Celebrity Train from Seward to Anchorage

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I've read and heard in different places that the train has assigned seating or that the cars are assigned but not the seating. What's the real answer?


- train leaves at 7am and arrives at 12pm. What time do we need to be ready to disembark the ship?

- are there viewing platforms on this train?

- the seats are at a table, correct (i.e., someone is sitting travelling backwards)?

- are non-Celebrity passengers allowed to book this train (e.g., people can book the Princess lodges independent of the land tour)? Just wondering how crowded the train might get.

- is there decent food for purchase onboard?

Cruise is late May, northbound on Millie.

Appreciate hearing from those who have actually taken the Celebrity train, and any other tips on this (=

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Took this train south, so cannot comment on disembarkation. I don't recall assigned seating, but seating was on upper level of very nice car. Seats all faced forward and were wide (two on each side of aisle) and very comfortable leather; first-class all the way. Car was glass-domed, so everyone had good views. On our trip, this car was the last car on train, so back platform was used. Train does slow down for sights such as the glaciers and even for wildlife sightings. Breakfast was in a very nice dining area on the first level (called down in shifts based on seating upstairs). In the regular seating area, all I can recall is the constant pushing of Bloody Marys (good or bad thing, I guess, depending). Do not recall coffee or snacks. The entire train is a "regular" passenger train with cruise-line car add-ons, so I think there were no passengers on the Celebrity car who were not with Celebrity. It certainly would not feel crowded even if full - see above about comfy seats.

It rained the entire time we were on the train, but it was a very enjoyable experience and we still talk about it. Enjoy!

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The last time I was seated in the Alaska Railroad cars on the Seward train there was a very good breakfast available, including reindeer sausage. It did not have the linen tablecloths, etc. that I experienced last time I rode the ARR in a Princess car, but the food was yummy. In some ways I enjoy riding in the ARR cars more because there are more of them and you can walk around, where if you are in a "private" car, there is just the upstairs and downstairs. Enjoy!
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RCT ( Royal Carribean Tours) which handles the parent company's brands in Alaska for land tours, owns 2 bi-level dome cars ( Westmark Tours, owned by CCL and handling Princess & HAL's Alaska land tours stuff, also owns a much larger fleet of those types of cars ).
The cars are coupled to the back of the regular AAR train running between Seward &Anchorage ( Or between Whittier & Anchorage ) , as well as the main line train Anchorage-Fairbanks.
The cars are self-contained, with GREAT seating upstairs level, a galley and dining area downstairs, also well appointed. The catering is ( or at least was,the last time we used it ) above average for this type of service. There is '' outside viewing'' possibilities in each car, a bit more if you're in the last car of the train.
While specific seats are not assigned, they NEVER oversell them. The dining room downstairs has 12 tables for 4 and food is sereved on a rotation basis; you're called from upstairs '' row # xxx -yyy-zzz.ect.''please proceed to the dining room, in two groups of 40++.

Very enjoyable. Scenery on the Seward-Anvhorage run is actually quite stunning...IMO: a bit better than even around Denali.

You'll enjoy that, I'm sure
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Claude G.

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c-legs, wow thx a mint for the extra info!

Interesting to hear that they are "coupled to the back of the regular AAR train running between Seward &Anchorage" as I thought the AAR train departs Seward at 6pm, and the Celebrity trains leave in the morning around 7:30am. I wasn't able to find anything on the AAR site; is there a AAR train that leaves Seward in the morning too?

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Originally posted by klam_chowder
c-legs, wow thx a mint for the extra info!

Interesting to hear that they are "coupled to the back of the regular AAR train running between Seward &Anchorage"
I've always booked the AKRR directly. Among other things, it is cheaper. The AKRR also has a free "dome" car; once the train gets going you can choose to sit in there if you want (no assigned seats in the AKRR dome cars).

The Celebrity/RCT cars appear to be very similar to the dome cars, but slightly larger.. more perhaps like a double decker train car than a "dome" car, but you get the idea. You can see it in the background of one of the attached photos.

Here are some photos from both the dome car as well as the normal AKRR car.
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