QUESTION about crown and anchor priority check in ??????

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we are plat. memebers of the crown and anchor...going on the VOS this coming do they handle the so called priority check in...will our doc's be in a certin area or do we get the doc's then go to the priorty area...there are three families...the other two families are crown and anchor members but not plat yet...will they be bale to go this priority area...thank you in adavance for any info...
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Your best bet is to contact RCCL and ask them. Indeed you have a special area to checkin in and get your documents. I booked my daughter and her fiancee cruise when I booked ours and crossed referenced the cruise. RCCL told us since they were family they could check in with us, but I am not sure about friends.
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Generally they will let your group check in together if it's not to big. Just have to talk nice to the Agent.
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there are 12 total people in our group...we have 6 cabins of 2...they told me that our children 18-16 can check in priority with my wife and i and they would be ok to go thru the priority...did not ask about the other couples and their children...if we get to the pier at 10:45/11:00 is it really going to matter...
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It will depend how long the lines are. You can always ask - all they can say is no. When we boarded the Voyager last year at about noon the lines were so short that it didn't matter which one you were in it took about the same amount of time. As long as everyone has filled out their online documents it really goes very quickly. I hope this helps!
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