Land Sea Tour to Soufriere OR Jungle Tour in St Lucia ...

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We thought the Land and Sea to Soufriere was one of the best shore excursions we've every taken. I really wanted to see the Pitons, and we sure did, from land and sea. Thought the volcano was interesting, the catamaran was fun, and the beach was great for swimming. Lunch was so-so - food ok, really hot in restaurant, and they were really weird about making sure you only got ONE glass of punch. Helpful hint...half the tours do land first, boat second, and half do the opposite. Ask and make sure you get on the land first one...otherwise you'll be sightseeing later in the day with your wet bathing suit under your clothes. I know nothing about the other tour.
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We took the Land Sea to Soufriere and like warmwinds we thought, next to the Hawaii excursions, was the best excursion we took. The trip by catamaran was beautiful-great views of the Pitons. The ride was a bit hairy-sharp turns and narrow roads but it was nice. Don't know about the other one but we took the Land Sea both times we cruised to St Lucia. Lunch wasn't anything to brag about but I haven't been on an excursion yet where the lunch was anything to brag about.
Have fun

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Hi! Like warmwinds and gregg4, we did the Land Sea tour in St. Lucia with the land part first. It was also the best tour we have done. Really felt like we had seen enough of St. Lucia to really have an idea of what it is like. The Pitons were awesome, Soufrere was fascinating, and the catamaran trip was great. Unfortunately, there are later parts of the catamaran where my memory is a bit fuzzy May have had something to do with the captain of the catamaran naming me the "Best Partyer on the Boat"
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Same here, the Land & Sea with the land part first was a beautiful and all encompassing tour of a beautiful island. Our luncheon was great at an old plantation house. We too have compared this island to Hawaii. Don't miss it.
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Captain1, what made Soufriere "fascinating"?

Also, a lot of people have mentioned a horrid smell at a volcano. Was it REALLY horrific that you wished you hadn't gone to the volcano, or was the volcano still a highlight of the trip?

What was THE BEST part of the excursion?


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Hi Marie,

I'm on the Summit with you and we have booked the Catamaran Cruise to Fond Deux Estate. It appears to be similar to the Land and Sea tour but the trip down to Soufriere is by Cat both ways - no bus. Some posters on the St. Lucia board found the bus ride to/from Castries to be a little bumpy and not good for people prone to car sickness. Still others complained about the Cat cruise and the beach they stopped at. But I'm not listening and am looking forward to the trip.

One other thing - we went to the sulpher volcanos in Hawaii and the stench of sulpher is strong and not something you want to stand around in for a long time. But it's fine for a few minutes. If you are asthmatic I'd maybe stay in the bus.


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Hi Marie, I am also on the Summit with you. You may have read some of my other comments on the St. Lucia board about the smell. Let me clarify: Was it bad? Yes. Horrific? No. Were we glad we went? Yes. It should be seen at least once. It is very interesting. Unfortunately we had to stay there a bit longer than we would have liked because we were grouped with several mini-buses and it took a while for everyone to finish up their sightseeing (obviously not everyone was in a hurry to leave). You can still smell the fumes in the bus too but not as strong. I was the one who mentioned feeling not so well afterward as did my friend. It was short lived and passed quickly. I would not let that factor into your decision. Part of feeling woozy was probably due to low-blood sugar, heat and humidity. Believe me we were way overdue for lunch at this point.


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Tracybelle, we took the tour you have booked when we were on the Summit in January. Probably my all time favorite excursion. The sulfur smell will take you back to high school chemistry class! On this excursion, they feed you on the catamaran, and lunch was quite tasty. They are also very free with the rum punch. Have a great time; it's a beautiful island.
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Tracybelle, we are on the 4/16 Summit and we also booked the cat to Fond Doux Estate! Looking forward to that as a chance to see some of the island, the volcano, the pitons and snorkel. Can't wait. Marilyn and Larry Magee

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