Century Western Caribbean, 1/15

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Urbandale, IA
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Joined Mar 2003
My wife and I were onboard Celebrity Century’s Western Caribbean sailing Jan 15-22. We actually left from Des Moines on Friday the 14th. We were a bit delayed arriving in Ft. Lauderdale. We had booked a room at the Econo Lodge on Taft St. in Hollywood, since they had a low room rate ($80) and offered a free shuttle from the airport and to the port.

After claiming our bags, we called for the shuttle. We were told that it would be 45-60 minutes, so we opted for a cab. 15 minutes later we arrived at the motel.

It was a complete dump. We would never recommend staying there to anyone! We braved the neighborhood and walked a few blocks to Quiznos for dinner, then returned to the room, counting the hours until we could check out of the flea bag motel and on to the ship.

The next morning around 10:00, I was informed that there would be no space on the port shuttle until 2:30. Again we opted for a cab. So much for the free shuttles. We arrived at Port Everglades around 11:00 and got checked in. We had booked a Concierge Class room, 1016, fwd. Starboard side. We had a special check in line, but still there were no lines to deal with at all even for others checking in.

We were greeted with our complimentary glasses of champagne and proceeded to explore the ship. Around noon, we made our way to our stateroom. We were impressed with the room. My wife especially enjoyed the flowers and the bottle of bubbly that was calling her name. From our stateroom window we could see the QM 2 as well as a HAL ship.

We then made our way to the buffet for some lunch. After further exploration and settling in, we went out on deck as we departed. After a bon voyage drink, we went back to the room (via the casino) to unpack. The casino was offering some gaming lessons, so we spent a few minutes at the craps table since we both wanted to learn.

We had a nice dinner in the restaurant, and then stopped back at the casino. I changed $50 and within minutes at the craps table, I had turned that in to $100! Beginner’s luck I guess. I limited myself to the pass line and odds on the point. I had then lost a few rolls, and quit with $60.

Sunday was spent at sea. We had great weather and spent the majority of the day on the sun deck. Around 10:00 I went back to the stateroom and noticed an envelope on the bed. I opened it, and it was an invitation to the Captain’s table for dinner that night! I quickly called to confirm and then returned to our lounge chairs to share the news with Sarah. She quickly decided to make an appt. with the spa to have her hair done. After her appt., we got ready for dinner and stopped to have some photos taken. Was I ever glad I had a tuxedo with me. At 8:15, we met up with the other guests and Tiffany Etheridge, the Captains Club hostess in the Rendez-Vous Lounge. We enjoyed a cocktail and some hors-d’ourves . Around 8:30, Capt. Pagonis came out to greet everyone. Tiffany then led us in to the dining room for dinner.

It was a very entertaining and interesting dinner. The wine was certainly flowing that night! The three other couples were all around our age range (25-35). We were very excited and grateful for the opportunity. The ladies received roses, and after dinner the Captain made his way to the theatre where he would introduce the Sr. staff. I had asked Tiffany how we were selected, since it was a common question amongst the other guests as well. However, Tiffany could not reveal her secret. I guess we’ll never know!

After dinner, the table was escorted to the theater where we had reserved seats for the show and another glass of champagne.

Monday we arrived in Ocho Rios. It was a bit overcast. They announced disembarkation, and at that moment it began to POUR. We waited a few minutes to see if it would let up, to no avail. We made our way through the rain to the excursions area. We had signed up for the Ocho Rios highlights/dunns river falls trip. It was supposed to be around 2.5 hours or so, with plenty of time to spend at Margaritaville before returning to the ship.

We showed our tickets to the tour operator who then led us to the bus. The guide came on and then gathered the tickets. By this time the rain was slowing so we thought we could still make something of the day. The bus departed, and about 15 minutes in to the ride, the guide announced that we would be arriving at Brimmer plantation in about 30 minutes.

Yep, you guessed it. We were put on the wrong bus. What was supposed to be a 2.5 hr. excursion had just turned in to a 5 hr. saga. Needless to say we were not pleased but we made the best of it. After the plantation tour we stopped for some shopping. Next was Dunns river Falls (finally). Of course when we got off the bus, it was pouring again. Afterwards we soggily made our way back to the bus. We were taken back to the pier and made it to Margaritaville with about an hour to spare. We had just enough time to grab a bite to eat, take a few pictures and head back to the boat. We voiced a complaint with the excursions desk and asked to be contacted by the manager. We were hoping to receive some sort of credit for the error. Later that night we received a note from the manager saying they could not extend a credit, but as a show of good faith, they would not charge us for the more expensive excursion we received!

I was quite unhappy with the tone of the letter. To think they would actually try to charge us more for their own mistake was just plain unacceptable. The next day we returned to the desk and let them know we were not happy with their response. We were told the manager would be contacting us.

The seas that night were very rough. We were sustaining 30 mph winds with gusts to 60. We later found out seas that night were between 12 and 17 feet, quite unordinary for the Caribbean. The dining room was quite empty that night. Sarah had a Transderm Scop patch for motion sickness on but still felt queasy. I wasn’t feeling the best myself, so we decided to head to the room just after the main course arrived.

Tuesday we arrived in Grand Cayman. However, the winds were still high and the seas choppy, and the Port Authority closed to all incoming traffic. We were very disappointed that we were missing Grand Cayman, but there was nothing to be done about it. We then made way for Cozumel. Tuesday night, I returned to the craps table with my $60, and left with $150. I was happy to actually be winning, especially in a casino on a ship!

Wednesday we arrived in Cozumel. We had been to the Mexican Riviera (Cabo, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta0 on a prior cruise and weren’t too impressed with it. However, we really liked Cozumel. We headed straight for Paradise Beach. Sun turned to clouds as a front moved through. We had 10 minutes of light rain, and were beginning to wonder if we would have any good port days at all. Luckily, the storm passed and the sun reappeared. We had a wonderful time in the sun eating chips and salsa, guac, and fish tacos! Later we caught a cab to Punta Langosta mall. I was hoping to find a watch since there since we couldn’t stop in Grand Cayman. I ended up with a nice Tissot T-Touch. When we got back to the room, we were surprised to find an invitation for a bridge tour the following day! Spent some serious time in the sushi cafe before dinner that night too.

Thursday was our next sea day and formal night. Our bridge tour was at 11:00. It ended up being the same couples from the Captain's table plus two others. It was quite interesting and very informative! Luckily I brought my camera. i wasn't sure if they would allow pictures but they did. At dinner that night, lobster tail was the highlight for me. The Baked Alaska parade followed. We stopped back in the casino to kill some time and just watch the tables this time. We strolled through the midnight buffet for some pictures and then called it a night.

Friday was Key West. We had decided to not book any excursions and just do it on our own. We went to Mel Fisher’s museum, and the Key Lime Pie Factory. We had the best pie ever in that store. We then made our way to the bars – Capt. Tony’s, Sloppy Joes, Hogs Breath and Margaritaville. We were back to the boat early and spent the rest of the day out by the pool.

We stopped back at the excursions des to talk to the manager since we still had not heard from her. I explained that I realized we ended up on a more expensive tour, but that it was not our fault, and if we would have wanted that tour we would have booked it originally. It had really messed up our day. I let them know I wasn’t expecting a full refund, but thought we should receive something for the mistake. The manager said she would have an answer for us in 30 minutes. After hitting the sushi bar, we went back to the room and found out that we ended up with a 50% excursion refund and a bottle of champagne, which was fine with us. We got ready for one last dinner, and on our way we stopped to say thanks to the excursions manager for helping us out. After dinner, it was time to pack.

Saturday we arrived back in Port Everglades. Disembarkation was quick and easy. We were off the boat by 9:00, in a cab and at the airport by 9:20. The flight home was quite an experience with all the bad weather. We were flying from Ft. Lauderdale to Chicago, and connecting to Des Moines. We were almost to Chicago when we were told that they were closing the airport due to some snow storms coming through. We were diverted to Indianapolis, where we had to sit out on the tarmac for a good 2 hours, before O’Hare reopened. Finally when we landed in O’Hare, the jetway had problems so it took a good 20 minutes after we arrived at the gate to actually get off the plane!

Luckily for us, our original connection had also been delayed so we were able to get to our next gate and still make our flight to Des Moines. We were about 4 .5 hours late getting home, but at least we made it.

Overall we were very happy with the cruise. This was my 2nd time on Celebrity but the first on Century. We were nervous about the CDC inspection and other recent gripes on the board about the ship, but all we had was a great time on a great ship that had a lot of ‘character”. My wife is now completely sold on Celebrity. She had been on one other cruise previously, our honeymoon cruise on RCCL Vision of the Seas, and I don’t think she would want to go back after sailing with Celebrity. Our only real complaints outside of the excursion fiasco were two main things:

1. Way too many smoking areas, too many passengers not following the smoking rules and not enough staff enforcing the rules. What especially bothered my wife was how smokers would congregate around the elevators.

2. My wife also complained that there were not enough stalls in the women’s public restrooms.

We look forward to sailing with Celebrity again. My wife is really pushing for a Galapagos trip!
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6/99 Horizon Bermuda
9/03 Vision Mexican Riviera
1/05 Century Western Caribbean
1/07 Millie Eastern Caribbean
Southern Calif.
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Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Tom! My parents will be in Concierge Class 1022 in April and I was so happy to know that you liked your cabin! Was it a nice sized window? I know they will be thrilled as their only other cruise was in an inside cabin! Window PLUS Concierge, they should be in heaven!

Sounds like the weather really acted up for you guys! Glad you finally got some sun at the end!!
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I was on the 1/15 Century cruise as well, with my husband and my in-laws. It was our 3rd cruise, their 1st. We enjoyed it quite a bit despite the weather and the occasional issue.

Pre-cruise we stayed at the Marriott Marina. It was a gorgeous hotel, but I think we were stuck in a "Priceline" room (a little old, nothing special). We still had a view of the Intracoastal Waterway and some beautiful yachts though. I have no complaints about this hotel and would book it again, especially due to its location (right on the waterway, and in view of the ships!!)

The Century is a gorgeous ship. We've previous travelled on the Millennium just after it started sailing, and also RC's Adventure of the Seas. Those 2 ships are outfitted with more glass, neon... more "modern" accents I guess. I much prefer the "classic" look that the Century has. Not to mention, the ship is smaller and just felt better, in my opinion. We did see wear and tear, but nothing that would make me think twice about booking it again.

We had signed up for the CC party, but never received an invite. I went to Guest Relations on Tuesday to inquire, and was told the party was Sunday! I told her I had e-mail confirmations, but she just shrugged and said she sent out every invite on the list. Neither us nor my in-laws received one. This made me a little sad, but oh well.

The choppy seas were BAD. My poor mother-in-law, she was sick 3 days out of the 7. It was the worst I'd ever felt on a ship, and was even worse in the theater. We saw many people leaving the show on Monday night due to seasickness.

As was already said, Grand Cayman was closed to all ships on Tuesday. For compensation, everyone received 2 hours of free open bar that evening. We don't drink much, so it wasn't a big benefit to us, but we saw plenty of people that had decided to drink their seasickness away.

(On the same note, do they normally give any type of compensation for missed ports? I wasn't sure if we were lucky for receiving anything, or stiffed... I've never missed a port on other cruises)

The food was unbelievable. Excellent, excellent, excellent. Best food I've had on a ship. I especially liked the Rack of Lamb and the Filet Mignon... both just melted in your mouth. Our waiter Gani (from Macedonia) and asst. waiter Paul (from Peru) were nothing short of spectacular. My in-laws missed our sit-down dinner 3 nights because of sickness and my father-in-law's bad back, and Gani sent them back some desserts. Gani also shared lots of wisdom about the islands we visited, and was just a joy to talk to. Same with Paul... I think if my mother-in-law could have taken him home with her, she would have. She thought he was just adorable.

Oh, I did try the Sushi one night... fantastic. Especially the BBQ Eel. Even my husband tried it, which surprised the heck out of me. The Sushi buffet was quite busy.. it must be a popular item.

There was a table next to us, with 3 women at it... I don't know what their problem was, but they seemed to hate everything that was put in front of them. Gani was also their waiter, and he'd bring them their dishes and they'd eat a bite or two. Here we're raving about the food, and he'd go to their table and they'd say "It's OK" with a scowl on their faces. I never saw them finish even half a meal. Then of course, they skipped out the last night of dinner. I was absolutely furious (and still am), and I hope they didn't skip out on tips... but I have a feeling they did.

Our room attendant was Agnelo... he was excellent. Our room was always nice and we always had fresh water and ice.

Our tours were pretty limited. In Jamaica we had planned to go to Sunset Beach Resort, but due to the weather we skipped that. Grand Cayman was cancelled. In Cozumel, 3 of us went Deep Sea Fishing, but didn't catch anything. The water was ROUGH, so half the fun was trying to stay on the boat. In Key West we took the Conch Train (always fun), and then wandered for the day.

Onboard, we went to a few shopping talks and the culinary demonstration. If anyone was at the Key West talk, I was the one that won the 3 stone diamond necklace. We tried to stay away from the pool as it was a madhouse. We found that the deck chairs on floor 6 worked just as well, and weren't taken as often. We DID see a Pool Butler take a reserved chair from someone though... that was a welcome sight.

We spent some time in the casino at the craps table as well! My husband did fairly well, then lost money the final night. I just played slots. We got a kick out of the older gentleman in the red motorized cart, that dressed in the captain's suit every night. He must have been in the casino 24/7. He even had a sailor's hat on. I felt like I should salute when we walked by him, lol.

The airport was just ridiculous, due to the ships coming in, and the bad weather. We got there at 10, and it took us 3 hours to get through the lines and security (including a short lunch break in between). After that though, it went pretty smooth.

All in all we had a great time. We're going on a cruising hiatus for a little while now, but the in-laws want to get a group together for Alaska in the next year or 2. So we'll have to think about that.
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Oh gosh, I almost forgot.... I have a big middle finger extended to the 2 people that walked by us at the midnight buffet, with several plates HEAPING FULL of chocolate covered strawberries, which prevented almost everyone from getting any. I think those 2 people took 90% of them, I kid you not. I know you're on vacation and believe you're entitled to everything, but... good grief, show a little consideration for your fellow cruisers.
Spokane, Washington
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Thank you for your review. We were also on this cruise. We were also at
the Econo Lodge on Taft. It was a very old, motel style, place to stay. It didn't hurt as badly for us at $71 for the night. Run down, but our room was
very clean. We ate on the corner at an Italian/Greek place and it was a hoot. The family who ran it were very nice and entertaining. Someone had
stolen the blow dryer from the room but upon request they brought me a brand new one. We were able to catch the shuttle at 10:30 and had a huge
hold up at the port gates so not on board till almost noon. Be glad you took a cab, as our friends were at the Sleep-Inn sharing this shuttle, and they were promised a 1:30 time. They barely made it to the ship in time to sail. The Sleep-Inn looked like a much nicer place to stay.
Everything once we got to the ship went about as smoothly as we have ever
experienced. The weather was a real downer for a lot of the days, but we made the best of it. Most of the excursions we took were in the water, so
the rain was not a huge problem.
I can see how they put you on the wrong tour in Jamaica. It was a riot. We did the river tubing, and I have to say just about anything goes safety wise at this port. Our jeep had a window fall out and my door, (I was in the front passenger side) would not stay closed. On the way back it flew open three times as we drove around corners. I was in a seat belt and had no chance to fly out. They drive so close to people on the street they were lucky the door didn't take someone out. All of that, though, makes wonderful memories to laugh about later. The river tubing itself was fantastic and the people who run it are very professional and a lot of fun.
It was very sad for us to miss Grand Cayman. Our friends have yet to get to
go there as the cruise we went on before was not able to go in either. We have been on two others that did get in. It is a wonderful port to have to miss.
In Cozumel we did a Catch the Wave Snorkel Safari. They pulled out and around the ships and back toward the land for snorkeling. Not very good area, but still a lot of fun. We thought we would go somewhere away from the ships. It was quite windy and when the boat pulled in it hit the concrete
very hard. We were not hurt but one poor girl was banged up pretty badly and a huge cut on her knee. It was suppose to take us to downtown to end the tour but due to the wind they did not. We caught a cab later and had a bite to eat and shopping. All in all, a really fun day.
Key West was our favorite. We did the Fury Catamaran and the snorkeling was the absolute best we have encountered. Saw two sharks and a turtle. I
even kept my cool with the sharks. Of course exploring all the shops and places in Key West is the best.
Our table mates at the late seating were wonderful. It made dinner an event every evening. Josue and Jose made everything perfect. We were one big family by the time we left.
My complaints are few. I agree with your wife that there are too few bathroom stalls. There was quite a foul smell from the pool deck bar. Not
sure what that could be. It all seems immaculately clean, so don't understand that. Wish they would have put a credit on our account for the missed port instead of the open bar as that was very hard to get more than one drink. They were pretty terrible drinks also. Oh well, they really don't have to do anything so it was nice of them to do that.
We all had a wonderful time and wish I could just do it all again. This ship really receives some bad reveiws on this board and I saw nothing to warrant that. It was clean, wonderful service, and people ready to help you if you asked.
No one can be 100 percent happy with everything, but this comes prettty darn close.
Have a great day, and getting back to real life.
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Thanks for all of the great reviews of the Century western carribean cruise. We sail on it Feb 12, sorry you didn't get better weather, maybe we'll be luckier with the weather but if not I'm sure we'll still enjoy the cruise. We're booked for pre-cruise at the Amerisuites who also offer a shuttle but I think after reading about the delays of the shuttles we'll opt for a cab.
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That despite previous reports, the Century is not sinking.

My sister and BIL will be on the Century 1/29. I hope they make it in to Grand Cayman. Note to others, see, even here there was a missed grand cayman stop. It is not all that uncommon. No mention was made of 'compensation'.

Glad you had a great trip.
Southern Calif.
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This is fantastic! We have gone so long without much being said about Century (especially positive things!) so this is wonderful reading! Hope to hear from some Eastern Caribbean cruisers next!!!! Thanks for filling us all in, folks and so glad you had really nice vacations, all in all!
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I also sailed on the Century Jan. 15-22, with my daughter.
It is an absolutely wonderful ship. I had read several very negative reviews on this site and was concerned. However--I don't think these people were on the same ship I was on.We had a Sky-View suite-very large veranda, butler service, the food and the service were the best I have had on any cruise line.
We had Lawrence for our butler--never had a butler before, but none could be better. He was awesome! Then there was Melborn in the martini bar--who did the cocktail dance! And then there was Christian who was our waiter-and made recommendations every night for dinner that were right on.

Now--on the balcony, on the ceiling there were two recessed lights--one of them could have used some paint. I tried to not let it ruin my whole cruise!

This is my first post anywhere-ever-so whatever I have done wrong-I'll do better next time.
Jacksonville, FL USA
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Hi ionic

You didn't do anything wrong ....you posted just fine...and it was it was a wonderful post too!

Glad you had such a good time
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By the way, for those that haven't travelled on Century... Captain Pagonis is a very handsome man. I'm not sure how old he is, but he looks rather young. Kinda resembles Goran Visjnic (Kovac) from E.R. I can post a picture if anyone would like to see. We saw him wandering the ship and saying hello to people several times, as well as perusing the watches in one of the shops. He seemed very personable, although perhaps Tom can answer more to that.
Pickering, Ontario, Canada
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Thanks so much for taking the time to post your reviews. My husband and I are on Century 1/29.
This will be our first cruise and we felt nervous after reading about all the problems with Century on the boards.
Your reviews have put our minds at ease and we are now looking forward to our vacation.
So sorry about the weather! At least you got away from your daily routines and enjoyed the service of Celebrity.
(P.S. You both write very well)
Urbandale, IA
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Yes Capt. Pagonis was definitely a personable guy! He had some great stories to tell. He was actually involved with the construction of Century, and was on board for its maiden transatlantic crossing to NYC. Ironically, he said that during that crossing he experienced some of the worst seas in his career!

He also told us that after the ship arrived in NYC, they hosted the premiere of "Jerry Meguire" in the Century theater, Tom Cruise and all.

When asked if Celebrity had any new ships in the works, his reply was "I can't say".

We saw him once or twice around the ship after our dinner, and rode the elevator with him to the Captains Club party. He always remembered us and wasn't above making some small talk.
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6/99 Horizon Bermuda
9/03 Vision Mexican Riviera
1/05 Century Western Caribbean
1/07 Millie Eastern Caribbean
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We were also on the century the same week. It was my DH and me. And my sister and brother in law.

We stayed at the holiday inn express. Free shuttle from airport and to the pier. Worked out great. It was a nice, new hotel.

The embarkation process was the best we have gone through compared to any other cruise company. We were on board in about 10 minutes. We were a little dissapointed that we couldn't watch the steeler game (esp after we were told the playoffs would be on). But we didn't let it ruin our trip.

The ship seemed in good shape to me. Our room was normal cruise size and our cabin steward was great. We spent most of our time at the pool or one of the dining areas(always eating!). The food was terrific the best we have had on a cruise before. Dinner was the best and our waiter was very good. All of our service was excellent. We had early seating and we were chosen one night to eat with the chief engineer. That was a nice perk. We got free drinks and appetizers before dinner and then free wine at the table. And the extra desserts we got were awesome. The chocolate covered straweberrys were excellent. Everyone at our table was young. The captains club girl came to our cabin the first night just to say hi. Then the next night she invited us to eat. I honestly think she came and checked us out first to see what we looked at. Our table was all young, nice looking couples. But we certainly enjoyed ourselves. The midnight buffet was nice but the lines were set up poorly. It was a huge traffic jam with rude people pushing. I agree with the above poster people can be very selfish. I was pushed into one of the servers who was cutting the cake.

Days at sea we spent by the pool. I never really had a problem finding a chair. We just hung out and people watched. The lady in the nude colored bathing suit gave us many laughs. We kept thinking we were getting mooned!!

Ochos Rios the weather stunk. But we already booked a private tour with ionie mcbeam and made the best of it. We were the first people to the falls and climbed it just the four of us. it was awesome. WE also went river tubing which was a lot of fun. Ionie was a great guide. Check out her website if ever in jamaica.

We were disappointed that we couldn't go to grand cayman but you can't control the weather. The captain kept us informed though. We were given compensation of open bar for two hours. I was a little annoyed by the way this was handled. for one we are not big drinkers but took figured we would take advantage. Well the bars were so packed during the two hours that you couldn't even get any drinks. we got daquiri's and they were not mixed well b/c the bartenders were swamped. I would have rather been given some type of room credit and gone to the bar at my own time. It was a zoo.

Cozumel we went to paradise beach and had a nice time. I was stung by a lot of jelly fish though. I met some people from a carnival ship that missed Grand cayman the day before also. Their ship was able to leave grand cayman and sail quickly to cozumel. They were there by 2 or 3. It would have been nice if our ship would have done the same. But i don't know how many ships were in cozumel at the time.

Key west is stop I could do without. We are beach people and don't like the beaches here. We walked around and ate at sloppy joe's. not bad though. WE got off the ship late b/c a few people didn't go thru customs. Mr and Mrs. Whitehead are lucky I didn't find them!!

The entertainment on the ship was ok. The comedian they brought on board was very funny. They should book him more often. They didn't ever have a magician unless I missed it. I would have liked a magic show. The singers and dancers were average at best. The barber shop quartet was also entertaining.

Overall we had and would recommend Century to our friends. We had a few complaints that I mentioned above. The weather wasn't perfect but that is definately not Celebritys fault. But overall had a great time.
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My wife and I will be on Century on the 29th as well. Concierge Class Stateroom 1019. We have been on a variety of cruises on several lines and have decided that Celebrity will be our only line from now on. We are looking forward to putting our Captains Club membership to work for us!

For those of you who were in Concierge Class, was it worth it? We were under the impression from the website that we would be getting Butler service too, but have since learned that may not be the case.

Also, where is the Sushi Bar located. This is our second cruise on Century, but we dont remember a Sushi Bar!
Southern Calif.
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lbguy, would you mind letting me know how your CC cabin was when you return. Any tips for my folks would certainly be welcomed!

Our youngest son (we found out after our return from our last Century cruise) enjoyed the sushi bar every night with a family from New Jersey!!! He is 12 and a very picky eater...we thought he wanted to leave dinner each evening to meet up with his new friends...come to find out he was FULL from sushi!!!!! LOL! My Dad is a food "chemist" and taught us NO RAW FISH!!! Well, our then 12 year old never had any stomach problems, so I am convinced that the Century is CLEAN!!! LOL!

The "Sushi Boy" is in playing the drums right now....but I know the sushi bar was on one of the upper decks....I'll let you know when he can "hear" my question if no one else has answered you by then!
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Jacksonville, FL USA
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hi, lbguy...I remember having sushi last January..upstairs....near the buffet...aft...just keep walking...I had tried it one evening before dinner......was quite good. It was starboard.....and if memory serves quite a few folks were there as well.
Minneapolis, MN
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Hi everyone,
Thanks for the great reviews I cannot wait to sail the Century again. We sailed her In October 2001 1 month after 911 happened a lot of people cancled thier vacation plans but we didn't, we went from a Royal Suite to the Penthouse at no charge because there was no one wanting to book it. We had a FABULOUS time even though it was scary being out of the country at such a time of turmoil.
Lawrence was our buttler and I just cannot say enough about him as a buttler and a wonderful person. He would and did go out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed. I was traveling with my 2 best friends so we were 3 women traveling alone and he made sure everything was perfect!
Which leeds me to my question for those of you that have just returned from the Century, we also made friends with some of the bartenders and staff we were wondering if anyone had a bar server by the name of Boris from Bulgaria? And our waiter was Gocan from Turkey, I know it sounds silly that they would still be on this ship but sometimes like in the cae of Lawrence they are. We had an absolulty delightful somolier named Dominic who last year when we were on the Summit we discovered that he had passed away earlier that year from a heart attack while working on the Galaxy. They really made out frist cruise an amazing experience.
We have since sailed on the Mercury and the Summit but there was just something about the Centruy that made us rebook for this year.
Just curious to know if either Boris or Gocan where still on the ship?
Happy Cruisin Thoughts
Urbandale, IA
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Sushi bar was deck 11 aft, starboard side. As Lois said, just keep walking past the buffet!

Personally I really enjoyed Concierge Class and we would probably book it again. It was great being one deck away from the pool, buffet, etc. and in a forward room, it was a very short walk to the stairs. I thought the room was very quiet and we never heard any noises from up above. We did enjoy the little perks such as the flowers, fruit and champagne. They also give you gold colored sea passes and a leather holder for them.
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