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St. Petersburg, Fl USA
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We all knew that Depatures magazine rated Seabourn as the #1 small cruise line. Well, Conde Naste Traveler has rated Seabourn (Spirit) as the number #1 cruise ship from its readers poll!! Radisson a close second and Silversea third. Well done!
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Host Dan

[email protected]
Philadelphia, PA
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Blizzard Report
Logging in from center city Phila! The snow started at10:15 and now it's 4:15 and we have 6 inches. No endin sight yet. I got my blizzard supplies last night:chips and onion dip, popcorn and butter, ice cream,diet coke and two Stouffer's Tuna Noodle casseroles. I don't have to go to work until Thursday. Can it get any better than this? ABSOLUTELY! BEING IN A DECK CHAIR ON MY FAVORITE PRIDE WITH A BBC IN MY HAND AND SOME SALMON CANAPES WITHIN REACH!Jane (that was a rhetorical question, you know!)
S.W Florida
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Jane Pond,
No caviar and champagne?
Center city Philly is a party town. Have many friends there.
Just say no to onion dip. Unless you made it yourself daahling.
Just say no to snow. Especially if it is yellow.

P.S. A 3 dog owner. Dexter, Dakota, and Daisy May( aka the goddess of sunshine and light refreshments and she prefers to be addressed by her full title)

mcboo again
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Seabourn the only way to cruise.

East Coast
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I'm in PA also. I did a 16lb. Turkey, filling, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes,
we are also having 6-10 inches of snow. Blowing snow drifts. We are snowed in for the weekend!! Football here we come!! My husband is retired at 55. And I am an at home cruise agent. It doesn't get any better than this.
Philadelphia, PA
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Joined Sep 2004
Well, the snow started at 10:15 AM and almost to the second, this morning the sun peeked through at 10:15. Gotta love the symmetry here. We got 12 inches and now, the winds are whipping the flag by the Methodist church and the football field at 'The Linc'. Of course, this is our 4th time at the prom, so we do want to win.
I have gone through the chips, dip, ice cream and one of the Stouffers. Not too bad for 24 hours. It's too cold for champers and caviar; it's time for comfort food!

Go Iggles!
San Francisco, CA
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I assume that a Philly-Pitt superbowl would make all of you snowbound Pennsylvanians happy campers?

Philadelphia, PA
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Joined Sep 2004
That would be fun, and according to my sports guru (read fav cab driver) the Steelers should be easier to beat then the Patriots. I'll be in London for the SB, who knew?

Jane (guess we will be hearing a lot of the 'Theme From Rocky')
Santa Rosa CA USA
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Joined Mar 2000
At least the guys in green are in the Super Bowl! (I grew up in the Philadelphia area and am still an unreconstructed Eagles--and Phillies--fan). Keep those home fires burning--it sure looked cold today.