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We got our tickets and info for our March Mariner cruise....they say NO alcoholic beverages of any kind can be brought aboard. I THOUGHT we could bring wine, but obviously that has changed.
My question is...can you purchase wine for your room in the shops? I know you can purchase the wine package for dinner, but we like to have some in our room.

Or do I have to sneak it??
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No wine in the duty free shop and wines are very expensive by the bottle at bars and in the dining room. I'd take some and take my chances. I plan to in 2 weeks!
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We sailed on the Mariner last april and carried wine with us. We were charged a $12.00 corkage fee per bottle. We sailed on the Radiance about 2 weeks ago, and carried 3 bottles of wine for dinner and were never charged a corkage fee. I
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Did you sneak the wine on board? Or were you allowed to bring it then?

We will probably buy wine at dinner when we want it, but we really enjoy a glass on the balcony in the afternoon or while getting dressed for dinner.

I wonder....can you order a bottle from room service???
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We carried wine onto the Vision earlier this month in our carry-on luggage to prevent breakage. No problem. I think they are more concerned with hard liquor, not wine for celebrations. And we're all celebrating taking a cruise, right?
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I was told no beverages of any kind are going to be allowed to be brought onboard but that is not printed yet so I don't see how they can enforce it if you aren't told in advance. As far as bringing wine, I was also told if they don't have your brand onboard you can carry it on with no problem. I am bringing pink champagne and she said since they don't carry it I can bring 2 bottles per person.
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We got our tickets a few days ago and it IS on there about not being able to bring alcoholic beverages of any kind on board. I know we took some on our last RC cruise, about a year ago. And we take it on Carnival every time.

I know that the worse that can happen is they take it and hold it till the end of the trip, but I don't want to bother lugging it down there and then lugging it home if that happens!!

But I would be taking kinds they don't have on board, so maybe I'd have no problem. Plus, I'm not talking about a case..just 2 or 3 bottles.
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Can't hurt to they say "the worst they can do is take it away from you and give it back you at the end of the cruise."

I am personally not a fan of any of the wine selections they offer on the list, but will buy a bottle to share each night at dinner with table mates. Though, not from the wine package...those selections are even worse. We do enjoy the drinks at the lounges during sea days and after drinner.

I am also one that likes the wine/drinks on my balcony, especially at sail away and while getting ready for dinner. That selection I will be bringing with me in bubble wrap in my luggage. I am worried about taking it on in my carry on, for having it removed from my person, though I would be happier to do it due to possible breakage in the luggage. Pros and Cons both ways.

Even with bringing a couple of my prized bottles of wine with me, a flask of gin, and some tonic in my luggage, My DH and myself still manage one of those triple digit bar bills quite easily!
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Originally posted by Starlake666

I wonder....can you order a bottle from room service???
Yes you can it´s on the room service menu.

This is the room service menu from Jewel of the Seas:

I´m pretty sure it´s the same on all ships
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We'll be going on the Mariner on 2/20 and will be taking wine oin our carry on luggage. Have never had any problem with that and have done it many times. But we don't tell them we have and they never asked.
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Originally posted by Raysfun
We'll be going on the Mariner on 2/20 and will be taking wine oin our carry on luggage. Have never had any problem with that and have done it many times. But we don't tell them we have and they never asked.
Wow!! You have less than a week to go!! Lucky you!! I still have to wait another 3 months yet.
I was down at Grills watching the beautiful lady slide out from port, while cheering her on her way yesterday. Hope you have a great time.
Let us know that your wine goes through ok in the carry ons. I am thinking of doing it that way too this time. Thanks, and happy cruising!
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Have a great time on your trip and PLEASE do let us know how you fare with the wine in your carry on.

I would much prefer to put it in my carry on and not worry about the bags getting tossed all over and the wine breaking in my suitcase.

Is Grills a good restaurant to eat at near Port Canaveral? Seems like I've seen it mentioned on here before.
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The food is not what you may consider as "world class" but it is good. The atmosphere is great, and is a tourist attraction in itself. You can people watch, listen to a pretty good live band, watch the cruise ships leave, and the most popular activity for me is the "boat follies". They even advertise it on their stuff. That is watching the boat launch and all the "Bud powered" guys coming back from a day of fishing and
"elbow workouts" try to trailer up their boat. Caaarrrruunnncchhh!! Great fun!!
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Hi there!
We just got back from a wonderful cruise on the Radiance and had no problem with our wine. We carried on 4 bottles of wine and 2 bottles of champagne and had no problem. We used a small, portable 2 wheeled cart to hold the case. The security guy never blinked an eye! I don't even think you have to worry about whether or not the cruise line carries a particular brand or not...the security people at the pier have no idea what is on the wine list and what isn't! My husband drinks Red Bull we also brought along some of those as well in the case.
Once we got on board, we did purchase the Platinum 5 bottle package for I think around $125. It had enough choices on there to keep us happy, but as someone else posted...their selection on RCCL isn't that great! Unfortunately, there are some wines in the wine package that you can't get at the regular bars, with the exception of the champagne bar. That's about the only place you can get a glass of Korbel Champagne. All the other bars carry the House champagne, which I didn't care for.
Anyway...we still had a great time...and drank 14 bottles of wine during that cruise! WOW!!!
Happy cruising to all!
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We were on Adventure in Decemeber and just packed the liquor in our carry on. We also locked the bag after we got off the plane. I don't think they break into bags so there was no way for them to find out we brought it on board. Has anyone heard of them searching checked in bags?
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Ok...thanks for the encouragement.

So I will now carry on my wine, and will feel much better for that.

The gin, I will still pack in a plastic flask along with the plastic bottle of tonic, into my luggage. If those break, the whole suitcase will have had to go through a grinder of some sort!! LOL