosecco, Spumante 7.0 m
Montesina, Spumante 10.5

__ [at least at Michael's Club:]
Extase XO 12.0
Benedictine 6.0
Drambuie 6.0
Sambuca 7.0
Massenez Framboise 10.0
Massenez Kirsch 10.0
Massenez Poire 10.0
[The availability of at least some of the following seems likely, but is not certain to me at this time, and the prices are unknown to me: Frangelico ... Cointreau ... Curacao ... Grand Marnier ... Bailey's Irish Cream ... Amaretto ... Southern Comfort ... Anisette ... Ouzo ... Pernod ... Midori ... Limoncello.]


===> Beer/Ale/Stout/Cider:

Coors Light 4.5
Beck's 5.0
Heineken 5.0
Heineken Light 5.0
Samuel Adams 5.0
Franziskaner 5.0
Dos Equis 5.0
Grolsch 6.0
Red Stripe 5.0
Murphy's Stout 6.0
Hoegaaden 6.0
Guinness Stout 6.0
Newcastle Brown Ale 6.0
Boddington's Ale 6.0
Leffe Blonde 5.0
Stella Artois 6.0
Peroni 6.5
Miller Lite 4.5
Budweiser 4.5
Bud Light 4.5
Michelob Light 4.5
Amstel Light 5.0
Corona 5.0
Corona Light 5.0
Stella Artois 6.0
Bohemia 6.0
Carlsberg 6.0
Sapporo Reserve 6.0
Dogfish Head Brown Ale 6.5
Dogfish Head 90 Min. Imperial 6.5
Kingfisher 6.5
Singha 6.5
Warsteiner 6.5
Smirnoff Ice Malt 5.0
Bacardi Ice Malt 5.0
Flying Dog Wheat Ale 6.5
Flying Dog Pale Ale 6.5
Magic Hat #9 Ale 6.5
Magic Hat Lucky Kat Ale 6.5
Brooklyn Brown Ale 6.5
Brooklyn Lager 6.5
Woodpecker Cider 6.5
Strongbow Cider 5.0
San Miguel 5.0
Tiger 5.0
Tsingtao 6.0
Kirin Ichiban 6.0
Hitachino Red Rice 8.0
Hitachino Classic Ale 8.0
Hitachino Ginger Ale 8.0


===> Martinis at Martini Bar and/or Ensemble Lounge:

Sapphire Ginlet
Skinny Martini
Sunset Martini
Sapphire French75
Decadence Express
Classic Martini
Apple M.
Fresca M.
Raspberry Lemonade M.
Lychee M.
Almond Joy M
Paradise M
Blue Wave M
French M
Sapphire London Club
Banana Split M.
Cognac Blue M.
Twenty-Year Martini 11.0
Summer Solstice M.
Sapphire Collintini
Navy Martini 9.0
Dynasty M. [Silk Harvest signature drink] 9.0


===> Miscellaneous Cocktails (i.e., Mixed Drinks):

Sunday - London Ice Tea 5.0
Monday - Yellow Jacket 5.0
Tuesday - Big Apple Martini 5.0
Wed'day - FullMoon Margarita 5.0
Thursday - Old Temptation 5.0
Friday - Metropolitan 5.0
Saturday - Red Sand 5.0

Coming Up Roses 12.0
Berry Patch 12.0
Cazarita 12.0
Dragonfly 12.0
Hawaiian Lava 12.0
South of the Rio 12.0
Tanned Russian 12.0
Watermelon Felon 12.0
Pisco Cocktail 12.0
Ginger Mojito 12.0
Autumn Breeze 12.0
Lucky Cat 12.0

Wild Berry Mojito 7.5
Patron Silver Margaritas: each 8.5
_ Classic
_ Coyote
_ Peach
_ Mango
_ Strawberry
_ Watermelon
_ Green Apple
Pyrat Mojito 7.5
X Sangria 7.5
Three Breeze 7.0
Equinox 8.5
Pacific Navel 9.0
Sevilla 7.0
Cherry Caipiroska 7.0
Adelita 9.0
Taylor Made 9.0
Mojitos: each 6.0
_ Classic
_ Raspberry
_ Mango
_ Watermelon
PinaColada 6.0
Margaritas, frozen: each 6.0
_ Grapefruit
_ Raspberry
_ Strawberry
_ Watermelon
_ Peach
Lava Flow 6.0
Frozen Bellini 6.0
Mai Tai 7.5
Pink Coconut 7.5
Casino Royale 9.0
Hawaiian Blossom 9.0
Ritz Cocktail 9.0
Prosecco Punch 9.0
Eureka 7.0
Summer Solstice 7.0
Prestige Cocktail 7.0
Cuzco (in a souvenir glass) 12.0
Rose' Sangria 7.0? [pitcher: 28.0]
Mai Tai (delux w Pyrat XO rum) 9.0
Apple Nog 7.0
Sunset Breeze 9.0
Irish Coffee 7.0
Ocean Breeze (Murano signature drink) 9
Tru Blu (Blu signature drink) 9.0
Fragoli Toscano (Tuscan Grille signature drink) 9

Black Russian
Harvey Wallbanger
Whiskey Sour
Brandy Alexander
Singapore Sling
Tom Collins
Blue Hawaii
Link Up
Orange Tundra
Rum Swizzle
Tequila Sunrise
Bloody Mary
French Connection
Bay Breeze
Four Men In a Boat
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So cool...Thank you for posting this.
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Thanks for all the info. I see my first choice for Pinot Noir is not avaiable in the MDR...which measn I will be "forced" to drink the one that is $11 a glass. I was planning on getting the premium package anyway. Can't wait to try some of those drinks listed for the Molecular Bar
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I'm printing out your list and using it as a checklist to see if I can drink one of everything on our cruise. Can't wait, Sostice September 26.

(Just joking about drinking everythng. I probably will skip the teas.)
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Thank you for the list - you've pretty much covered all the bases. It will definitely be worth my while to get the Premium package. I may not break even each day, but overall I think I'll come close. I love specialty coffees (lattes, espresso etc.) and was pleasantly surprised to see Hint Water on the list (though they don't have my favorite flavor, Honeydew-Hibiscus). I love that stuff.

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Hi, many thanks for the list, we are thinking of the Classic Alcoholic package, but we were wondering if you can use the package in the Speciality dining rooms i.e. the tuscan grille.
if you can then great if not then it makes the prices a bit steep if you want to eat in them other than the main dining room.

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Thank you for the list - you've pretty much covered all the bases. It will definitely be worth my while to get the Premium package. I may not break even each day, but overall I think I'll come close. I love specialty coffees (lattes, espresso etc.) and was pleasantly surprised to see Hint Water on the list, I love that stuff.

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Judie, there are many delicious off-menu drinks at the Molecular Bar as well as Junior Merino (the Liquid Chef) is coming up with new drinks all the time. Ask as they are all $12 and available under the premium package.
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Thanks for the list, it helped us decide NOT to do the beverage package.

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To print her list, click on the number 1 on the right side top of post. That will take you to a single printable page. No need to copy and paste!
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Originally posted by dzcruisers
To print her list, click on the number 1 on the right side top of post. That will take you to a single printable page. No need to copy and paste!

See, you can learn something new every day on CC.
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I see that there are some nice bottled waters on your list that you can get with the package. Is it possible to get more than one bottle at a time? I ask this because when going ashore, I'd like to bring a couple with me, but heard that you can only get one "drink" at a time with the card. Has anyone done this before? Thanks!
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Thanks to everyone.

I enjoyed reading ALL of the responses -- from the serious ones (e.g., City_Woman), to the funny ones (e.g., Jerry and Shelly), to the informative ones (e.g., dzcruisers).

I greatly appreciate the tip, "BKFlowerMound," about the "off-menu" drinks available in the Molecular Bar.

Hello, "pisces223."
You heard correctly. You can get only one bottle of water with your card. If you are traveling with someone who also has a card, you can get two bottles, but both cards must be presented (even if by just one person). Are you sure that you need more than one bottle? Did you notice that you can get a large Evian or San Pellegrino, which (I believe) are about 34 ounces (= just over one quart/liter). [Excuse me if this seems "indelicate," but if you take too much water ashore, you may be constantly in search of a restroom.]
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Just off the Millennium for a 7 day in Alaska. We purchased the premium drink package. I loved it. In 7 days, i had 88 drinks that were on the final bill. It was well worth it. I would run to cafe cove first thing in the am in sweats and a t shirt, and grab a latte. I would grab a large water for the excursions, wine in the afternoon and drinks at night. It was great to order different drinks that I normally would not try since I didn't have to worry about the final bill. I only felt any attitude from the server at dinner. He just didn't seem to want to get me a second glass of wine. I learned to swing by the bar on the way into dinner, that way I had a glass and could order a second one at dinner.
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A thousand and one thanks for this! We will sit down to do the math to decide--to beverage package or not beverage package, that is the question. You've made finding the answer a lot easier.

We are cruising with first timers and this will be most helpful to them as well.
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Originally posted by dzcruisers
To print her list, click on the number 1 on the right side top of post. That will take you to a single printable page. No need to copy and paste!
Actually it is 7 printable pages. Glad I put it on "draft."

Thanks for the tip. The list is now in my cruise folder.
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Does anyone happen to recall seeing where one of my favorites (from below) can be found on Equinox?

Cakebread, Sauvignon Blanc 10

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Are the lattes and special coffee drinks available on classic or just premium ... or better said ... is ANY drink under 8 dollars available on classic ... like a frozen margarita or daquiri's ---would they be available on classic ???

is premium just good for the molecular martinis and high end scotch ??? better wine ???

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Has anyone ever tried adding a drink package mid-way in the cruise? We will be on the Mercury for 12 nights in November. 5 of those days will be in port, and we don't think it will be very economical for port days. We were leaning towards going a la carte until day 7 or 8 and then trying to pick up the premium package for the rest of the cruise. Is this possible?

Burlington NJ US
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Thank you, mods!!

I requested this thread be made a sticky so that folks with questions could be directed right to it, rather than making sure it stayed "bumped" onto the first page, since the OP, jg51, was kind enough to compile all the prices together - it would be a shame to have it "lost" on the boards.
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