Just off of the SUN.

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Marina (Monterey Peninsula),CA
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How was your cruise?
Enjoy the food?
How was your weather?
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Been there/done that:

Star Princess 2012 15-day Hawaiian Islands
Ruby Princess 2009 Eastern Caribbean

Dawn Princess 2006 Mexican Riviera
Sun Princess 2005 Eastern Caribbean
Navigator of the Seas 2003 Western Caribbean
Star Princess 2003 Mexican Riviera
Ocean Princess 2002 Panama Canal
Sea Princess 2001 Western Caribbean...the one that got me hooked...!

"a bad day at sea is better than a great day at work and a lousy day at sea is still...pretty damn good!"
Cape Cod, MA
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What kind of cabin did you have, where on the ship, and also how did you like it?
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1998-RCL Grandeur,2000-RCL Enchantment,2001-HAL Volendam,2002-Golden Princess,2003-Golden Princess,2004-Star Princess,2005-Coral Princess,2005-Golden Princess,2006-Sun Princess,2006-Crown Princess,2007-Crown Princess,2007-Carnival Liberty,-HAL Noordam,2008-Golden Princess,2009-Crown Princess,2009-RCI Independence,2009-Sapphire Princess,2010-Carnival Freedom,2012-RCI Enchantment,2013-RCI Explorer,2013-Crown Princess,2014-Carnival Liberty,2015-Regal Princess, 2015 Crown Princess (one-nighter)2016-Carnival Breeze,2016-RCI Independence,2017-Regal Princess
West Coast
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For all us future Sun cruiser who cant get enough information and who are waiting with baited breath....
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Stay Safe
Sharon and Scott

Sun Princess 10-9-2005
Diamond Princess 11-27-2004
Erie, PA
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The movies were as follows:

Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow
Shall We Dance
Bourne Supremacy
Being Julia
Shark Tale

The production shows were very good.

Welcome Aboard Show
Curtain Up (a salute to broadway)
Tribute (a salute to music greats)
Piano Man
C'est Magnifique
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Did they put a new stage on the Sun Princess? I thought Tribute could only be done on the newer stages that split and raise? That would be cool if they did.
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Erie, PA
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Originally posted by enymarsh
What kind of cabin did you have, where on the ship, and also how did you like it?
Our cabin was B233. Inside on the baja deck. The layout of the room makes it difficult to arrange the beds in the Queen configuration. It is difficult to get in and out of the bed. We were in a catagory JJ. Location was near the front of the ship.
Erie, PA
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Originally posted by Coral
Did they put a new stage on the Sun Princess? I thought Tribute could only be done on the newer stages that split and raise? That would be cool if they did.
No to the new stage.
They used portable staircases that split into different configurations. Very well done.
Erie, PA
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Originally posted by Corinne Marie
Howwas the weather while you were on the Sun? Who is the cruise director now? I heard that Dan Gibbons was getting off on 2/27.

Thanks, Corinne

The CD on 2/17-2/27 was Dan. I don't know about his leaving.

Weather..... now that's a long discussion. We left Fort Lauderdale to high winds and moderate temps. First stop was PC and the weather was in the mid 70s. Days 2 through 8 were warmer (high 70s to low 80s) but windy. Winds were 15 to 30 knots most of the trip. The result was a lot more motion than we had experienced over the last 4 cruises. The weather finally settled down on days 8 and 9. (calm seas and warm temps) I don't mean to scare anyone with the wind story. It was a problem if you were walking on the prominade deck or wanted to lay out on the top deck. There is plenty of shelter near the riviera pool. The motion from the wind and waves was not enough to ruin our trip.
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So why won't you be going back to Princess anytime soon?
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Is it just me who wonders why they bother painting lines on the roads in Rome?
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Didn't get an answer to one question. Do they have late shows for people who book dining at the late seating? All my other cruises had them.
Erie, PA
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Just about all of the shows are performed at 8:30 and 10:30. If you are doing PC dining and eat late, you may have trouble making the late show. If you want to eat real late, you can see the early show. I thought the entertainment was very good.
Erie, PA
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Originally posted by Dortmunder
I have seen your post on another thread where you don't seem satisfied with Princess. Can you explain?

I wanted to think about some of the things that I experienced before I went on about them. First, let me say that I have never been on a bad cruise. With the market being what it is, we all have many choices as to our vacation experiences. My overall impression of Princess was not up to precruise expectations.

I was the group coordinator for a group of 16 people on the Sun Princess 2/17/05. This was my first Princess cruise. (7th overall) I had heard good things about Princess from previous Princess cruisers.

One of the things that disappointed me about Princess was my first impression of the bar service. From the time of embarkation (1:00) untill just before sail away, every bar server was carrying and pushing a glass for their soda card. No tropical drinks---no cruise feel. The bar service in general was not friendly. The servers seemed to be DOING THEIR JOB but did not seem to enjoy it. Did this ruin my cruise?? Heck no. But I will say that sailaway on my previous NCL & Celebrity cruises was memorable. A couple of the ladies traveling with us found a server in the casino that they enjoyed.

How about another example of CUSTOMER SERVICE. We were getting ready to disembark at St Kitts. I needed to cash a travelers check to have cash on the island. The rep at the pursers desk cashed my 100.00 check. A traveling companion stopped at the pursers desk 5 minutes later and ask for a 50.00 bill to broken into smaller bills. They told him that they could not change his bill. They did not have enough change. I personally saw a cash drawer full of money.(maybe a little light on singles but plenty of other denominations. Why lie to your customer. Another traveling companion was told the same thing a short time later. They told this passenger that the man that had the key to the safe was not there. Did this ruin my cruise?? Heck no. But why lie to us???? (maybe lie is too strong a word to use. Maybe I should say that they told us a story because they didn't care and thought we were stupid.)

Overall we had a great cruise. Did the staff impress us?? Not really. (except for our dinner servers)
Erie, Co
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To give a counter perspective.

I actually like the way Princess does bar service. I find on the other cruise lines you are constantly being hawked to buy a drink. On Princess they are totally unobtrusive. If I want a drink I walk over to the bar and get it when I'm ready.

As far as the sail away drinks I don't miss them either. Why would I want to buy a drink that a waiter has been carrying around for who knows how long on a tray??

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We sailed The Sun 1-28, our 4th cruise (3rd on Princess) There were 2 couples in our group. We stayed one night pre-cruise at The Marriott North Ft. Fauderdale which also included our transfers. I wouldn't choose Princess transfers again, as I think we would have had better and cheaper service with a cab. The hotel was very nice but we were 12 1/2 miles from the port and other activities. We walked across the street to restaurants but there were no other activities nearby and we missed being near the ocean. We had to have our luggage in the lobby by 11 am and vacate our hotel room by noon. Lots of people were already enjoying lunch in the Horizon Court by this time but we didn't get picked up by Princess until after 1:30 pm, leaving approx. 200 people all waiting around in the lobby and outside for over 2 hours, most of us standing. Even after the buses arrived it seemed like forever before all the luggage was identified, loaded and passengers loaded to leave. This was by far the latest we have ever arrived at the port on embarkation day. By the time we actually got to the port it was almost 3 pm. Of course there was no line....we were the last ones to get there! We had side-by-side balcony cabins on Baja deck, 728 & 730. Our cabins were clean, nice and what we expected compared to previous cruises. The ship was in wonderful condition and decorated nicely. Sail away was cool but exhilarating. We were very excited to finally be sailing! Because of rough seas the pools were closed on all 3 sea days but no big deal to us. The deck music and sunshine were enough and most enjoyable. The food was great, as always. No surprises. We had PC dining and made a standing reservation for 6 pm every night, which worked well for us. No problems, no lines, great service. The shows were very good and pretty much what we expected with repect to quality. We had mechanical trouble with the ship which forced a change in our itinerary, missing Barbados but substituting Tortola. Again, no problem for us. Every port was enjoyable. We felt the captain and crew did everything they could to ensure our comfort and enjoyment, and they succeeded. We had a wonderful time! We found all the crew to be kind, helpful and service-oriented. We especially enjoyed our cabin steward (Imelda) our waiter (Gabriella) and the head waiter (George) very much. Overall, this was an EXCELLENT ship and itinerary. We would sail it again without hesitation. If any one has any questions, feel free to ask away! I'd be glad to offer help for any future Sun passengers!
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