Shampoo/conditioner in room??

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Are shampoo and conditioner provided? I seem to remember there being a dispenser in the shower on one cruise but I can't remember which line it was. Just wanted to double check and see if there were shampoo/conditioner dispensers in the showers on Carnival ships or not.
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In addition to the shampoo and body wash in the shower, there is often a sample basket in the bathroom. The first time ours had a razor and lotion I believe. Last month on the Sensation it had toothpaste, a razor, lotion and dental floss.

The shampoo and body wash aren't fantastic but they suffice for a week or two while on vacation.
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Originally posted by camaj
Are shampoo and conditioner provided? I seem to remember there being a dispenser in the shower on one cruise but I can't remember which line it was. Just wanted to double check and see if there were shampoo/conditioner dispensers in the showers on Carnival ships or not.
In addition to the dispensers some samples of nice shampoo and conditioner were also provided.

While others don't like the dispenser shampoo, I didn't find it to be that bad and didn't touch the travel bottles of my usual stuff. To be fair though, I have untreated (no coloring, no perms) baby fine dark blonde hair and only used mousse/hairspray for the fancy-pants nights. I'm a wash and go type of girl so it suited me just fine.
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On the Triumph last January the soap dispenser contents had separated with the "creamy" part settling to bottom of container and a clear liquid floating on top.
Real turnoff.

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I only used the Shampoo and Soap from the Dispensers. I didn't feel like lugging my huge economy size ones on the ship. They worked out great!!

We also had conditioner sample packets in our basket in the bathroom. Along with toothpaste, a razor, whitening strips, soap bars.
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Good to know about shampoo and body wash.

A related question;
How is the water? I notice that most hotels have really hard water and my hair is like straw by day 3 unless I have some clarifying shampoo and heavy-duty conditioner.

Thanks in advance!
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The water is soft. I've never seen a calcium deposit on a showerhead on a cruise.

The samples in the basket change all the time. Don't count on any one thing to be there. We are at the mercy of the basket g-ds.
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I use the dispenser shampoo and bring my own conditioner.
Just disembarked yesterday and I came home with a thick waxiness that didn't wash out all the way with my first home washing.
I am not all that finicky but on the last couple cruises I had this problem and this past week I actually had a sticky feeling on my hair that didn't seem to rinse off after I conditioned, even hard to rinse off my hands.
I'm thinking it must have to do with the ships water somehow reacting with my conditioner. But next time I will take a clarifying shampoo and very light conditioner.
Anybody else have the sticky problem?
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I always bring my own shampoo and conditioner but I'm finicky about shampoo and have a sensitivity to sulfates. The body wash is fine but the shampoo tends to be of a suave/dove quality.
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Just to add to the above and don't count on everything to be there. We were on the Victory BTB in April. The first week there was no soap in the cabin and we had to ask for it. We moved to a balcony cabin the second week and guess what, no soap. We brought the bar from the first week with us.

I took this to be a Carnival austerity measure who figure most will use the body wash. We all have preferences.