How does the Elation compare to the Fascination?

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Went on the Fascination in June and loved it! How does the Elation compare? I know they are the same class of ship, but has the Elation had the upgrades like the Fascination? What are the differences in the ships? Any info. is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I have only been on the elation. I loved this ship. It is a smaller ship and the slide is not the cool updated one. I cant wait for that next sep on the
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Richardson, TX
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Elation lacks both the balconys and the waterworks upgrade. Thats why it was brought from Calif imo it would be closer for upgrades (which seem to go best in the Bahamas)
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So the elation still has not been updated??????Do you know when it is supposed to be done? We leave in134 days and was wondering if it will be done by then?
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Originally posted by firefly333
Elation lacks both the balconys and the waterworks upgrade. Thats why it was brought from Calif imo it would be closer for upgrades (which seem to go best in the Bahamas)

Thanks for the info. We would be getting a GS like we did on the Fascination - so the lack of balcony rooms wouldn't be an issue. We also didn't use the waterworks area on the Fascination. Do you think we would really notice the lack of upgrades on the Elation compared to the Fascination?
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The Elation lacks
Resort Style pool (big difference in opening up the Lido deck)
Balconies (other than suites)
Inter-connecting cabins

Still have not gotten a hard date as to when the upgrades will be done. Her last drydock was in 2008. So the next should be scheduled for 2011 as they are on a three year schedule.
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Just got off the Elation and was told it was originally scheduled for upgrade in 2012 but was changed till 2014.
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We were on Elation a week ago and loved it! It doesn't look old at all. The crew was fantastic...very friendly. As mentioned it does not have the "water park" yet but there is a slide at the regular pool. It also has the Serenity Deck.
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Originally posted by back2tampa
So the elation still has not been updated??????Do you know when it is supposed to be done? We leave in134 days and was wondering if it will be done by then?

Honestly, what are you going to miss if she has not been updated? Just curious. We will be on her in 56 days. Is there something you want to see specifically? I can get pictures if you would like.
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