Poll: Are You Interested in Visiting Falmouth, Jamaica, the Caribbean's Newest Port?

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Poll: Are you interested in visiting Falmouth, Jamaica, the Caribbean's newest port?
Poll Results
Are you interested in visiting Falmouth, Jamaica, the Caribbean's newest port?

Yes! New ports are always exciting.

Yes. I want to visit now so I can track the progress later

Yes. But not until much more of the construction is completed.

No. I'm not a fan of "historical theme parks."

No. If the most popular shore tours are in Ochi of Mo-Bay, I'll just go there.

No. I have no desire to visit Jamaica.

Other - please post below.

Voters: 324.  You may not vote on this poll.

Boston, MA
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Firsthand accounts, photos and videos of Falmouth, Jamaica, are beginning to trickle in, offering a thumbnail sketch of the Caribbean's newest cruise port. Read the story here.

Then tell us: Knowing what you know about the new port, is it on your travel radar?

Vote in our poll.

Additionally, one member who comments on this thread will be randomly selected today at 4 p.m. EST to win a Cruise Critic luggage spotter & pin combo. To enter, simply tell us how you voted and why.
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Dan Askin
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Columbus, OH USA
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I'll consider it in 2-3 years. If its on an itinerary I consider before then, I think it will be a minimal factor in my decision.
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Heart of Texas
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We will be there in April and are looking forward to visiting Falmouth, taking the shuttle to tour the original Rose Hall great house, checking out the shopping at Rose Hall and buying some JBM coffee.
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Originally posted by BillOh
I'll consider it in 2-3 years. If its on an itinerary I consider before then, I think it will be a minimal factor in my decision.
We were told that all RCCL ships will be going to Falmouth from now on. If so , you will have a choice of MoBay OR Ochos excursions, instead of contemplating a long drive from one to the other, as Falmouth is between them.
Mobile, AL
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Yes, I will be there two weeks from today. I admit that I am somewhat disappointed that the port area isn't going to look like the artist renderings that I saw when I booked this cruise almost a year ago. We will be participating in an excursion anyway but I will miss being able to walk off the ship and visit shops and restaurants.

I am sure we will have a great time regardless of the fact that the pier is not complete.
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Donna - Mobile, AL

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No, we intentionally avoided a cruise that had Falmouth on its itinerary, and chose a different cruise.
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We are going to be there in June on Allure. Not thrilled about the way the port looks in those pics that were posted...I thought it would be much closer to completion by now. And I don't know what excursion to book since I'm not thrilled about having an hour or so ride to get there. But on a positive note...I will be on a CRUISE on the LARGEST cruise ship in the world...so all is good here
PS I voted "other"
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I voted: "Yes. I want to visit now so I can track the progress later."

I am looking forward to seeing the new port in Falmouth; will be there when we sail on the Oasis in July. It is fun tracking the progress of the port as it develops.
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I voted yes and Rome was not built in a day. It does take time and Royal knows what they are doing so they chose this port as they thought it was a good location!!
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Originally posted by DonnaK
No, we intentionally avoided a cruise that had Falmouth on its itinerary, and chose a different cruise.
Same here.
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Having been to Ocho Rios & Montego Bay, we were looking forward to going to Falmouth when we booked our next cruise on Freedom. I voted yes, but not until most of the construction is completed. After seeing the photos and reading the reviews so far, we have very mixed feelings.
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When I booked Allure, I was planning on only getting off in Labadee. The pictures posted have not changed my mind.
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"other"...it is a catch 22....dying to go on Oasis so booked the March 19th sailing..our kids' spring break.
We will be the first Oasis class ship there for the apparent "grand opening" of Falmouth. UGH!

Thank goodness the ship itself is a destinationand we will just make the best of it. I will get out the video camera for sure...wont quite see anything like it again I am sure. What a mob scene it sounds like it will be!
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we'll go but after more is completed.

We were supposed to stop in January but that changed. After seeing the photos, Falmouth makes Ocho Rios look like heaven.
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I find manmade ports are not indicitive of the real thing and get old really fast. Just want passengers to spend spend spend.
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We are booked to see it the first week in April. I would have preferred another port due to more private excursion options, but I know I can enjoy this anyways. Plus, I'll be on a cruise, so that doesn't leave much to complain about!
Arlington, Texas
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Will it be safer?
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I voted other because I will be on the first Oasis cruise and I'm not thrilled that the port is not even close to being done. I still can't believe that RC is stopping there in the condition that it is in. I bet that we will get off the ship to check it out and get right back on.