cruise ship scavenger hunt list for kids

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Hi. I will be traveling with 3 kids (14, 13 & 9) and thought that it might be fun to have a cruise ship scavenger hunt. I have tried googling this and have found sites to pay for a list, but I was wondering if anyone has done one before and has a quick list they did and can post. I am leaving Saturday and going on the Explorer of the Seas, so this is a last minute idea. I can probably make my own, but figured why reinvent the wheel if someone has already done the work.

Or just give me good ideas of things that the kids should look for, take pictures of or find to keep.

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Someone posted some ideas here...

My kids have been a part of many, many ship scavenger are some of the items they had to find...

towel animal
piece of pizza
sun glasses
something with the cruise ship logo on it
pair of shorts not being worn
today's compass (ship newsletter)
today's compass in another language
pen with logo
drink umbrella
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Originally posted by crusinmama06
Someone posted some ideas here...

My kids have been a part of many, many ship scavenger are some of the items they had to find...

towel animal
piece of pizza
sun glasses
something with the cruise ship logo on it
pair of shorts not being worn
today's compass (ship newsletter)
today's compass in another language
pen with logo
drink umbrella
shorts not being worn...if it were quest that would get interesting.

I've seen it done where it is take pictures of various there is another twist.

I've seen these as part of the list before
Picture with Captain
Picture with Cruise Director
Picture of Cruise Director (you don't have to be in it)

Some other things...
name of the Godmother of the ship
List of all ships sailing the RCI flag, better in order of deployment or in order of size based on GRT

Have a good trip!
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I've been creating one for a group of's what I've come up with:

Rules: You have ONE hour to find and photograph as many items as you can. For every minute late, you will lose one point. Your entire team MUST stay together at ALL times. Each item gets one point unless specified. If the item says “vote for points,” the entire group will vote for the best photo. If your team gets everything on the list, you get 15 bonus points.
 A Bread or Fruit Sculpture
 A Chandelier
 A Child under Age 10 (Must have Parent’s Permission)
 A Giant Letter H (Vote for Largest – Two Points)
 A Golf Club
 A Lever
 A Living Creature (other than a Human)
 A Miniature Bottle of Shampoo
 A Model Ship (Most Realistic gets Two extra points)
 A Permanent Sculpture (Vote for Five Points – Be Creative!!!)
 A Piece of Fruit (More Exotic = More Points/Vote for Two Points)
 A Roller Skate/Blade
 A Ship Casino Chip (Highest Denomination gets Three extra points)
 A Ship’s Officer (Highest Rank gets Two Extra Points)
 A Suite
 A Volleyball
 A Waiter (not your own)
 An Ice Cream Cone with Ice Cream (Extra Point for NON-Soft Serve)
 An Ice Sculpture (Extra Point for an Ice Sculptor)
 Cruise Compass in a Foreign Language
 Drink Umbrella (One additional point per extra colored umbrella)
 Four People in a Cabin Bathroom (Additional Point for Each Person above Four)
 Ice
 Large Crown & Anchor Logo (Vote for Two Points)
 Non-Alcoholic Beer (Two Points)
 Small Crown & Anchor Logo (Vote for Two Points)
 Someone from a country other than the U.S. (Three bonus points for the person farthest away)
 Something Pointy (Vote for Three Points)
 Something Red (Vote for Five Points, so be creative!)
 Something Shiny (Vote for Two Points)
 Somewhere Down Low
 Somewhere High
 Somewhere Low
 Somewhere Up High
 Stained Glass
 The Letter G (Vote for Three Points)
 Towel Animal
 Water
 Words “Navigator of the Seas” (Vote for Five Points)
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On the Liberty we went to watch a Flip scavenger hunt. Was a lot of fun watching the result even though we didn't participate. They gave you a Flip camera and gave you a few scenes you have to play out and return. Points were given for completing a task as well as creativity. Look for scavenger hunts in the compass. We did a picture one a few cruises ago and had an amazing time. We have also done one where you had to bring back the items and had a great time as well. Nice way to spend time as a family.

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