Manhattan Couple Kicked Off Queen Mary 2

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"Wettern WA" not a typo
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I have witnessed absurd disrespectful behavior on the part of some travelers. It is good to know that there are limits to what is allowed!!!
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I saw this couple on the news the other night and thought they were not helping their cause a bit. She told the man to go F himself which she admitted on tv. Who would want to sit with people like that.

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Considering they are both of an advanced age, their behavior must have been extremely rude, nasty, and verbally abusive (hard to believe they could have been physically threatening, is what I mean).

I support the decision to kick 'em off. It was probably for their own safety, too. Someone may have belted them/pushed them over board, otherwise!
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I work with people all day who feel so entitled! that they are probably traveling companions of these two. And being "uppity" makes it real hard to talk with them, so kudos for Cunard for stating enough is enough.
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Is it OK to make a bigoted remark? Both parties should have been thrown off with their luggage.
It pains me that nobody (so far) "get it". Racism hurts.
But, maybe I am "too sensitive", just as Ms. Scher is "too loud-mouthed". Think what you would have done had a racial epithet been aimed at you, or you were within earshot. Cunard was not even-handed in its Code enforcement.
Durango, Colorado
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One major difference in the remarks.... the first, though rude, bigoted and crude was made in a private conversation and evidently a low voice since no one else reports hearing it - the second was shouted out to the dining room. I have a hunch that had the person stood up and made that nasty anti-Jewish remark at the top of his voice, he too would have been off the ship.
Horsham, UK
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I'm confused! You are asking us to discuss this matter here, but on the Cunard Board you have closed two threads that were doing precisely that. Can you tell us why?
York, UK
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Originally posted by Fifer
you have closed two thread
Not just closed. Some have been deleted
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The Captain probably did what he did with the approval from the main office.
Thus questions arise - would the same course of action been taken have the incident involved a similarly-worded racist slur rather than ethnic? Can a person saying, even whispering it in a public place - remain on board while an elderly couple is kicked off for disorderly conduct? Is conduct of such person within tolerance of Cunard regulations?
New York
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Didn't they get back $800 of the $20,000 they paid for that cruise?
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This may seem really off the wall, but has anyone considered that this woman who was, at 82, drinking heavily according to reports, may have some damage from overuse of alcohol? Since the Master knows her, he may simply have isolated her for her safety and that of others.
It does not mean the incident of antisemitism did not happen, but it may explain why such severe action was taken. And if it did happen, the other person should absolutely have suffered repercussions also.

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Southern California
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It is nice to see that the passengers are being held to at least some standard. Though at times it appears that standard can be pretty low.
St. Louis
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I think the question was "what do you think it should take to get booted off a ship?" I have never seen anyone who behaved in a way that would compare to this couple mentioned in the article. I hope I never do. I believe that there are many individuals that forget that when they travel everyone else is traveling too whether it be on a plane, ship, or other. Planes have been landed so that an angry of offensive passenger could be removed. Parents have been kicked off a plane because their children wouldn't stop crying or yelling. Passengers who drink too much have been refused the right to get on a plane or the plane has been landed and the individual taken off. Why not that standard on a cruise ship? I want to enjoy my vacation free from the problems that others needlessly create. Other problems I will do my best to roll with the punches.
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"One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel". The Captain did the right thing. Rude and disrespectful behavior should not be allowed, or it will effect and hurt many others, and ruin the whole cruise. The Captain had the courage to make a difficult decision for the good and well being of everyone!!!