How to know which terminal you are flying into/out of?

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I sometimes see people post questions and state what terminals they will be in. How does one find out which terminals they will be arriving in and departing from?

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There are several way. Since you have MA in your header, here is a Logan departure/arrival page: And here is Logan's page listing which airlines use which terminals: Many other airports have similar pages. While the arrival/departure CAN vary from day to day, they are usually fairly consistent. Most airlines have similar information. which airports? which airlines? which flights? are of interest to you?
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Thanks! I didn't leave flight details etc because I didn't want someone else to search for me, just wanted to know where to find it. However, if someone who travels often and might know these particular carriers I will list it, I am flying BOS>CDG 10/6 on DL 0577, then from CDG to VCE AF1426

I am less concerned about the flight home. Thanks!
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Wikipedia usually has this type of info. A quick look at their CDG page shows the Delta flight from Boston operating out of 2E, and the AF flight to VCE using 2F.

Obviously, you want to check your actual flights the day of in case there is a change.
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Originally posted by Kelmn07
I am flying BOS>CDG 10/6 on DL 0577, then from CDG to VCE AF1426
Current information:

Depart: BOS, Terminal A
Arrive: CDG, Terminal 2E

CDG-VCE AF1426 07OCT11
Depart: CDG, Terminal 2F
Arrive: VCE
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Very typically, airlines will use the same departing and arriving terminals day to day. Less likely, but still on a fairly regular basis, a particular flight will leave and arrive at the same gates within a terminal. Thus, if you are concerned about how close 2 gates are, then you may be interested in which gates are likely to be used (although as mentioned above, these can change at a moments notice). Although you could go to the MassPort website and find out what the current schedule is doing, not everyone is leaving from Boston, and not all airports show departing gate information. In this instance, one can go to and for almost any particular flight, you can obtain departing gate (and terminal), arriving gate (and terminal), along with a bunch of other information concerning on-time performance, the type of equipment being used, and whether the flight is a code share.
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AF has a policy that flights to/from specific cities have designated terminals at CDG. Go to the AF website, look under the tab for airport info, then the link for connections at CDG. Much info on both arrivals and departures.

In general, at CDG, intra-Schengen flights arrive/depart from either T2D or T2F1. Extra-Schengen flights from the other terminal buildings, with most North American flights in/out for T2E.
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There are, of course, airports where an airline always, or virtually always, uses the same terminal. Then there are those, such as JFK and LAX, where one airline can use different terminals for domestic and international flights, and then there are those where one airline may use more more than one terminal, and where the terminal you use, whether for domestic or international flights (especially interanational departures, since international arrivals require a terminal with immigration/customs facilities but departures do not),can change at the last minute (I'm thinking Delta at Atlanta). Wikipedia is useful in many ways, but the info is often sent in by users and not always carefully vetted, at least not for a while.
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I use an IPhone app called Flig*******. It has all the information about your flight and updates schedules in real time. It is very handy.
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