Junkanoo Beach on Nassau by the ship's dock

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Please give your comments regarding this beach. Only give your advice is you have visited in 2010 or after as much has been said about cleaning it up in recent years. Thank you. Any pictures are greatly appreciated
northern UT
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we were there the end of January this year and it was JUNKY (water murky and unclean, beach full of trash and glass..lots of glass, locals hangin around-not giving you a "good feeling" but i understand that it is not maintained in the "off season".
we are going to Nassau in December and will not be going back!!!
Sheraton is our stop this time!!
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I was just there at the beginning of Oct. and did not find it to be dirty and junky looking. Yes there was seaweed floating in the water, but it was an extremely windy day and the surf was rough. There were few locals on the beach and the ones we did see were cleaning up the beach.

Here are a few pictures:

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2 very different reports. Anyone else with a review?
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Originally posted by Cigar Dude
2 very different reports. Anyone else with a review?
The government cleaned it up for spring break 2010 and has been pretty good at maintaining the security and cleanliness so far.
They have new concession stands, restrooms have been renovated and are cleaned and maintained regularly. There are "staff" renting chaise loungers and umbrellas and some simple vendors as well.

The beach has been kept pretty clean from debris.. although there is sometimes things that come in to the shoreline (along all beaches, not just this one).

It's across the street from the police station, so we haven't had a problem with vagrants this season as we had in the past.

If the gov't continues to maintain this property.. it should remain a very nice "free" beach for cruisers and those who rent rooms that are not on the beach.

In the past, this beach was a mess.. I'm happy to report that's no longer the case.
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Roanoke, VA
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We were there the end of September and it was nice and clean, it is rocky so be use and bring water shoes.
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Originally posted by WebStir4
How do I get there from the cruise ship? Do I take the #10 bus? Is it near fish fry?
It's a short 12-15 min walk from the dock.. just head west along the wharf towards senor frogs. Make a left and walk around the British Colonial Hilton Property and you are at the Beach entrance.

You COULD take the #10 bus... it's just short of the fish fry.
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We always go here; nice walk from the cruise port, past the Colonial Hilton. Never had any problem with the beach (after all, it's the same beachfront used by the Hilton right next door!).

Vendors are there if you want them, but not intrusive if you don't. Can rent chairs or put down a towel or blanket on the beach for free. Can buy food on the beach, or bring it from take-away store nearby. My friend bought an anklet from one of the vendors walking the beach; I didn't buy anything, but we chatted for a while, and she told us where to get great fresh conch salad:

We walked the length of the beach to get to Arawalk Cay ("Fish Fry") where there is great conch salad, frozen drinks and other yummies -- my new favorite spot in Nassau! On the way back my friend and I stopped and had a massage on the beach for $10 each.

Yes, there was a local vagrant making trouble with some of the vendors; the massage lady said he was often a problem, and they called the police to get him to leave. (Since I am from New York, this really was not a big deal for me!)

I certainly felt safe, and I have gone swimming in this water many times; wish I could upload photos from various trips to this spot -- I love getting a picture with either me or my traveling companion in the water with the lighthouse or the cruise ship(s) in the background.

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Empress can you provide more details on the Massage?!? We have never really found a cheap/inexpensive Massage in Nassau and would love to know exactly where you found this and how long for $10? Was the Massage place right on Junkanoo Beach? Thanks for the INFO!!!
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Thanks for the info. We were just in Nassau and I'm sorry to say we never went to the beaches. After getting harassed at the Straw Market...what a zoo..and looking in Senor Frogs we never found our way around to the beach! Kids were tired of shopping and walking. Some lady wanted us to follow her to a restaurant (which I think was on the way to the beach) but we were leery to go that way Oh well, maybe we will finally get there on our next trip!
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We just came back from Nassau and Junkanoo is, well, junk. The sand has so much broken glass in it that I wouldn't try walking in it barefoot, plastic bottles and crap in the water, and it gets worst closer to Fish Fry since all of the vendors and LOUD music are up close to the hilton. If this is Junkanoo in its new 'clean' state, I can't imagine what it was like. Actually after walking through the rest of Nassau, I can.

If you want a free beach, take a taxi to Goodman's Beach, or walk there if you're in shape. It's still not great, but it's a LOT better than Junkanoo.
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Originally posted by john&tracy
Been a while since anyone reported? Any new information?
there's tons of current information about this beach. Try a thread from 2012
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new port richey florida
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Originally posted by scubagirrl
there's tons of current information about this beach. Try a thread from 2012
And where can i find that?
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Just look at the thread titles as you go through the pages.

Or do a search on this board for Junkanoo but know that there is one in Nassau and Freeport.

These boards are funny. You have people start a new thread even though there are existing threads on virtually the same subject on the front page, but then you have people who do actually use the search function and end up pulling up outdated threads from years ago.

Just peruse the board. Read. There are plenty of recent threads about the beaches and which are best for families, activities, all-inclusive, free, etc.
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We were just at Junkaroo last Sunday 6/17/12. I have to agree it is really not very nice at all.. I'd hate to see what it looked like before if they say it is cleaned up now.. It was an easy walk from the port.. Beach is very rocky, glass, and not cleaned up at all. The man said they would be along to clean it up, but never saw anyone attempting this.. The ladies bathroom was soo yucky..not clean & broken up doors.. Ladies selling things were very nice & drinks were good.. We wanted to try this beach since we could walk to it from port & we only had a few hrs there..I would not go back & would look for another beach if we ever returned..